The Soumis Resort - Arrival

A mysterious woman takes Lucy under her wing in the Soumis Resort.

Lucy’s car breaks down and she is in the middle of nowhere at midnight. She looks around for any sound of life and finds that she is at a cross road. She could go left where you can see the city or right there is a ragged motel a few blocks away. She decides to go to the motel and begins to walk. After a long trek she finally gets to the motel and sees no one at the counter. She looks around...Read On


-Closer Then You Think- Part 1

Megan beings to dive into May's world unknowingly

May was at home in her house alone late at night. She was a mistress who had recently lost a submissive and was looking for a replacement. May was 5’ 9”, 36H bra, and brown eyes. May was wearing a black bra and laced black panties. She decided just for fun to go to a chat site she often used to talk with others when she got bored. As she scanned through the site suddenly she came across...Read On


Closer Than You Think Part 2

May and Megan wake up to some wonderful surprises

Part 2: Wake Up Call May woke up at 7am lying naked in bed. She often had a habit of losing clothes in her sleep, but it was something she never felt ashamed of. She slid out of bed and walked up to the window pressing her tits against the glasses and looked for her new toy. She could see Megan lying naked in bed. The light on her body made her pussy glitter. May could feel herself...Read On