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Topic Movie first - Book Second
Posted 25 Feb 2013 13:08

I remember watching Interview with the Vampire when I was about 11 or something, at about 16 I bought the book and I absolutely loved it :) Same goes for the Milennium Triology and the Hannibal series, the movies are good but the books are nothing short of amazing.

Topic Afraid to orgasm
Posted 25 Feb 2013 12:14

I only have these feelings during "regular" intercourse, manual or oral stimulation doesn't seem to trigger it.
Though I do have to admit that my body is a bit reluctant to orgasm at all, even when I'm masturbating but that's another point of discussion.
Sometimes the same feelings emerge when he uses three or more fingers so my own guess is that it's the size which stimulates the anal wall or something like that.

Thanks for making this more specific :)

Topic Afraid to orgasm
Posted 25 Feb 2013 11:37

Hey everyone,

Just a little question, I've been sexually active for about half a year now but I've never allowed myself to cum with my partner.
The problem is that whenever we're having sex, it feels like I have to pee or, more embarissingly, have to poo. Especially the latter really bugs me seeing as the feeling emerges whenever the big O is nearing. sad10
Does anyone else recognize this? If so what do you do?
(Note, going to the bathroom before having sex doesn't reduce the feeling at all.)

All advice is extremely welcome!

Topic very tight ladies
Posted 07 Feb 2013 11:54

As a girl for who the first few moments are always painful, no matter how tender my boyfriend is, I'm going to give you some politically incorrect advise. If possible, omit the condom (only do this when you both are std free and if she's taking contraception) . I remember my first time being a disaster because of one. It all started off very sweet but it changed into a hell once we tried to get started. He just couldn't get in, even after half a bottle of lube. When we tried it later without one ( I had started taking the pill) he actually got in, it still hurt a lot but it worked. So my best advise is to make her as comfortable as possible, using lots of lube, maybe stretching her first, and just listen to the pointers she is giving you. :)