Straight Sex(2)


The Beginning

A night in she'll never forget....

I hear a car pull up in the driveway and my stomach instantly starts to flutter. He's here and I find I am nervous for tonight's date. Tonight's date feels different then any of the other dates we've had. I'm glad we decided to just stay in at my place. I place my hand on my stomach trying to stop the butterflies. Does he like me? Does he like how I kiss? Am I coming on too strong? Or not...Read On


The Next Morning

Last night was the beginning... this morning the story continues

My eyes slowly blink open taking in the morning sunlight shining into the bedroom. I immediately smile and turn my head sideways and watch you sleep next to me, my mind thinking back to last which was night filled with such passionate intense lovemaking and great sex. I flip to my side resting my head in my hands, I can't help but reach out and touch your sleepy face. I let my hand trace...Read On