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24 Apr 2011 12:46

IT LIVES!!! Laptop back in action. So relieved!

I'm gonna go celebrate by fragging some grunts on Halo 3.

24 Apr 2011 11:17

Serious laptop failure - charger simply not charging.

Since this means I'm on my big PC with the screen a lot more visible to the room in general can we keep it vaguely clean till my laptop is back in action?

I know, I don't like it any more than you

24 Apr 2011 06:14

Sitting in bed writing a story about Stockholm syndrome

23 Apr 2011 05:08

Jogging again today while Lush was down. Now my legs really ache! Can anyone else tell I have work I should be doing? LOL

22 Apr 2011 16:06

Wow, one friend off getting 100 - who's gonna be my 100th friend?

22 Apr 2011 10:56

New story up - On this night. A supernatural tale about a virgin sacrifice


22 Apr 2011 08:12

Me, jogging two days in a row, I wouldn't believe it either if I hadn't just done it

22 Apr 2011 02:57

Hmm, my latest story seems to have come out sporting several Lush no-nos. I'm sure those of you who've read my other stories will know it's not going to be depraved or anything, but some further editing is perhaps required.

21 Apr 2011 07:41

Can I access my wi-fi from the communal garden outside? Yes, yes I can

19 Apr 2011 15:57

Break over, time to get back to work.... DO NOT WANT!

15 Apr 2011 07:54

For the next four days I am going to forget I am a student. Instead I will be honing my SFX skills on a film set.

You boys be good till I get back

14 Apr 2011 19:52

Have reached that point in the night where it is easier to stay up than go to bed

14 Apr 2011 13:06

Do I get bonus points for using the word efficacious in my essay?

13 Apr 2011 03:20

Tremble in fear minions, I'm joining the ranks of the mod squad

11 Apr 2011 09:00

Hoping coffee will help my brain work better

10 Apr 2011 04:11

I'm sat watching Goals on Sunday on Sky Sports in advance of watching the Blackpool v Arsenal match. What have you boys done to me!!!

07 Apr 2011 15:05

New story up - High Stakes Pool


06 Apr 2011 17:05

My Groupie, My Stalker, My Mate and My Lover... you boys can fight it out over who gets which nickname but I'm sure you all know who you are

06 Apr 2011 09:10

Finally taking up my free Spotify invite. Anyone else use Spotify?

05 Apr 2011 13:27

Covering my bathroom walls in fake blood. The things I do for my art!

05 Apr 2011 08:17

Shiny new phone is making up for the fact this week seems to be made entirely of Mondays.

03 Apr 2011 16:30

Time for another week... digs heels in

02 Apr 2011 14:37

Why is it so hard to find non-lubricated condoms? Seriously! I am spending way too much time trying to find the damn things!

01 Apr 2011 13:54

On my shopping list for tomorrow - black PVC, black tape, un-lubricated condoms, latex gloves, hose clamps, and a bunch of other stuff.

It's not what you think, really!

31 Mar 2011 13:28

Finished moonpigging, now I'm ordering blood packs on the internet

31 Mar 2011 12:59

I'm Moonpigging

29 Mar 2011 00:15

Does anyone know if it is actually possible to re-order your stories?

I've tried, but the moment I navigate away from the "My stories" page it reverts back. Is there a way to save changes that I'm missing?

Also, is there a forum board for asking such questions? I couldn't see one.

28 Mar 2011 13:02

Hey, just counted my friends and found I have 69. That rocks

27 Mar 2011 10:50

Editing a friends story tonight xx

26 Mar 2011 06:09

Film shoot weekend! No, I'm not acting and no, it's not porn. You people have filthy minds