Two Feet Across

Be careful hanging your feet out of the car window.

It was an overcast afternoon so I decided to run to the park and read my book for lunch. When I pulled into the lot I saw no one around and drove the whole length of the little dirt road that followed the river where I found a little pull off that faced the river under some old oak tree. The air was fresh and I could hear the gentle flow of the water in front of me. I kicked my seat back,...Read On

Group Sex(3)


A Little Stinger

A quick stop at the local firehouse causes intense heat.

A Little Stinger By Miss Anonna It was a beautiful day down at the river but I had soaked up enough sun and gathered my things to head back to the car. I opened the door, tossed my towels in the passenger seat and plopped down to head home. “Ow! Shit!” I hollered and jumped up so quick that I bumped my head really hard on the car. “Dammit!” I hollered again and nearly cried. I was so pissed...Read On


Here Comes the Neighborhood

Spring had arrived on a Saturday it seemed and I was anxious to get my flowers planted in the back yard so an early morning breakfast filled my tummy and the last swallow of my milk signaled my legs to push my body away from the table. I stood and walked to my door and flung it open to greet the day. It was gorgeous outside and I took in a deep breath of the still, fresh air. Snatching up my...Read On


The Favor

Covering for a friend at her job gets me more work than I expected

The Favor  by Miss Anonna JoAnn called me early one Friday and asked if I could do her a favor. Her boss was having a game party at his home office and all I had to do was dress business like but hot and sit at the secretary chair looking good and answering the phone. I had met her boss and he was a doll so being that I would see his house along with getting paid $500.00 I told her to count...Read On



Brother Darling

One Saturday Morning while Mom and Dad were out.

Brother Darling by Miss Anonna I heard a knock at the bathroom door and instantly rolled my eyes. It figures the minute I sneak into the bathroom to take a nice hot bath, my brother will inevitably have to pee. “What?” I hollered sarcastically. “What do you want?” “I have to pee,” cried my younger brother who always treated me like a younger sister, though I was a year older than he. He...Read On


Family Matters

Not your typical Mom catches son masturbating story. Read to see how the real thing happened.

Family Matters by Miss Anonna It was a cold, dreary, miserable day but nonetheless I needed to get to work and finish some things before the weekend came along. When I got to work there were very few people in so I sat down at the computer to check my appointments. I had one mid morning full body massage to cover and the rest of the day was free. After the massage, I closed out my computer...Read On


Home Party

A little party at home gets out of hand

Home Party By Miss Anonna My 16 year old brother and I were just opportunists and had always been, so when my parents decided they were going out for the evening, we knew there was a chance to do something exciting but there was no way we were going to be able to have a party. We opted to sit at home and watch movies and ordered several before mom and dad left and threw a pizza in the...Read On



Mom engages in a nostalgic sleepover with her son and a friend

Sleepover By Miss Anonna “Mom!” Hollered Seth as I was laying in the bathtub, soaking up the fresh salts I had just bought earlier. “Can Jesse spend the night?” He crept into the bathroom with a big grin on his face and sat at the edge of the tub. “Pleeeeeeeeeeze?” He begged and held his hands up as if he were praying to the Heavens to make it happen. “We want to watch this scary movie...Read On



A Day For Me

I just wanted a massage but got a whole lot more.

A Day for Me by Miss Anonna I had the day off so I figured I would treat myself to a day of pampering as I threw my legs over the bed and slipped into my big fuzzy slippers. I stood up and stretched and felt a cool breeze over my side and noticed my long tee was hanging off my right nipple exposing the whole right side of my body but I shook out of it and headed to the kitchen for a nice...Read On


Off The Beaten Path

A Little help needed with directions

Off The Beaten Path by Miss Anonna During a quick visit home one summer I found myself in a little poor town and I wasn’t sure where I was. I did know that I had gotten off Interstate 81 onto US 11 and thought I was headed back to the highway. There was no way to know for sure so I decided to consult a map that I had in the glove box. When I came upon a vacant parking lot, I turned in and...Read On



Looking for Holmes

A young man shows me a house I am interested in.

Looking for Holmes By Miss Anonna I was looking into buying a new house and had a few in mind so I called a realtor and asked him to show me a few. He sounded young on the phone and I had asked him how much experience he had. He told me he had just received his license and I would be his first sale if he made one to me. He had asked me if I wanted a more experienced realtor that his...Read On


Oils For Sale

Craigslist is a great place to sell things.

Oils For Sale By Miss Anonna So I had just received my new line of massage oils and put my old ones up for cheap on CraigsList . In less than an hour I received an email from someone wanting them for the price I was asking, too. I have to admit, CraigsList is an awesome service. The guy that wanted them had mentioned he was learning deep tissue and shiatsu massage and wanted to get...Read On


Troubled Youth

Milf picks up a young hitchhiker and offers some therapy, too.

Troubled Youth By Miss Anonna It was an hour drive down to the river but I was ready to go with a cooler full of wine, towels, bathing suit and chair that makes lying in the sun so easy. When I turned onto River road I knew I’d be there half an hour from now and already my tight shorts were riding up my ass and I was getting antsy. About 10 minutes on the winding road I noticed an older SUV...Read On

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Bus Trip Home

A bus ride to home yeilds an interesting friendship.

Bus Trip Home By Miss Anonna It was another Easter and that meant going home for Sunday dinner with the family. Mom and Dad were excited that I was coming back to Tennessee to see them once again and I was just happy to get out of New York for the weekend and of course see the ‘rents again and the great family farm. As much as I loved the drive, I was a bit pressed for time so I had...Read On


Chakras Rock

A Simple re-alignment of energy turns sexy

Chakras Rock by Miss Anonna I got an email from someone who claimed an acquaintance had told him he needed an energy realignment. He mentioned that his friend had recommended that he contact me and make an appointment so I gave him a few little details about this particular massage and my availability. He quickly wrote back and after a couple of notes back and forth an appointment was set. ...Read On


Dance Hall Days

A Night out at the club yeilds yet another cream drink

Dance Hall Days by Miss Anonna It was a long week and Joann had called me earlier in the day asking me to join her and her new beau and the new night club just on the other side of town. In fact, the new club was just out of the towns jurisdiction and I had heard that things go on there that just do not happen in town. In any case, I had agreed earlier and even though I had no energy to...Read On


Dog Gone

Met a man at the dog park. My clumsiness gets me into trouble once again.

Dog Gone By Miss Anonna I had been looking to get a dog for quite some time now and still was undecided so I thought I’d head down to a local Dog Park and chat with some people who had dogs. I looked up a few on the internet and chose one about 3 or 4 miles away near the creek. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself as I slipped into my halter top and tight jeans. I did not really...Read On


Insane Train

A lovely Train Ride to NYC

The train was crowded, so I found myself a seat and began to fumble with my phone. It wasn’t long before people started crowding in, and before I knew it there were so many people smashed together that I couldn’t even see a window. It didn’t really matter because I was engaged with my phone. The next stop brought even more people to the train and I watched as the doors closed on a woman...Read On


Road Trip

On the road out in the country, a young woman encounters a trucker.

ROAD TRIP By Miss Anonna It had been a long three hours and there was no doubt she needed to stop, if at least for a cup of coffee.. Kelly pulls off the interstate onto a small country road and rolls down the windows to let in a nice summer breeze. Her hand moves towards the dashboard and she turns off the A/C and radio. She notices how quiet and pretty it is outside while the air...Read On


The Biology Experiment

An experiment gone wrong or right whichever way you look at it.

The Biology Experiment by Miss Anonna I woke up in quite a steamy mood. Was it an erotic dream or just a feeling deep down in my pelvis? I wasn’t sure but a quick glance at the calendar made me realize I was probably ovulating. I slowly got out of bed and headed for the bathroom one slow step at a time fantasizing of a good soak in warm water and bath salts. The warm water sucked me into...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


On The Road Again

Careful where you stop on the hi-way

After an early morning meeting in a small town office building, I gathered my notes and headed back to my hotel where I quickly and efficiently packed up my belongings and checked out. The man at the service desk was very pleasant and I thanked him for his good service then headed for the car. After checking my GPS I headed out onto the open road that would lead me back to home. It had been...Read On



Basic Training

A client of mine teaches me how to get in shape

Basic Training by Miss Anonna Joel was a regular client of mine at the massage parlor and last month we had a conversation about his physique. He was well chiseled without being overly muscular. He was good to his body and it showed. Our conversation included several sentences about the possibility of having him show me some fundamentals of keeping my body tight and trim as I had absolutely...Read On


Internet Down

My Internet was down and I needed service

Internet Down by MissAnonna I rolled my eyes when a knock came at my door because I knew the minute I got into the shower, the cable company would be showing up. Had I not been in the shower, the repair person would be showing up at the last minute of their available slot. Nonetheless, I answered the door, dripping wet and in my towel. “Give me two minutes, please?” I said as I swung open...Read On


Snowy Night

A short story of two strangers in the evening getting freaky

Snowy Night By Miss Anonna It was snowing fairly hard now and I knew from the way the storm was going that I was going to be stuck in my house for quite sometime and I had nothing exciting to read. Lucky for me just down the block is a little strip mall with my favorite book store in it and it would be closed in a matter of hours, possibly early so I had to move quickly. I had just...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


The Photo Shoot

The Photo Shoot by Miss Anonna When I pulled up to the house I realized how huge it really was and honestly, it didn’t surprise me considering how much I was getting paid to be a photographer for the next few hours. After one week of emails I had finally agreed to this guy’s pleadings for some professional photos of a couple in his humongous house. It seems he had been planning this for...Read On



Last Minute Shopping

Trying on some clothes and there's a young man in the next stall

Last Minute Shopping by Miss Anonna The very last of my holiday shopping was nearly done but through all the hustle and bustle I had forgotten the most important person on my list, me. I figured I would run through a couple of stores and see what I could find for myself and at a semi ritzy department store I began rummaging through the juniors’ rack. Everything was so geared towards...Read On


The Hotel

Interesting things happen when I can see into your room.

The Hotel by Miss Anonna I swiped the little plastic card through the slot and watched the light turn green, then a click. I opened the door of the hotel room and shut it behind me, walked to the bed dropped my bag and threw myself onto the bed. It was so nice to relax for just a moment but my mind wouldn’t shut off so after a few minutes I sat up, threw my legs to the side of the bed,...Read On