A High Fever and a Loving Mother

Mother takes care of my fever in a very unusual way.

I rarely get sick but when I do, its usually pretty bad. I was still in high school when this took place. I had started to get a fever and it was the middle of the summer, so understandably I was miserable. My lovely mother was quite worried but not to the point where I needed to go the hospital. As the night approached I kept getting worse. My Father and siblings had already gone to bed but...Read On


Breeding My Widowed Aunt Rose

I step into my uncle's shoes and take over his farm and his wife.

    After a year in college I had become very disillusioned with my prospects. Not only was I failing my classes but I felt like a little cog in  a big machine; a machine designed to extract money from people like me. However, my parents had high expectations and I didn't want to disappoint them. After much consideration, I figured I would take a semester off to figure things out.  As...Read On


Doctor Prescribes Semen For My Mother

Mom needs semen to stay healthy. I agree to give it to her.

My mother went to the psychiatrist last month because she had been feeling quite depressed. I couldn't blame her for feeling that way. My father passed away last year and it's been really difficult for my mom ever since. I'm only 18 and my job is part-time but I still try to help out with the bills. My mother is 42 and has a beautiful body. After dad died however, I noticed a change in her....Read On


I Help My Aunt Move to Her New House

I fuck my aunt in her barren room the day before she has to move to her new house.

I arrived at my aunt’s Friday evening. I had been sent here by my mother to help my aunt move into her new house. My aunt is the mother of three girls and she is no longer married. So I wasn’t surprised when she asked my mother if she could borrow me for the weekend. I being 18 and pretty strong was perfect for the task. She wanted me to help her move some of her heavier items. I was...Read On


I Help My Aunt Move to Her New House {Part II}

My aunt and I take a bath before starting our day.

    I awoke Saturday morning forgetting for a moment what had transpired between my aunt and I the night before. However, as if on cue, a warm slurping sound came up from between my legs. I was still half asleep when I looked down to see my beautiful aunt devouring my morning woody. Out of ritual, I raised my arms over my head and began to do a full body stretch. It felt completely natural...Read On


My Aunt

My aunt takes care of me the only way she knew how.

When I was younger my parents used to send me to my grandparents farm in the summer. My Grandfather’s family was quite large. My father was the oldest of 14 siblings. As you can imagine it was very nice to see all my uncles and aunt that still lived on the farm. One of the youngest of the group was my aunt Sophia. She was my Grandmother’s right hand lady and helped around the house all the...Read On


Uncle Steve asks me to Impregnate Aunt Beth

Uncle can't impregnate his wife so he asks his favorite nephew to do it for him

I slowly woke up not wanting to rush my brain as it tried to make sense of the new day. I could still see the small tidbits of the dream I was just having. It was a mangled mix of the movie I had been watching the night before and people that I saw everyday. "It's Saturday," I said to myself while I did my morning stretch. I had to be at work at noon, plenty of time. In the kitchen my...Read On