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Nude Beach Experience Part 2

My 2nd day at the Nude Beach ends in swapping husbands and blowjobs!!

After my first day at the Nude Beach I couldn’t wait to go back…which is surprising because I didn’t want to go from the beginning … I only agreed because my husband really wanted to go… The first day ended with me getting so hot looking at all the beautiful naked bodies that I couldn’t wait to get home to give my husband a blow job so I made him park in the back of the lot and sucked him...Read On

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Nude Beach Experience Part 1

First time at the nude beach ended with my giving my husband a blowjob in the car

My husband has wanted to go to the local nude beach ever since he found out where it was. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude but didn’t feel the need to have complete strangers looking at me completely naked while at the beach. Knowing he really wanted to check it out I agreed to go but told him that I may not take off my bikini but did decide to purchase a skimpy string bikini and surprise...Read On