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It's been awhile since I've been out here. Been laid with a very serious injury, but am getting better & will soon return to being here more often. I hope to finish my story about Sara & her bro real soon & maybe start on someting new & different also. Can't wait to interact with all my friends in the near future...Miss you guys/gals alot !!

01 Jul 2013 19:45

My series of stories about The charcters Sara & her bro. Michael, are part of a book I wrote a few yrs back titled Sara & I . This book was accepted very well here in the states so I took it to the UK, it did well there. The stories here were slightly changed to be easier reads, in other words I shortened them. Mutual Masturbation parts 1 & 2, along with Sara & I are all part of the same story. There is more, but I may end it here unless I get a lot of feedback wanting more. I have other ideas I'd love to be working let me know what all of U want.

04 Jun 2012 18:46

I just submitted what may be my last in the series I've been doing. It'll all depend on the feedback I get on this lastest chapter. so ..please give me your comments as I always like to know what everyone thinks, both the good & the bad.

03 Jun 2012 14:32

Thanks for all the feedback on my first 3 parts of my story about "Sara & I". I'll be submitting more real soon. I'd love to chat with some of U, my friends and get some more resonal feedback sometime.

31 May 2012 16:29

I just submitted part two of my story...I hope everyone enjoys. If I get enough good feed back I'll continue with a part three.

28 May 2012 20:20

I've just submitted my first story, I hope that everyone reads it and enjoys. Depending on the feedback, I hope to continue this story and submit others very soon. I wish for all my friends out here to read it and give me plenty of feedback on it, both good & bad.

27 May 2012 22:06