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'Watching and Being Watched' made Runner Up in Winter Break competition. Not bad for my first attempt. Thanks to all who voted.

03 Jan 2012 15:43

To all my readers Best wishes to you all. My New Year's wishes are for the elimination of excesses To eliminate extremes of wealth and poverty. To eliminate extremes of religious belief and bigotry. To eliminate extremes of gluttony and want. To eliminate extremes of sadness and anger and to keep extremes of happiness and joy. Thank you all for your feedback and kind comments on my stories. Here's hoping for all of the above in 2012.

31 Dec 2011 18:27

I've changed my Username from MisterE to Mister_E - hope nobody gets confused

26 Dec 2011 19:45

Have now published the concluding part of The Boss's Wife. Enjoy

11 Aug 2011 08:40