Love Poems(3)


Drowning in you

~Drowning in you~ My soul lies just beneath My skin and your hands cradle My heart as your breath quickens in My mouth I lose the boundaries of My body your desire leaves bruises on My neck as I drink the curve of your shoulder tasting salty love in your tears falling always deeper into you the tide ebbs and rises I drown in the hope you give Me when I move...Read On


You Do Not Tease

Poem/story of a roleplay that blurs the line of pleasure and pain

"You Do Not Tease" I slam you up against the wall. I had waited a long time to do that, And the time had finally come. You'd been begging for it Your coy little looks Your smart ass mouth Teasing, tempting Torturing My head with your demure resistance Enticing Me with those little girl looks Tantalizing Me with those pouty lips Begging Me and...Read On


Your place within Me

~Your Place Within Me~ You came to me in the night,  Like a sojourner of mystery  Gently speaktouching as you do.  Through the darkness, you  Permeated my thoughts:  First with alphabytes and  Then, with your spirited resonance.  Perhaps I have been waiting  For you, or  Hoping for your arrival:  Nearly wishing you to find me.  You invite me to "meet" you and then  ...Read On