mistress_of_words's Blog Entries

19 Feb 2011 08:27

Yes, they are my eyes. Why does everyone keep asking me that?

18 Feb 2011 06:17

Latest story just doesn't seem to be going down so well. See, knew I couldn't keep up this blistering pace. Better take a bit more time over the next one.

18 Feb 2011 03:06

837 views on my profile page. Hmm, I wonder if I can make 1000 in my first week.

18 Feb 2011 03:00

How Long Can You Wait is briefly down for moderation, because I spotted a mistake and I'm too much of a perfectionist. Back up soon.

17 Feb 2011 16:02

Climbing the ranks. Check me out at no. 7 on the top authors list. Thanks for all your support and encouraging comments.

17 Feb 2011 13:52

All these amazing comments and messages on my stories are certainly making me feel the pressure to deliver on the next one. :S

17 Feb 2011 09:55

Busy working on my next story. Who likes tantric style teasing? Hands up boys? Could you hold back?

17 Feb 2011 08:21

Wearing a towel and nothing else, how 'bout you?

17 Feb 2011 06:15

Oh hells yes. Check out who just made the top authors list, in her first week. I'll keep writing if you keep reading

17 Feb 2011 05:07

Anyone want to follow me on twitter? - http://www.twitter.com/MOWwriter

16 Feb 2011 10:45

Feeling pretty damn sexy today. Must be all the nice things you boys have been saying to me.

15 Feb 2011 05:00

Okay so I had a flash of inspiration and submitted another story. I wonder if this one will be as well received.

15 Feb 2011 02:35

So my first story, Unprofessional, seems quite popular. Getting some comments about being a tease. That's cool. Always leave em wanting more, right?

Now I'm looking forward to posting my next piece. Only I have to write it first!