Mutual Masturbation - Part one

It was then that I realized I had made way too much noise... Sara had heard me cumming.

Hi, my name is Michael and this is a story of how my life changed on my sister's 16th birthday. Let me give you a little info, so you will understand where I've been and where I'm going. I'm 18 years old, about 3 months past my last birthday. I'm 5' 10", I have short, dark brown hair, blue eyes and an athletic body. I play numerous sports in school and workout to stay fit. My sister's name...Read On


Mutual Masturbation Part Two (The Agreement)

I told her we couldn't have any full on body contact, no genital to genital touching.....Sara frowne

It's been three days since my catching, being caught by, Sara masturbating. I've been avoiding her as much as possible since that night in our living room. Partly due to my shame, and also my feeling scared of what it is she will say if given the chance. Sara has tried numerous times since Friday night to speak to me when mom isn't around, but I always either ignore her or just cut her...Read On


Sara I, A Story of Sibling Love

This is a continuation of the story Mutual 1 2

It's now six months into this agreement between my sister, Sara, and I, and our masturbation games. We have pretty much stuck to our agreement, although there have been a few close calls. We started sleeping together about a month and a half ago, I find that I can't sleep without Sara being in my arms as I go to sleep. We have to be extremely careful though, as our mom is an early riser,...Read On


Sara and I, A Story of Sibling Love part 2

Sara looked confused said; Oh no...We are definitely pregnant.

I look at Sara, I'm frozen by her words.....I may be pregnant. I can't believe what I just heard, my shock is evident, Sara finally snaps me back to reality by grabbing my face and telling me she needs to know what I'm thinking. I tell her I can't believe she was so careless, as to not let me know she wasn't taking birth control. Sara gives me a look that could kill and says; "I wasn't the...Read On