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Mind Control

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Mind control sex stories, are those where mind control and even telepathy, is somehow used as part of a sexual act. One of the most commonly used mind control techniques is hypnotizing someone, and then using suggestions to make them perform sexual acts or bring themselves to orgasm while under hypnosis. Characters are often hypnotised into behaving less restrained than they might be in real life. A person may have a secret longing to be used as a sexual plaything, but are unlikely to realise that fantasy unless it was brought out under hypnosis. Another common theme in mind control stories, is turning the hypnotised person into a "people puppet", where the "villain" may use his psychic powers, to manipulate the limbs of his "victim", as if they were a puppet. For example, a person may not wish to be servile to another, but might be forced to kneel down in front of them (and perform various "services"), in a case of mind over matter.

Jenna Gets Hypnotized

Jenna Davidson was a shy and introverted woman.  Her family were very religious and frowned upon her having sex before she got married.  Her family had strange ideas and when Jenna met George she was nervous and skittish around him.  She wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend when she was younger.  George was older than Jenna and more experienced sexually.  During their courtship, George...Read On


Under his spell.

learning about sex.

I had always been an innocent girl. It’s not that I was afraid or didn’t like boys or sex, it was that I genuinely didn’t know. I wasn’t brought up particularly sheltered, and I knew about boys and girls, it’s just that I was innocent, too innocent. I had just turned twenty-two and my mother decided that enough was enough. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t mature enough or something like that, but...Read On


Fucking my therapist

I recover from a meltdown and find my sexuality again

I am a therapist connoisseur. I've been sampling therapists since I was sixteen. I've had prim elder therapists who puckered their lips when I divulged my sexual history. I've had hipster therapists that wore turtlenecks and pants that were way too short. And I've had kind therapists with understanding eyes and wise words that could change my day.  But I had never had a therapist like...Read On


The Therapist and the Nymphomaniac, Chapter 1

Court-ordered to seek psychiatric help, she couldn't find a decent doctor till she met him

Elizabeth McGowan sat in the waiting room of the psychiatrist's office, wringing her hands nervously. She didn't want to be there, but she had been ordered by the court on a referral by her former psychiatrist who could do no more to help her. A couple weeks earlier, Elizabeth had been arrested when the bartender of the establishment she was in called the cops after learning she was blowing...Read On


Hypnotic Persuasion

Hypnotism doesn't really work, does it?

This happened in December, 2002. My first semester at Clinton State University was nearly over. Most of the kids had already gone home for the winter break, but I was stuck with a final exam scheduled on the absolute last day of the term. I guess I didn’t really mind the peace and quiet which was a nice alternative to the 24/7 party atmosphere that had permeated the dorm hallways from...Read On


Suggestive Liaisons

David’s new powers of suggestion go far beyond his control.

It was seven thirty in the evening and David and his wife, Vanessa, were sipping cocktails at the bar. It had become a usual night out on the tiles and one that David had grown to enjoy so much. Not for the conversation or the meeting of new people, or the presence of his beautiful and sexy wife. It was far more than that. David loved the way he could make his wife behave in front of all...Read On


The Therapist and the Nymphomaniac, Chapter 2

Elizabeth suffers an "nymphomaniacal episode" while staying with the doctor!

The next morning, Elizabeth woke to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee. For a couple seconds, she wasn't sure where she was or how she got there. She looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. Then she saw her empty suitcases stacked neatly in a corner and it clicked. She felt relief wash over her and she got out of bed. Without a nightgown (she had forgotten to pack hers), she wore only...Read On


The Spinning Watch

They would do anything for love.

Myths About Hypnosis People often fear that being hypnotized will make them lose control, surrender their will, and result in their being dominated, but a hypnotic state is not the same thing as gullibility or weakness. Many people base their assumptions about hypnotism on stage acts but fail to take into account that stage hypnotists screen their volunteers to select those who...Read On


Call of the Beast

You will be my slut bitch

Her name is Jasmine and she is a thirty-five-year-old respectable member of society. During the day, she runs a small bookstore and coffee shop in a tourist town down south near the Eastern seaboard. She is not married nor does she intend on getting married. All a marriage license is to her is a piece of paper stating that you own someone, or at least it did to her parents. Her dad owned her...Read On


The Therapist and the Nymphomaniac, Chapter 3

The doctor gives Beth just what she "came out" for!

Peter hadn't been with a woman like this in a long time. His practice and his own inward shyness had kept him from most social interactions - especially intimate ones. But Beth's bold advances had shown him that the soft warmth of a woman's touches could be quite pleasant and now he wanted more.  Peter gave himself over to just enjoying Beth even if it was wrong. She obviously had needs as...Read On


Apple Pie

How subliminal messaging introduced oral sex to some, and shaped the course of history for others…

“Cum for me, Baby,” the overly amorous young man whispered, as his one hand groped under his date’s cardigan, while his other curled its fingers past her wet panties and inside her tight, slippery snatch. HE LIKES YOU The poodle skirt wearing young lady trembled, cautiously panting in his ear while trying not to draw attention to their actions. There were, after all, sitting on one of...Read On


The Therapist and the Nymphomaniac, Chapter 4

The doctor comes up with a rather unique "cure" for Elizabeth's problem!

The next morning Elizabeth woke up to discover herself in his bed. Once again he was already up and in the kitchen enjoying his first cup of coffee when she came in.  "Good morning!" Peter said, "Want a cup - it's freshly made?" "Please," she said softly. She sat down at the table and he brought her cup and sat down as well. "How are you feeling this morning?" he asked, trying to hide...Read On


The Therapist and the Nymphomaniac, Chapter 5

A possible cure for Elizabeth was at hand, but it came with serious ramifications...

Author's Note: The following is an "alternate ending" to this story. Some of my readers have told me that the end of Chapter 4 left them feeling the story was incomplete so I offer this chapter as a way of finishing the story and bringing it to a more appropriate ending. A few days later, Elizabeth brought the mail in from the mailbox by the front gate. In the mail that day was a...Read On


The Gunslinger's Doxy

A wander's visit to a desert brothel proves more interesting than expected.

Laying in bed, Saffron reflected upon the moment at hand, she poured another whiskey for herself, but left the man beside her to sleep for a moment. Slowly, she sipped the fiery liquor and smiled as it warmed her. Neat bourbon was hardly her drink of choice, but she didn't exactly object to its sharp sting, either. Noted as one of the most exotic and skilled employees of Mad House,...Read On


My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 01

Sarah is introduced to her straight best friend's new girlfriend.

Meeting the Bitch I can’t stop tapping my foot. It’s a nervous habit, and I have plenty to be nervous about. Maria is coming soon. Maria and her new girlfriend. The new love of her life. The “most amazing and beautiful girl ever.” Maria and Reyna. Reyna, who I’ve never met. Reyna, who didn’t exist in my life or Maria’s life until two weeks ago. Reyna, the new center of Maria’s world. And...Read On


The Demon Eloc - Part 2

Eve becomes further involved with witchcraft.

I needed to find out what was happening to me, so I began going to every meeting I could, looking for Jeremy, but no one seemed to know who he was. I realized I did not even know his last name nor could I recall actual details of what he looked like. I also talked to some of the elders about the problem I was having. It seemed as though when I first mentioned the issue, they knew what the...Read On

The Lesson Learnt

Digby gets caught spying on Alexia: She brings out his submissive nature.

My story with Alexia started in the boy's toilets when we were at school.   I never liked to use the urinals, as the other boys would laugh at my willy. So I was sitting on the toilet when the door slammed open and – two voices? Three? - people crammed into the cubicle next to mine. Open-eyed, I tried to understand what was going on:   “Dammit – keep the noise down. They might hear...Read On


Impregnated by Faheed

Faheed's incense controls women so he can give them his blessing...

Megan was single and longed to be married – to have a family of her own. She lived in a good subdivision, drove a good car and had a good job. She was trying to do everything right. She swiped on the profiles of most of the guys her age on Tinder, but after initial messaging, nothing ever came of it. Of course, she'd had a couple of quick fucks with one or two guys – but that's all they...Read On

Series Award

The Most Erogenous Zone; Part Eight of Nine

Jon and Julia's adventure continues as the relationship blooms.

The frightening thing was that the only current sensation I felt from Sara, the young drowned girl, was that ripple of wonder as she smelled flowers, and I only knew she sensed lilacs because I smelled them too at that moment. Other than that, everything I was getting from her was a memory, a lingering image of events just past, but nothing in the ‘now’. I reached again, trying to find...Read On


My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 03: Bad Dreams

“I’m telling you, she’s a nightmare,” I say as I put down Carl’s plate of food in front of him on the dinner table. “She can’t be that bad,” he says dismissively before taking a large and sloppy slurp of pasta. “She can. She is. I’m telling you, I’m worried about Maria’s safety.” “You’re talking like she’s in an abusive relationship.” “She might be,” I say while trying to use my spoon...Read On



Modern technology is truly a marvel.

Her: Hey babe! My phone vibrated noisily with the incoming message. The colleague who was standing at the front of the room shot me a glare but quickly got back to his presentation. I hurried to switch the phone to mute and debated putting it down, face-down on my folder just to make a point. But then, the presentation was so very, very boring and that particular colleague was a bit of...Read On

Series Award

The Most Erogenous Zone; Part Nine of Nine

Things come full circle, for better or worse.

Over the next few weeks, we grew closer and closer, our sexual intimacy taking down the final barrier that had remained between us. It was a golden period, in a sense, with nothing to interrupt a steady stream of discovery, love, and happiness. With Corey still in jail, there was no dark cloud over Julia’s mind and we luxuriated in our ability to be together. I fielded a call from an...Read On


My Best Friend’s Girlfriend Chapter 4: Dinner Etiquette

Sarah and Carl are invited to Reyna's for dinner.

I take a hot shower as soon as I can. No matter how much I rub and wash them, I can still feel the words on my skin. On my breasts. Tits. They’re called tits. I can feel the letters so clearly, almost like raw skin too sensitive to touch. I could trace them perfectly with my fingers if I wanted to. But I don’t want to. Why would I want to? I don’t want to be a slut or a goddess. I want to be...Read On


My Best Friend’s Girlfriend Chapter 2: The Challenge

Sarah falls into Reyna's eyes.

I immediately step back and turn my face to the side, breaking eye contact. “Reyna?” I ask, pretending to be surprised. “What are you doing?” “We were worried about you, little Sarah.” She’s playing along. We both know I heard the whole thing. “You were gone for so long.” “Nice of you to check in on me,” I snap. “And don’t call me little.” I can be polite for Maria, but fuck this bitch,...Read On


My Best Friend’s Girlfriend Chapter 5: Pierced

Sarah discovers some new changes in Carl.

You’re walking on a road. The road is simple stone brick, not wide enough for a car. The sky above you is orange-ish pink. In front of you, the horizon bends up and climbs a hill. You hear the clicking of your steps as you walk. You look down and see white heels and a pale pink dress. Dangling from your hair you can see ribbons. You reach a hand up. Your hair is long and wavy. The ribbons...Read On


My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 06: Soft Dreams

Sarah adjusts to her new life as a lesbian.

You are outside. Its winter, and cold. The ground is frozen solid. The grass breaks and crumbles when you step on it. There are dead, frozen flowers and old leaves. The trees are in deep hibernation. You don’t know how long you walk. It is morning and then night. Noon and then morning. The dim sun passes over again and again. Your whole life is in this forest, in this winter. You try to...Read On


My Best Friend’s Girlfriend Chapter 7: The Beginning of the End

Sarah tries to enjoy life with June, but she gets a mysterious call into work.

“Did you pay my phone bill?” I lift my legs and a broom slides beneath them. I look up at June, and she’s pondering. Her face is wrinkled in concentration, and she pulls her lips to one side. God, I love when she does that. “I thought so,” says June. She shrugs and keeps sweeping. “I hate that the stupid auto-pay isn’t through yet.” “Did you use one of the new cards?” “Yeah.” “Not one of...Read On


My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 08: The Deal

Reyna makes Sarah an offer she can't refuse.

I look at the woman Reyna pointed me towards. My mouth waters. She’s beautiful in a Reyna way, not sexy or slutty like Maria or June. Her body isn’t begging to be fucked; it’s begging to be adored. She’s in a tan blazer that comes to a point at her slim waist and flows seamlessly into her skirt. It isn’t tight like a pencil skirt, having the pleats to make it more fashionable and...Read On