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It's been more than a year since I logged on... How is it all going? Anyone even still remember me?

27 Dec 2015 10:28

so brock and I have been at it again... he came to visit me at work... fucked me right there in my office chair lol.... just glad no golden showers were given this time haha.

19 Nov 2012 05:42

Brock and I fucked in the shower this morning then when he needed to cum I got on my knees under the running water and took his cock into my throat as he released load after load down my throat. then he gave me a golden shower... Feel like such a naughty slut right now, I love it.

08 Sep 2012 17:10

Gave Brock a blowjob tonight and OMG he pissed in my mouth before he came.... I actually found it kinda HOT.

04 Aug 2012 09:26

Haha last night I prought a guy home from town and turns out we couldnt even fuck because his cock literally couldnt fit inside me lol. gosh it was big. i had to wank him with both hands.

28 Jul 2012 06:35

Wow. That felt INCREDIBLE!

25 Jul 2012 08:15

Well. Did ya miss me?

19 Jul 2012 08:00