Group Sex(1)


The Boardroom

A long night at the office turns into one of Cynthia's wildest fantasies!

"God, it is so damn hot in here!" Cynthia complained to herself as she unbuttoned her blouse further. The air conditioner had still not been fixed, and despite the fact the sun had already set, the heat that accumulated in the building over the day was still stifling. "How am I going to get this work done when I'm sweating all over the pages?" She thought. The deadline was two days away...Read On



16th Birthday Present

Older sister gives younger brother a very special birthday present.

"What a great day!" I thought, as I jumped into bed. My family and friends had thrown me a huge surprise party for my sixteenth birthday. Dad unveiled the kick-ass 1965 Mustang convertible he had fully restored for me. My friends all chipped in and bought me the latest game system with a whole pile of the best games. Mom made the perfect cake as always, and my little brother and sister made...Read On


16th Birthday Present 2

Marty and Susan have the best summer ever!

"Mmmmm, Ohhh Marty! Fuck me, baby! MMM, yeah!" Susan moaned. Marty smiled as he looked down at his beautiful older sister on the bed. Her fingers dripped with her own juices as she franticly thrust three of them in and out of her overheated pussy. "God! She's dreaming about fucking me again!" Marty thought to himself. "Ahhhh! OH FUCK! It's so goooood! AHHH, UUHHHH, OOOOH!!!" Susan screamed...Read On


Caring Mother

Clara treats her little boy so good.

My mother, Clara, has always been very warm and affectionate towards me. She had been extremely ill while pregnant with me, and after I was born the doctors said she would probably never be able to have any more children. This was a hard blow for her, because she had always wanted several kids. In place of them, she lavished me with love and praise and filled my life with happiness. It was...Read On