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ISO ideas. Must be accidental meeting of strangers and lead to seduction.

19 Mar 2016 07:24

I'm back.

29 Jul 2014 08:44

My boss surprised me the other day while I was on line and writing a story. He asked what I was doing and I told him. I showed him the stories that I had written and he smiled about it. I entered his office yesterday and he was reading one so I came around to his side of the desk to see what he was reading and he pushed his chair way under the desk. After chatting a bit about the story and teasing him about reading the stories at work I asked him if he was masterbating to them. He reluctantly admitted to it, then showed me his cock was out at that moment. I gasped and covered my mouth and laughed but not in a mean way, then I grabbed his cock and jerked him off while he unleashed my breasts. I got on my knees in front of him and jerked him off onto my titties. He was quite a squirter.

18 Mar 2011 08:11

I stopped into a little secluded park and got out to clean out the back of my car. Whil leaning into my car I peered over my shoulder and saw a man in a nearby car staring at me. I hiked my skirt up enough for him to see that I had no undies on and slowly he took the initiative to wander over towards me. As he got close, I bent over a little further, reached between my legs and spread my lips for him. I heard the zipper of his pants and then felt his soft, warm head enter me slowly. He pushed himself all the way inside me several times and then pulled out quickly. I felt the warm semen strike the back of my thigh and then I reached through my legs again and wrapped my hand around the head of his cock. He filled my hand with warm cream and then zipped up and left. I brought myself to orgasm with his cum on my fingers. Yum!

24 Feb 2011 08:43

So yesterday I was giving a massage to a very well defined young man and when I was through, he left and I had a half hour before my next appt and grabbed my morning bananna and headed to the bathroom. I slowly peeled the bananna back, flipped it over and pushed it against my lips. I got as much of my own juice on the bananna as I could, put it up to my mouth and pretended it was a man in front of me. I pushed it into my mouth, slowly at first and ran circles around my clitoris with my other hand. Soon I was deep throating the bananna with my head back, one nipple between my left thumb and forefinger, lightly squeezing and one hand on my soaking twat. I pulled the bananna from my mouth and visualized a cock squirting cum all over my breasts and frantically battered my clitoris with my fingers. I took a deep breath and held it as my legs began to quiver and the heat shot up my back. Oh God, It was heaven for a moment, then I ate the bananna and went back to work.

18 Jan 2011 06:12

The vampire in me needs to feed.

01 Dec 2010 14:46

JoAnne and I have a stripper coming over tonight. Last time we had a stripper over he made his rounds to all the other girls and when he got to me, he whip creamed up his hard cock, put the towel up so no one else could see and I went to town. Then he dropped the towel and every one was watching. I grabbed his head and played with him even harder and he accidentally came all over me. LOL it was great!

29 Oct 2010 14:16

I'm thinking about being a bad girl.

29 Oct 2010 10:48