Being GG's Daddy

Fun in the foam

Few human experiences enjoy the depth of sensuality more so than being bathed by another. Maybe the experience is rooted in neural pathways formed when we were babies being bathed and soothed. Warm water, soft touches, perfumed soaps and lotions all merge together to form an intimate and relaxed mental state. It’s probably safe to say that both the person being bathed and the person...Read On


Tink playing 'doubles'

Tink pleases her Master by helping him to pay a great debt

After more than a day and a half of being machine fucked by phalluses powered by the mass of the entire ship and her crew (Tink and the cask) and a full day of rest, Tink walked on rubbery legs. She didn’t think it seemly to ask Master why he’d done this to her. Was it punishment? Pleasure? Hook came to his cabin and Tink quickly stripped naked and assumed her inspection posture, kneeling in...Read On


Tink and the cask (6)

Hook reciprocates - firmly.

Tink awoke feeling refreshed and tried to stretch but felt the sail canvas holding her tightly pinned. She wondered why her Master had done this to her but the immobility felt soothing and somehow safe, like a baby in swaddle. After a few minutes, she heard his footsteps approaching the cabin. She couldn’t kneel so she simply held her eyes downcast. “Good morning my Master,” she said. ...Read On


Tink Ch 4 a voyage of self-discovery

Tink discovers another level of darkness within her.

Tinkerbelle Ch 4, a voyage of self discovery Life with her Master, Captain Hook was increasingly thrilling to Tink. He was an imaginative and kindly lover and a strong guiding presence in her life. She simply adored the man and everything about him, his appearance, his commanding voice, even the firm stroke of his hand reddening her bottom when she needed correction. On a day like any...Read On


Tink 3, the piercings

Tink is rewarded

Tinkerbelle’s training Ch 3 – The Piercings Tink awoke on her fourth day aboard the Jolly Roger and began her training with the belaying pin. Her Master had not yet required her to serve him in that way but it was important for her to be ready for him. She finished quickly knowing that Mr. Smee soon would arrive with her porridge and tea. Yesterday he had walked in on her, ass well-impaled...Read On


Tink's training - a sequel

Flying is easy, kneeling is hard.

Chapter 2 Tinkerbelle’s training Early on the morning of her second day aboard the Jolly Roger, Tink awoke to the first glimmers of sunlight peeking through the panes of the great stern cabin of the brigantine vessel. With a yawn and a stretch and a flutter of her wings, Tink arose and padded over the rough deck planks to the windows and peered outside. The sky was still purple with specs...Read On


By Hook or by crook

Flying wings get you there, folded wings keep you there.

Peter Pan, Pixie Dust, Never-never Land, Fairies… Why should children have all the fun? What if Tinkerbelle came to realize that Peter would never grow up, never take responsibility for himself, for her or for anyone except playing with the Lost Boys and idolizing Wendy, a girl who moved on to have children by another man? What if Tink came to discover a deep, inner need to be important...Read On


Shirley in Training

Training a sub in Las Vegas

Part 1 “You have learned much my submissive friend, “I spoke into my headset, during one of our cam chats. Shirley’s eyes smiled brightly but modestly downcast as she knelt before me, her image borne over some three thousand miles of internet protocol circuitry and she blushed crimson in grateful acknowledgment of the compliment. She had in fact worked hard over the eighteen months since...Read On



She's a tens

Fucking while using a medical stimulator.

What a way to play ‘doctor’! There is a medical electronic device for reducing muscle pain by passing tiny electrical pulses through the skin. They’re called TENS units (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). For treatment of pain from – say – pinched nerves etc, small electrode ‘patches’ are stuck to the skin with adhesive gel and two such pads connect by wires to a small unit...Read On

Love Poems(1)


Things I want to see

We need goals

Before I die I want to see The Northern Lights Mysterious and daunting The Southern Cross In all its glory Your nipples A tiny strand of saliva still connecting me to one of them after a long kiss Your vagina Glistening, open and inviting Healing You healed from your pain...Read On

Love Stories(2)


Life keeps getting better

Mac and Susan continue their affair.

This story picks up where "The Ice Storm" leaves off. Susan made her bed for the second time that day. Mac had just left, and her body held that wonderful feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Almost two months had passed since their first lovemaking in his truck, after he’d rescued her from being stuck in an ice storm. "He rescued me from more than a storm," thought Susan as she...Read On


Tinkerbelle, the power of three

Neverland is not without difficult choices.

Richard Ellis, Captain Ellis, Captain Richard Ellis. His name ruminated in Tink’s happy thoughts, over and over in any number of iterations. She wept that this man who saved her Master’s life already was underway and well out to sea by now. She savored the feeling of him deep inside her girl parts, reliving that fullness and heat, the sight and scent of him as he pummeled her body with...Read On



We let our fingers do the walking

A friendship turns a corner

Our first time together sexually was phone sex. We live thousands of miles apart. I first met Angie in a chat room where we flirted and joked around, pretty much like everyone else in the chat room. Angie lives near LasVegas and we met for dinner and a show a couple of times when I had business trips there. Her boyfriend knew we met but was grudgingly accepting of our friendship. We kept...Read On



Time in New England Part 4 (and final)

Bringing a vacation to a happy ending a VERY happy ending

This is the fourth and final chapter of a series exploring the ins and outs of a fantasy with my new friend Rosalind also known as Roz or Wholelottarosie here at Lush. I’m in a bit of trouble with Rosalind. Accidentally, I called her by another woman’s name last night – Jo. Jo is also a Lush member who calls herself Sexywife104. Rosalind isn’t really angry with me but she’s teasing me...Read On


Still more Jo

Planning a 3 day tryst

This is the fourth in a fantasy series about Sexywife104, aka Jo. In the morning, Jo made breakfast and I helped her by making coffee. Dave came down a few minutes later and a mildly uncomfortable silence was broken when a familiar song played from an oldies station and we began discussing music, growing up in the 1960’s and so on. Jo broke the ice about our sexual situation last night by...Read On


Time in New England Part Three

A sexy trip through Salem's witch country.

This is the third in a fantasy series that began with Time in New England Parts one and two and inspired during chats with WholelottaRosie -------------- Because Salem is only a forty minute drive from Boston and there’s much more to see here, we commuted up to that tiny village on the coast. Along the way I gave in to a whim and stopped in a sex shop in Lynn. Rosalind rolled her eyes...Read On


Time in New England Part Two – a story inspired by

Time spent with Rosalind in northeast US

Time in New England Part Two – a story inspired by Wholelottarosie With Rosalind on holiday in the northeastern US This was the first full day of our vacation together but I was in no rush to let Rosalind out of bed. We’d shared ourselves over the internet for close to a year before she came over “on holiday” as she calls it. Rosalind is 59 but she has a body that most thirty year olds...Read On


Up in the air

How I loved taking a flight of fancy with a matuer, intelligent woman.

We joined the mile high club aboard a small DeHavailland Dash-8 turboprop commuter aircraft. No, we did NOT use the tiny loo. On a commuter flight the loo has more in common with the inside of an MRI scanner than it does any kind of a rest room. Lucile and I met in an airport gate awaiting a 2-1/2 hour night flight to Minneapolis. We exchanged first names only. Lucile appeared to be in her...Read On



A second visit with Murphy

A one day fantasy of a 'honeymoon'

About a month after my first date with Murphy, I just had to see her again. Working hard to pull it together I scored a consulting job that would put me in Hinsdale Illinois, about thirty minutes from her, for a couple days. I could become addicted to Murphy. Her Irish strength of purpose and seriously good looks are captivating. There’s a character, Nellie Coyne, in Andrew Greeley’s...Read On


Murphy's Romance - no not the Sally Field movie

A trip to Chicago becomes a trip to heaven

There’s a funny relationship between transport and velocity. For my sperm, the route from my home to Murphy’s uterus was a complex one at greatly varied speeds. The trip began with a car to the airport parking lot and a bus to the terminal. From there it raced at more than 500 miles per hour to Chicago’s Midway International Airport and a rental car south for 45 minutes. From there was a...Read On


With Jo a second time

Dining and dancing at its best.

This story picks up where “Mall-ing Jo” leaves off. As promised, I mailed Jo’s cum and pussy soaked lace panties to her husband, Dave. She told me by email that he was ‘lovin it and became so turned on that he fucked her hard just minutes after opening his ‘gift’. Jo told me that Dave wanted her to go on a date with me, to go dancing and possibly to show her off in a crowd and he wanted to...Read On


Fuck me? Noooo - fuck him..., actually her

Karma strilkes an unsavory contractor

Awhile back a friend called asking if I had some work for her neighbor, Jason, a general contractor. She told me his electricity had been shut off for nonpayment and he needed $1,800 to get it reconnected. My friend was concerned because she was friends with the guy’s wife and her children often played with this guy’s kids. I had met Jason and his wife, Wendy once before at a community social...Read On

Straight Sex(6)


The Ice Storm Cometh

A trainer becomes a lover and perhaps more.

Maine: 2013 Susan sat in her driveway, hands trembling on the steeringwheel. Her mind was exactly thirteen and a half miles away in a Dodge Ram 4X4 parked at the gym where she worked out. Her affair with Mac, consummated barely an hour ago, left her whole body shaking. She didn’t quite know how she was able to navigate the icy streets to the home and shared with her husband of eleven years,...Read On



A second date with Rose (fictional dammit)

When I asked Rose for a second date she was enthusiastic and it was beginning to become apparent that our age difference didn’t faze her a bit. To be honest, she was so much more than any woman her age I’ve ever encountered. It seemed like there was no subject that was difficult to talk about. I liked not having to worry about conversational ‘land mines’ as there were in my failed marriage and...Read On


A Rose in the Garden

The sweetest Rose was in Philadelphia

This story is completely fictional but hell, who could blame me? After five minutes of looking at Rose’s pictures, a gay monk would grab a quill and begin penning fantasies. Her name is Rose and as the saying goes, by any other name she’d smell as sweet. She’s from my hometown of Philadelphia and when we met, she was only 19 and I, 47. In Philadelphia back then there was a public ice...Read On


Random thoughts of Mary from 36,000 feet

Wishing and wanting

Maybe it was sleep deprivation from a rough biz-trip, or the three rum and diet Cokes on the plane, or mild hypoxia from the altitude or a combination of these but while flying home today, my new friend Mary popped dreamlike into my mind and stayed there for most of the flight. Writers typically use ‘white space’ to draw the eye to a piece of text surrounded by an expanse of white. An...Read On


Mall-ing Jo

You meet the nicest people here.

Ya gotta love Lush as you meet the most interesting people here. After about ten months here in Lush, I saw the photo of a slim, pretty woman who appeared to be in her early fifties but her profile said she was sixty. Jo’s profile shared that her husband enjoyed sharing her and putting her on exhibition for attention from other men. Her photo gallery was quite impressive and in it Jo...Read On


Time in New England Part One

Ever wonder if it's not biz travelers but cyber lovers who keep the airlines afloat?

Rosalind is an exciting British woman whom I met quite by accident on the internet. Because we share similar interests, we became fast friends. After nearly a year of emails, chats flirting, sharing fantasies and generally getting to know one another by our lifeline on the net and sometimes by phone, we decided to take our relationship to the next step and actually meet. I’ve been to the...Read On



You're beautiful to me

Loving feelings turn up the heat

This is an earlier work with some tweaks. What would happen, I wonder, if I watched you… well, watched you touch yourself? Could you? Would you like it? Would you start out slow and gentle, music, soft candlelight? Would you wear something comfortable, silky on your smooth skin? Maybe you’d enjoy a glass of wine perhaps, maybe two just to lubricate the moment, the tangy taste of the wine...Read On

Wife Lovers(22)


Fucking Your Wife Epilogue

Hey, they asked for an epilogue, what's a writer to do?

So, where does this story leave the five players? Jeff and his lovely wife Audrey have decided to recommit to their marriage but each realizes that they have kinks that are fundamental to their sexual selves. Audrey knows, and within more reasonable bounds, Jeff agrees that she and Donald may continue seeing each other. Their couplings are private but Audrey now delights in teasing her...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-13

The story concludes, at leaast for now.

After the pool, Katrina and Jeff dressed and rented a motor scooter and were off to St. George for some sightseeing. A popular tourist spot is the Unfinished St. Peter’s Church. A plaque in front of the roofless stone structure read that construction on the church had begun in 1870 but faction infighting within the congregation led to a withdrawal of funding pledges and then a storm damaged...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-12

A cuckold begins to take charge of his life again.

By the time Audrey and Donald returned from breakfast Katrina and Jeff were dressed and finishing their coffee. “ How was ‘Brekky? Audrey asked, now emulating Donald’s pronunciation. “Breakfast was nice,” Katrina replied evenly. “We had the TV news on and there was a story about the problem on the ship but nothing that added to what we already know. I imagine that we’re going to have to...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-11

Oh my! A fire on the ship.

Jeff and Katrina left the pub and began walking towards the wharf when they stopped dead in their tracks. Passengers were leaving the ship in droves and at least eight emergency vehicles were parked near the vessel. Red flashing lights from the vehicles reflected from the ship’s hull. Three were ambulances two were fire trucks and the rest, police cars. The passengers did not appear...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-10

The past often charts the future.

Jeff and Katrina left the beach about 5PM. Walking back towards the ship, Jeff asked if she would like to have supper aboard or on the island. “While I am not exactly avoiding my husband per-se, I could do with not dealing with him right now and so yes, I’d love to dine with you on the island.” Along the way to the beach, Jeff had noticed a picturesque looking pub called the Frog...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-9

Seeing a shrink, sort of...

Tapping softly on the door with his signature knock, Jeff waited briefly before entering. The room was unoccupied but there was evidence that a great deal had happened there. The room reeked of sex, the bed was nearly torn apart and an upended champagne bottle presided over the dresser. Oddly, the scene prompted no excitement within Jeff; in fact, what he felt was one of isolation. He was...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-8

It ain't over till it's over.

Lying in his upper bunk in the stateroom Jeff decided to meet Audrey and Donald for dinner in the formal dining room after walking the deck and watching a movie in the ships auditorium. Theirs was an 8:00 seating and he got to their table first. The newly minted ‘collared” couple entered hand-in-hand and Donald held Audrey’s chair as he sat. Audrey wore a beautiful cocktail dress with...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-7

Just another day at the beach.

About noontime, Donald returned and Jeff decided to make himself scarce. He and Audrey had made progress in healing the rift between them but although he was feeling better, he wasn’t quite ready to spend time with Donald. He told Audrey that he would meet them for dinner in the ship’s formal dining room and then headed out to explore Bermuda. Catching a taxi, Jeff rode to Horseshoe Bay...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-6

What happens in port stays in port.

Audrey quickly dressed in the small bathroom and then sat on the toilet to collect her thoughts before coping with Jeff, her angry husband. She knew in her heart of hearts that this new development with Donald was going to stressful for Jeff but she had not expected him to be so difficult, especially since she and Donald had made her available to Jeff for the morning. Donald would return in...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-5

A stateroom called desire.

Curiosity was killing Jeff. He wanted desperately to know what was on Audrey’s mind and yet a large part of him was afraid to know. They walked to the stateroom and Audrey opened the door. Upon entering, Jeff saw that the room was made up pristine. On the bed were two towels folded and rolled into a pair of gulls in flight. “Let’s go out on the veranda,” Audrey suggested. Jeff...Read On


Fucking Your Wife Ch-4

What happens when a love triangleenters the BermudaTriangle?

Last night, Audrey’s last words to Jeff had been, “I love you too Jeff, more than you probably realize right now. I hope you have a pleasant night.” Jeff did not have a pleasant night per-se, he had an amazing one. On the one hand, his waking hours were filled with lurid fantasies about his wife and what she might be doing with Donald in their stateroom. On one of the ship’s many...Read On


Fucking your wife Ch-3

What you want isn't always what you get.

  Oh Audrey, my sweet, tawdry Audrey, I’ve never seen you like this but you literally rocked my world! Your transition was powerful and a complete turn-around – not to mention turn-on! Imagine my surprise – oh hell, imagine your husband’s! It all seemed simple enough. My first time visiting your home was a meeting to plan a Bermuda cruise vacation for the three of us. It didn’t enter my...Read On


Fucking your wife Ch-2

Freud and Da Vinbci would smile and then go off in separate directions to masturbate

I could hardly wait for our next time together and it did notdisappoint! Your wife was amazing and I hope you got lots of video! The tripod probably was a good idea. I liked how your wife’s cascading hair tickled my thighs but what really excited me was when she stopped pleasuring my cock and left the bed for a moment. I almost shot my wad right then and there when she returned to me...Read On


Fucking Your Wife

Be careful what you wish for, as you may get it.

Some six months has gone by since we first began toying with the idea of me fucking your wife Audrey while you watched us and took photographs and video. The big night for the three of us was this past Friday and my hands and shoulders still shake a little just remembering the intensity of my time with her and I smile broadly around outsiders without obvious reasons to smile. It’s like...Read On


Tracy takes charge

Hell hath no fury...

Now pregnant with Matthew’s child, Tracy was ecstatically happy. Her husband Harry was as yet unaware of her pregnancy but it was only a matter of time before the baby bump appeared as her body was well toned thanks to her dedicated exercise regimen, under Matthew’s direction as her personal trainer. Matthew also had become her Master and Tracy adored him. Also, during this time, her...Read On


Mystic Threesome

Amy and Rita we dared, Oh My!

This fantasy follows two previous stories for these characters. "At Long Last" and Three on Day Three". This is a fourth get together for Amy and me and the second for the two of us with Rita. The women are stunning souls in their thirties, with similar builds. In fact, after our first time together as a threesome, a devilish Amy left wearing Rita’s underwear and Rita in hers. At the time...Read On


Three on Day Three

fantasies are meant for living

The last day of my three day business trip to Amy’s area, Iworked nights, slept for a few hours and then we met for lunch and an afternoon tryst, as we had the previous two days. Our couplings were acting out movie fantasies and honestly I didn’t really didn’t have a movie theme in mind for this one. I had decided to take a huge leap of faith and play out something that Amy had shared with me...Read On


At long last

Lush friends reunite and play out movie fantasies and more!

A warm shout-out goes to Shy Vixen, my muse for this story and draft editor. The moody Sarah McLachlan lyrics floated just within my consciousness. Sings Sarah, “I have a smile stretches from ear to ear, to see you walking down the road. And it’s just you and me on my island of hope, a breath between us could be miles.” The song triggers a broad smile as though a CD in a rental car...Read On


Sex in Toronto

Sex near the lake

Murphy and her husband like to travel and so do I. As it happened they were taking a week’s vacation in Toronto, Ontario and it also so happened that I was in bad need of Murphy’s talented mouth and pussy. Toronto is actually middle ground per-se, as it’s about an eight-and-a-half hour drive for each of us. With her husband’s approval we arranged for connecting rooms at the Fairmont...Read On


Flesh and Silicone

The club, the club and nothing but the club; and then more club.

With only two days left in her trip, to the US, although tryst is more to the point, and one of those days gang-banging in Jo and Dave’s RV, Rosalind divined another of her scathingly lurid ideas. As she and Jo had gotten on so well, Rosalind suggested that she and Jo go clubbing in a pick-up bar and that Dave and I were to watch them, unseen from a distance and then hook up with us later. ...Read On


Back at Jo's house

More of Jo, MUCH more of Jo

This is the third in a series beginning with Mall-ing Jo, and then With Jo a second time. The work is inspired by Sexywife104. She's well named. As the big Hemi engine in my Challenger awoke with a growl, Jo turned towards me and said, “You surprised me back there. I didn’t think you’d agree to have Dave watch us quite yet.” “I surprised myself too.” I replied earnestly, “I’m not quite...Read On


Of Joan and of Fig Leaves

I just went there to fix a light. Honest!

When we first met, Joan was married to my friend Ted. I’d known Ted since we were kids together going on camping trips in the Boy Scouts. We lost touch with each other for a few years while I was in the military and then we reconnected. I never held out much hope that their marriage would last. Ted was a whiner. I mean I liked the guy and all but he could drive you nuts with the prissy way...Read On