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Ugghh. More rain? Where is my sunny spring?

10 Apr 2018 09:06

Where are all the fun role players!?!?!?

29 Jan 2018 09:52

Rain in Seattle leaves me feeling like this!

18 Sep 2017 08:19

I meet the most interesting people here.

05 Feb 2013 22:08

Ooops, Sorry - just left my account open all day. Sorry if you tried to PM me in vain.

07 Jan 2013 19:19

Submitted a story to the contest. Probably too late to compete but its a fun read (or actually it was a fun write... hope its a fun read). "Lightning and Thunder" in Lush stores near you soon!

11 Jun 2011 15:22

Posted a new story! Hope you like it.

27 Apr 2011 20:32

Another photo...

30 Mar 2011 13:51

Happy birthday to me!

15 Mar 2011 08:57

Got a bit braver today and posted another photo.

21 Jan 2011 11:47

Finally made the edits necessary to get chap 1 of "Swim Coach" published. Apparently the powers that be are cracking down on punctuation.

17 Jan 2011 16:48

Just published two more chapters from "Swim Coach". Love to hear what people have to say about them. A

14 Jan 2011 14:11