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25 Sep 2012 11:31

Now I wanted to sleep without anything to cover me.

18 Aug 2012 22:10

I feel so much better Now... everything between us becomes light, easy and so much enjoyable!

17 Aug 2012 13:48

I feel so much better with you than before

08 Aug 2012 09:45

Nearly drowning to temptations, and things are going favorably with it...
Tryi'n hardest to be the same person before this, but HERACLITUS's philosophy came across my hazy thought "The only CONSTANT thing in his world CHANGE"...

27 Jul 2012 08:44

25 Jul 2012 11:04

24 Jul 2012 13:21

Panting H.E.R.T
and I give in...

21 Jul 2012 16:06

I wonder if it can be done on a recliner? and how would it felt like doing so?hmmm

13 Jul 2012 10:17

Got hooked On a great 2 part story up here, might not be able to sleep til i read the 3rd installment geeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

13 Jul 2012 03:12

The speakers were ok... can't wait to reunite with my playlist! welcome back :*)

08 Jul 2012 10:33

48th hour and COUNTING?

05 Jul 2012 17:40

04 Jul 2012 14:21

----and here I go again. It still affects me but the difference is, this time I am being more like an Adult with how to put things on it's proper places... and it feels GOOD...

Thank you friends!

03 Jul 2012 03:56

Thanks to the Nicest people here in lush... I am learning a lot
and taking things lightly...
I think the REAL palate is just getting started

02 Jul 2012 08:59

it's mind boggling!-- according to the boggler!

30 Jun 2012 19:20

My Gaydar Was BEEPING Fri, Jun 29, 2012, 4:14 PM

Read more: http://www.eonline.com/photos/gallery.jsp?galleryUUID=24#ixzz1zKjJ4dgs
No one, and I mean NO ONE WITH ANY SENSE, is surprised by this. My gaydar regarding this man has been beeping LOUDLY for years! The man is GAY AS ALL OUTDOORS, and this marriage was just a sham! Katie will NEVER be able to write OR publicly talk about all of the men that Tom bought to their bed, but it's what SHE gets for being foolish enough to marry and FAKE A PREGNANCY with a GAY MAN. p.s. Regardless of what Tom or Katie say, Suri is NOT their biological daughter.

This is so FUNNY and I can't stop my self from laughing,

27 Jun 2012 09:36

I was very tired when I got home from the stressful traffic in the City, Suddenly my heart jumped into excitement when i heard in the late night News that My ultimate and Forever loved Girl band SPICE GIRLS assembled in London last Tuesday to unveil details of the upcoming jukebox musical based on their hit pop songs.


25 Jun 2012 23:16

wow this is seriously.........amf..

25 Jun 2012 14:26


24 Jun 2012 11:46

many say's once you're in to Lush you'll be addicted to it.. yes it's true, but not because of what's uploaded here, neither if people use this as a port of unleashing hidden desires; BUT merely because in this site people were able to be at their BENEVOLENCE but of course some could be at their MEANNESS...lol.. And I am beginning to learn a lot and be better one of these days


24 Jun 2012 02:13

“We lay that way for a while, breathing together, watching the shadows flicker over the walls and each other's faces. She played with a wet strand of my hair, wrapping it around her finger. It should have been awkward, but somehow it wasn't. I felt something moving between us, like light or heat, growing with every breath.”
― Selena Kitt, Babysitting the Baumgartners

23 Jun 2012 23:08

if you know who i am referring to...
Yes you got it right, I missed Us..