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Topic Your Momma was sexy! Vintage Pics
Posted 06 Feb 2012 04:54

These women are all gorgeous but why does anyone yearn for the return of full pubic hair? It gets in your teeth so well trimmed or naked is far better to attend to.

Topic What's the funniest or strangest comment you have received on one of your stories?
Posted 02 Oct 2011 15:36

I've had two memorable comments. Both were made by 'critics' who hadn't published anything themselves (on Lush).

Each started 'Gave it 3 because:'.

No. 1 merely said. 'avg'. Most helpful and constructive. So I took it to mean Almost Very Good!

No. 2 said 'too much fanase'. God knows what that's supposed to mean!

In both cases the votes and comments from others were very positive.

Any comment is supposed to be better than none but in these cases I do wonder.

Topic Do you rate other authors?
Posted 30 Aug 2011 23:07

Glad to hear that the voting system is changing. I too try to vote / comment / PM on all stories I complete. I sometimes feel pedantic but hope that my comments are constructive rather than destructive criticism. I appreciate feedback on my stories and think most other authors feel the same.

Topic Do you rate other authors?
Posted 07 Aug 2011 04:27

I'd like more feedback on my stories. I try to vote / comment on everything I read as I feel that authors do appreciate the comments and encouragement made. Sometime I PM someone with particualr suggested improvements, however.

I do feel somewhat disappointed by the lack of response from my readers. For instance I've had 5000+ people viewing a story (good); 20 voting and 3 comments.

If you equate that to a concert with an audience of 5000 then
- some of them will have given up halfway through (as they got bored; frustrated with the grammar; found that the subject matter wasn't to their liking) but at least they took a look at who was performing
- of the (say) 2000 people left (i.e. those who finished the story); 20 people are clapping / stamping their feet / showing some reaction
- BUT only 3 are shouting 'Encore' or booing i.e. voicing a reaction to the performance. I realise that only members are allowed to post comments, so that cuts down the likelihood of comments being made.

I've had one quote "Gave it a 3: avg". What does that mean? I discovered, he was a newcomer and had never publlished anything on Lush.

So I'm afraid that without forcing people to vote we're stuck with the current system BUT it is a good outlet for all the budding authors and gives everyone the opportunity to read a whole variety of styles, genres and writing qualities. Perhaps some, like me, are then encouraged to give it a go and write something themselves.

I do agree, however, that forcing a comment on a '3' rated story is unnecessary.

Topic Last Two Letters ....
Posted 29 May 2011 03:37


Topic Last Two Letters ....
Posted 28 May 2011 23:21


Topic Have you ever taken photos of friends having sex and been invited to join in?
Posted 22 Mar 2011 06:37

My story (Not Just the Photographer) is about my taking photos of friends having sex which developed into my unexpected involvement. Has this ever happened to you?

Topic Has having your photo taken developed into anything more?
Posted 21 Mar 2011 15:25

My story (Not Just the Photographer) is about my taking photos of friends having sex which developed into my unexpected involvement. Has this ever happened to you?