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11 Oct 2011 16:35

I don't like being played, Mr Anderson. I know things about you, remember that.

10 Oct 2011 03:39

New blog site up - http://eroticconnections.wordpress.com

Come and check it out.

09 Oct 2011 09:37

New blog site up - http://eroticconnections.wordpress.com

Come and check it out.

06 Oct 2011 16:14

Time for a little bit of a tidy up. I have started work on novel based on my Lush story "On this Night" and, since a few of my stories have been stolen by other sites recently, the only sure way I have to protect it is to take it down. If I take the novel further I will look into publishing the short too.

Therefore I'm setting a date to take On this Night down. If anyone hasn't read it but wants to, you have until the end of November


26 Sep 2011 14:30

Thanks so much to everyone who voted and commented on Secret Sex in the Stacks, it is my most successful story here by some way now. I'm glad you all enjoyed it


21 Sep 2011 15:45

Thanks everyone who voted on Secret Sex in the Stacks, I spent a lovely 18hrs or so on the top author's board which I think is a record compared to my last few stories


21 Sep 2011 09:09

Absolutely blown away by the response to Secret Sex in the Stacks. Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback. xxx


20 Sep 2011 18:53

Still working on my multi part story, but I found a little inspiration to write that librarian story I've been promising for so long


19 Sep 2011 18:57

I really should be going to bed. I'm in the wrong time zone to be up at this time of the day!

19 Sep 2011 11:02

My latest story has clocked up 9,000 views! I'm gobsmacked.

It's slowly creeping it's way towards 10,000. Even if only 1% of those views actually constitute someone reading the story, that's still 90-100 people! Thanks to everyone on Lush for their support.

15 Sep 2011 07:48

I'm currently challenging myself to write a three part story tackling three categories I've not attempted yet - voyeur, gay male and group sex. All three are categories are beyond my personal experience, so I'll really be stretching myself as a writer. I hope you'll keep an eye out for them and give me some honest feedback

25 Aug 2011 08:09

New story up - "Might as well go there in style" - http://www.lushstories.com/stories/taboo/might-as-well-go-there-in-style.aspx

Highschool team coach Rob can't resist taking cheerleader Ellie's cherry. My first attempt at tackling something a little more controversial.

15 Aug 2011 06:17

Playing around with Photoshop again today and made another banner for my collection:


12 Aug 2011 18:43

Got my writing bug back... I think... I hope. Well whatever I wrote five thousand words today so something is working

05 Aug 2011 15:18

Away for the weekend, back Monday

31 Jul 2011 04:50

After a month break I'm just not feeling the same way about Lush. No, I'm not leaving, but I'm going to be changing the way I interact here. I joined Lush to share my stories and I love sharing and chatting about my work. I am enjoying being part of the mod team and helping people with their writing, but the chatting and cyber stuff is just complicating my life in ways I don't need.

I lost track of what I wanted from this place and now I am putting my foot down. I don't have time for it. It sucks time out of my day which I then regret not using for other things.

For those of my friends who I have cybered with before, I hope you'll understand. If you genuinely enjoyed my company and want to be my friend then I hope you'll stick around, but if it was only about the sex then you might just as well find someone else to talk to.

From now on I am here as a writer.

30 Jul 2011 17:59

My latest story is in two parts, each about 3k, because it seemed to want to be told that way. Hope you all like them both:



29 Jul 2011 01:54

New story up - http://www.lushstories.com/stories/masturbation/like-an-actual-girl-part-1-of-2.aspx

A bit of a fantasy for all you gamers out there, I know you exist.

28 Jul 2011 02:19

Back home now and looking forward to catching up with my Lush friends and getting back into verifying.

10 Jul 2011 15:07

Youth and Experience is now off the air. Hope you all enjoyed it while you could. Hopefully next month I'll be able to find some time to write some new material for Lush. Take care all

04 Jul 2011 15:20

Sooo tired! 18hr days of filming are a killer!

Just popped in to say Youth and Experience was accepted for publication so I will have to take it down soon. I'm going to leave it up till the end of the week. If any of my friends want to read it before it goes... http://www.lushstories.com/stories/straight-sex/youth-and-experience.aspx

Hope everyone is well. I should have a little time to catch up this weekend. Love and kisses to you all xxx

29 Jun 2011 01:54

I'm going to have to take a couple of weeks off. I have 18hr days of film making ahead of me and I really need to concentrate.

I'll miss you boys and I may be able to sneak on to reply to messages, but I won't be chatting, sorry. Take care all.

28 Jun 2011 01:50

Back. Sunburnt, sick, exhausted, aching, but it was so much fun. Will come back and catch up when I've recovered.

21 Jun 2011 10:18

Off to the Glastonbury Festival on Wednesday. You boys (and girls) be good till I get home. If I get covered in mud I promise I'll take pictures

To celebrate I put together a banner for my story "Festival Fever". If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, take a look


20 Jun 2011 14:49

Off to the Glastonbury Festival on Wednesday. You boys (and girls) be good till I get home. If I get covered in mud I promise I'll take pictures

19 Jun 2011 14:17

New friends disappear, old friends reappear, this place is always changing. Love it. Missed you V!

17 Jun 2011 16:38

Wow, now that was weird. Chatted to a guy for like two hours and then he suddenly has to go... and deletes his account. What's that all about? Huh... I dread to think of all the reasons there could be behind that

13 Jun 2011 01:22

So, how was everyone's weekend? I got drunk and kissed my best friend (girl), no more tequila for me, lol.

06 Jun 2011 12:23

I chose a picture to share with all my friends, I hope you all like it...

05 Jun 2011 11:06

Spent the entire day in the bedroom with my boyfriend and my camera. Some of you, if you're very good, and ask very nicely, MIGHT get to see the results.