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I'm just a horny guy that was fortunate enough to be born with a descent body and presentable features, and a descent sized Willie. But it is not really the physical appearances that have gotten me into a host of sexual adventures, but the fact that I have always had the gift of the gab and love entertaining. I have always loved women and learn t very early how to treat them well and de-frost even the most frigid. I am now semi retired and looking forward to writing about some of the most amazing situations I got into over the years.

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Auckland, New Zealand
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23 Jun 2018 13:10
Well women and sex is still at the top of the table. But I have a boat and love getting out on the Hauraki Gulf for a days fishing. I used to do a lot of Scuba Diving, but haven't dived for a few years now. I play golf nowadays. Over the years I have played rugby, Tennis and a host of other sports.
Oh! and I do like fast cars, motorbikes, Jet ski's, etc.
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Birdsong, Song of Ice and Fire, Tales of the Otori series (Across the Nightingale Floor), The Name of the Wind.
Favorite Authors:
Sebastian Faulks, George R.R. Martin, Robert Jordan, Patrick Rothfuss, Nelson Demille. Leanne Hearn.
Favorite Movies:
Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Last Samurai, The Hannibal Lecter Trilogy.
Favorite Music:
Off to see the "Pink Concert" in Melbourne in Three weeks.
Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Wonder, Freddy Mercury. Adele.


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21 Jun 2013
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Topic: virgin
Posted: 16 Mar 2015 21:50

I have had half a dozen or more virgins, most when I was very young and almost a vergin myself. Those were not my best experiences by a long shot, as I didn't have a clue. Good sex usually takes time, you need to find out what you both like.
But don't ever think that because you are a virgin it may be bad sex, that is bullshit. Pick the right guy - very important. He should be over the moon that you chose to give him something that is only to be given once.
Read my "Out of the Blue story", that will let you know how amazingly lucky I felt, when making love to a virgin at 35.

Topic: Do you enjoy eating Pussy? or do you pass
Posted: 16 Mar 2015 21:06

I think from the name I use, you can deduce I love eating pussy. Most sexual adventures I have ever had, would have started with my dining at the "Y". In fact I have often cum myself, by just bringing a woman off. Love it.

Topic: Have you ever had sex with a foreigner?
Posted: 11 Mar 2015 16:49

Yes, Many times. I did the big Oversea's eperience when I was 20, away in the UK and Europe for three and a half years. For the last 20 years, my work took me all over the world.

My best experience by a long shot, was a French lady who picked me up in Papetee. Her husband was playing around with tourists, and she wanted to get back at him and have a night to remember. I will write a story about it sometime.

Some have been fantastic, others I couldn't get out of the situation quickly enough.

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Out of the Blue, Part 2.

Chapter Two. I snuggled back into bed, but I was wide awake, so after a couple of minutes I got up. I pulled on my boxers and went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Rachael’s door was closed, but I was sure I had heard her and thinking she couldn’t have slept through all that anyway, decided to make her a cup and a couple of bits of toast as well. Ten minutes later, holding two cups...

Added 11 Mar 2015 | Category First Time | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 7,442 | 4 Comments

Out of the Blue

At the end of 1981, my first marriage fell apart. The following year I took a job up in Gisborne to get away from all the shit and bad memories in Christchurch. I definitely went a bit mental chasing everything in a skirt, and without realizing it, I became quite the topic of conversation around the town. I had never lived in a small town before, and was amazed how people seemed to know what...

Added 28 Feb 2015 | Category Anal | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 35,669 | 6 Comments

Mile High Club

For about the twentieth time, I looked down the aisle to see why we were not departing. To my surprise, coming down the aisle towards me, was an attractive dark haired woman. Behind her I noticed the hostess closing the front door. I though she looked Brazilian; dark hair, olive complexion and wearing a dark blue dress that was buttoned right down the front. The dress was fitting at the...

Added 21 Nov 2013 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 13,553 | 4 Comments

Ohope Beach – Chapter Three

About 4:30 p.m. Allison arrived back, she was visibly annoyed and upset. She nodded to me and tore into Hayley about being so selfish and not travelling over to Rotorua with her. We both tried to calm her down and after a while she told us why she was so upset. It had all been a set-up, Uncle Fred leaving his wallet behind. He had her meet him at their home and he took her to lunch in his...

Added 22 Aug 2013 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 4,669 | 4 Comments

Getting Married Tomorrow – Chapter 3.

We walked across the lounge, Joy had wrapped her robe back around her, but there were several couples ogling her, as they had seen what we had been doing. It was also pretty obvious we were away to find some privacy for more of the same. We went to the back massage room, and as we entered the room, Ivan and I pushed the massage table up against the wall, and then took the mattress off the...

Added 13 Aug 2013 | Category Group Sex | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.43 | Views 6,583 | 2 Comments

Getting Married Tomorrow. Chapter 2.

Joy slugged down her drink and asked if would get her another. “Sure.” I replied, “But start going easy on the booze. I have been making these quite strong and mellow is OK but getting sloshed is going to ruin your night.” I showed her to the room and told her to get up on the table and relax, but to keep the robe on till I got back, as she didn’t want to get cold. I went to the kitchen...

Added 06 Aug 2013 | Category Group Sex | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.7 | Views 9,881 | 2 Comments

Getting Married Tomorrow - Chapter 1

It was 1974 and I was working in Christchurch, NZ. Fridays after work I usually played squash with a mate from my rugby team, and then we headed to the Grenadier Arms, where we would grab a burger or something for dinner and have a few beers with our friends.  This Friday night there were about a dozen of us girls and guys sitting around a table in the bar. The bar was moderately full, as...

Added 05 Aug 2013 | Category Masturbation | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.38 | Views 8,543 | 4 Comments

Ohope Beach - Chapter Two

We talked for a while, my trying to play the part of a cool much older guy, Allison quizzing me about what teenagers got up to nowadays. She seemed to think there was a lot more sex happening, than really was the case. I certainly knew plenty of guys that had not yet slept with a female. Anyway, after about 15 minutes, Allison wriggled down and took me into her mouth. I tried to stop her, as...

Added 31 Jul 2013 | Category Anal | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.9 | Views 9,707 | 4 Comments

Ohope Beach - Chapter One

It was the summer of '65 and a bunch of my mates and I traveled down to Ohope Beach, on the east coast of North Island New Zealand, for a boozy camping holiday. We descended on the town on our motorbikes, having ridden down from Auckland. One of the fathers had delivered a tent and some camping gear for us, as he drove through to Opotiki, where they had a holiday bach. This was the main...

Added 29 Jul 2013 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 5,880 | 4 Comments

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