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My Demon Lover

I'm not finished fucking with you yet...

He stands behind me, with his hard strong body pushing onto mine. I can feel every inch of him, from my shoulders to my knees. Using his fingertips, he pushes my hair out of the way while kissing my shoulder. He runs his wet tongue up my neck, causing me to shiver, my body reacting instantly, my pussy clenching as I feel my wetness, my nipples instantly erect, throbbing for more.     He...Read On


Watching Him -Watching Me

Mm such an orgasmic turn on watching a man pleasuring himself...

There is a cool breeze coming in the sliding glass doors of the beach house caressing my skin and making my nipples erect. I lay on my black satin sheets, naked except for the pink satin g-string with the pussy slit. I have my index finger between my legs through the opening rubbing my clit as my other hand is playing with my breasts and nipples. Mmm. I am so horny thinking about my online...Read On


Taken By Two

My Fucking Fantasy

Taken By Two – My Fucking Fantasy! I am laying on the red satin sheets the way my Dom, Mike, told me to, playing with my tits while caressing and pulling at my hard erect nipples, my legs spread wide, my newly shaved pussy throbbing and leaking my juices with sexual excitement. “I have a surprise for you my little cum slut toy,” he says. He opens the playroom door and lets his friend...Read On


Cop N' Pussy

My wildest fantasy - being pulled over and licked by a cop in uniform

Part One I was driving down the highway in my cherry red convertible minding my own business, when I see flashing blue lights in my rear vision mirror. A highway patrol officer saunters up to the car with his tongue licking his lips looking at me with his cum fuck me eyes. My eyes run up and down his body checking out that sexy cop uniform. “Can I see your license please miss, you...Read On


Cop N' Pussy Part Two

I have been arrested for lewd behavior and taken to the station...for further investigation

Cop N’ Pussy Part 2 I had been taken to the police station by the highway patrol cop, with the sexy mouth, and cum fuck me eyes; his mouth and tongue my pussy had juiced onto out on the highway. My body is still throbbing from the explosive orgasm and had leaked onto the back seat of his patrol car. As he takes me into the station, I am feeling somewhat slutty and a little...Read On


Cop N' Ass

Mike dominates his cumslut...

Mike pulls the leather jacket down off her shoulders, leaving her arms imprisoned in their sleeves, tightly zipped, and then exposes her lush full heavy breasts and her hugely hard nipples. "Glad to see you wore nothing underneath,," he observes before pulling her long thick hair and head back hard. He kneels in front of her and sees she has soaked the leather pants in her crotch...Read On


I Want To Ride A Cowboy

I love being a cowgirl, riding a cowboy... another fucking fantasy

I Want To Ride A Cowboy My car is broken down in a lonely spot out on a country road. I am wearing my black fishnet stockings with suspenders, up to my crotch, with my cherry red mini micro skirt riding my smooth tight arse, and my lacy see-through black top with no bra; my favorite knee high lace up boots completing my slutty look. I am wondering what do when I glance over into...Read On


Limousine Fuck Ride Surprise

Mike and Debs enjoy a threesome on the way to a meeting...

Limousine Fuck Ride Surprise The long black limousine pulls up to the curb at my place in the heart of Sydney. My gift has arrived, something special. I’m licking my lips as I climb in the back with my silky smooth stockings and pink satin dress riding up and hugging my arse. To my delight, a woman is inside. “Meet Jill” Mike says.” You are going to fuck her pussy while I fuck you...Read On


Australian or Danish ?

I hear the faint tinkling of a bell and realise it's coming from her pussy...

As I enter the shop I notice her bending down behind the counter, her arse encased in tight jeans and is firm and neat. Black high heels complete the view as I travel down the back of her thighs and calf muscles, to the end of her very tight leg jeans. Good shape I think to myself, and those heels look wickedly high. She looks up and brushes hair out of her eyes. Mature clear skin,...Read On



Jules gets very vocal when we are fucking and playing...

I work all over the world on a security consultancy basis but choose to live on the south coast of England. Jules works locally and specializes in getting people into work. Not employment recruitment, but more holistic and motivational, but then she’s very, very different and unconventional in just about everything she does, from her ink to her previously strong bi-sexual relationships....Read On


'So' Part Two

Jules and her cumslut enjoy fucking a champagne bottle...

I watched, fascinated, as Jules slowly came down to earth from her huge cum, although her pussy still twitched and spasmed along with her hips. She bucked hard for about another minute, as her brain slowly re-established full control over her pussy. Her shouts and random cries subsided to a whisper as the champagne bottle gradually lost its own momentum and eased out of her soaking slit to lie...Read On


Mouth and Pussy Fuckers!

I love it, they can tell, being fucked by two men at once…

Aah Give Me All That Fucking Juice Honey! Part One I love it, they can tell being fucked by two men at once… Well then, I am on my hands and knees on the floor with Mike behind me firstly licking my throbbing pussy to full wetness while I devour Tony’s cock, who is pushing it into my throat as I grab his shaft and then his balls and swallow him down. I am squeezing his balls just as...Read On


Suspended ! Mouth and Pussy Fuckers Part Two...

Sexually Suspended… Mike continues the sexual pleasure...

Mouth and Pussy Fuckers Part Two I quickly go to work as Tony cums all over your face, leaving his hot juices on and in your mouth and hair as I tie your arms to the wooden supports and your body to the tee piece, spreading your legs wide and securing them so you cannot move. I then attach the cabling and the electric hoist which lifts and holds you horizontally, about a metre off the...Read On


Aah Give Me All That Fucking Juice Honey!

My man loves me hand fucking him while being watched ...

My man and I had finished our shower and he is sitting in the dining area reading the paper with just a towel around his waist. His friend Tony is visiting and is sitting across from him. I come up behind him and run my hands over his back and into his hair. He leans back into my hands enjoying the attention as I lean over his shoulder with my long dark hair brushing his back and body. ...Read On


Mike And His Horny Mistress - Bitch In Heat !

Who is the sex slave now mm...

The feel of his tongue is sublime and I gasp in shock at his skill as he licks my clit. It’s sensitive after just cumming, but I do not stop him, it’s too damn good. I’m unsteady, so I have to cling onto his hair to keep from falling over, closing my eyes and tipping back my head so nothing distracts me from this; nothing at all. Is this really happening? Did I knock myself out at some...Read On


Airport Arrival

He knows what is cumming...It's pretty obvious.

My man has come to visit… At airport arrivals…waiting my turn. He walks through the door of customs… Give him a hug... whisper in his ear… “Hello, Honey.” A sexy smile and a wink… He knows what is cumming...It's pretty obvious. We stroll to the car park…hand in hand… Placing his bag in the back of my girly... Ute. He opens the passenger door, while I walk around to his side... ...Read On


Maid Service...Our kind of... Love

Fucking... A Bitch On Heat...

There was a knock on the door, you stepped out of the shower, Wrapped a towel round your waist and opened the door, still dripping wet. She was standing there, in her silk maid's dress...  and luscious red lips. She could see the water running down your chest; running off your nipples… Her tongue snaked out, she licked her lips. She walked into the room, which was...Read On