First Time(1)


The Boss's wife

An Affair with the boss and what his wife did to me

I don’t know when it started. Maybe at the office party; perhaps when I was leaning over his desk, perhaps I did tease him a lot; maybe it was when he breathed in my perfume and saw my cleavage as I sat next to him taking dictation. Anyway, we started flirting first of all. That led to a kiss and an occasional furtive grope. Eventually we had sex. Sometimes it was in the office, other times...Read On

Group Sex(7)


Watching and being watched

Four friends enjoy each other for the first time

A last minute cancellation meant that Ali and I had the chance of a long weekend break skiing. So we picked up Dave and Chrissy and all their gear for the 3 hour drive to our chalet. As soon as we set off Chrissy couldn’t wait to hog the conversation to tell us what they’d seen last night “We’d been to see the latest Harry Potter and were coming back to the car park when we noticed three or...Read On


Weekend cottage with friends - Pt 5 - Guess Who?

A game of guess who's doing what to whom

Despite the energetic exploits of the previous night, the men went for a round of golf. When we came back we were grabbed by our partners and dragged to our bedrooms. Julie told me that while we’d been out they’d decided on a game for the evening but we needed to be shaved – down there. “Why? You mean just my cock or my balls as well?” “Everything. All I can say is that it’s so that you...Read On


Weekend cottage with friends - Pt 3 – Later in Bed

Julie tells me of her lesbian and threesome experience

When I finally got to bed, Julie was under the covers with a big grin on her face. “What’s with the Cheshire Cat smile?” I asked. “You’ll never believe what I’ve been up to” “Try me” “Well, you know that I dashed to the bathroom for a pee and Jayne followed me. I got there first and sat quickly on the loo. Jayne came in stark naked and holding herself between her legs and saying how...Read On


Weekend cottage with friends - Pt 2 – The Kitchen

The weekend gets better as Mark and I DP Anna

After the Bolero orgy, Mark, me and Anna thought we’d play the good guys and clear up in the kitchen. We forgot about any clothes except that Anna put on her dress but left it unbuttoned at the front. Our good intentions quickly evaporated when we saw Anna bending over to load the dishwasher. Mark and I simultaneously reached forward and stroked each bum cheek and parted them. This caused...Read On


Weekend cottage with friends – Pt 1 – Dinner Party

Six friends meet up for the weekend.

There’s a bit of an introduction but it helps with this and the other parts of the story. We’d known Sam and Anna for years and had occasional sexy dalliances when we lived nearer each other, but my job took us 200 miles away and we subsequently rarely met up. This weekend however we’d arranged to meet halfway; to rent a cottage and catch up on the past. They’d asked if they could bring...Read On


Jamaica Surprise

A brief cheating relationship with two work colleagues

Work takes me to the Caribbean occasionally and one time I had a small team with me in Jamaica implementing a new computer system. There were four guys and Sally - blonde; mid-thirties, always showing her ample cleavage, full luscious lips and blue eyes. I’d often fantasised about her whilst stroking my cock in my lonely bed. There was one other girl, Sherry (real name Sherezada) who was...Read On


Not Just the Photographer (Part 2 The Photo Shoot)

I was asked to photograph my friends having sex but ...

PART 2 – The Photoshoot Please read Not Just the Photographer (Part 1 The Invitation) first as that explains how I got into this situation So the following day we were sitting round my table day having a few relaxing drinks and discussing a storyline I’d drawn the previous night up after my fantasising and whilst holding unto her damp panties. “My idea is that, Jayne, you stand over...Read On



Lesbian Lovers at Last

Sophie becomes the love of my life

I don’t do a diary anymore but record now and then things of importance so that I won’t forget in years to come. What happened last night was mind-shattering and life-changing. I will never forget Sophie's pain and then our ecstatic pleasure but some of the details may blur unless I write about it. ~~~~~~~~~ I’d had a bath and was on my sofa with my second glass of wine and well into my box...Read On


The Boss's Wife (Part 2)

How I'm forced to watch my wife and mistress together

I slid a finger either side of Ellie’s moist clit and gently rubbed it. She didn’t respond like she usually did and all of a sudden sat up. “I’ve got something to tell you,” she said, “and I’m not sure how you’ll take it.” “Try me.” “I think I’m a lesbian. I’ve had sex with a woman and I liked it.” “Who – what – where – when?” I spluttered – shocked but intrigued. “It was with Jayne,...Read On



Not Just the Photographer (Part 1 The Invitation)

I was asked just to take some erotic photographs but ..

PART 1 – The Invitation I’m going back quite a few years with this true story but it is still vivid in my memory for reasons you will perhaps understand. Mark, Jayne and I (John) were having our usual Friday night drink. I’ve known Mark since our school days. Jayne had been his girlfriend for about a year. At one time she’d come to a photography club session I was involved with and...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Weekend cottage with friends -Pt 6 -Sunday Morning

I woke up to a pleasant surprise

I woke with a hand on my cock. It wasn’t mine. It wasn’t Julie’s — she was asleep next to me with the cheeks of her bum pushed against my thigh. “Who’s that?” I whispered. “It’s me, Anna” came the whisper back. “What are you doing? What do you want?” “I’m feeling your lovely hard cock, silly. And what I want is you. You’re the only one who’s not fucked me yet and I’m still horny.” “I...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Phone Sex and The Babysitter

What a surprise my babysitter turns out to be

I’d planned to work late but various meetings were cancelled so I caught an earlier train. On the walk from the station, as usual, I called in to The Bull and Bush pub for a quick drink, then made my way home – only a 5 minute walk. There was a strange car in the drive so I walked round the side of the house. It was dark so I knew I wouldn’t be seen. When I looked in through the patio...Read On


Weekend cottage with friends - Pt 4 – Saturday

I get to fuck Jayne at last

I woke up with a rock hard cock – pressure on my bladder – Mr Stiffy as Julie calls it – and urgently needed a pee but I could hear someone in the shared bathroom. What could I do? I was naked as usual but what was I worried about especially after the events so far? I crept in and could see Jayne through the steam-frosted glass of the shower “Sorry but I desperately need to pee” I said...Read On