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One Hell of a sick puppy, frequently mistaken for a nice guy. This is not always the case. I often remind my friends that "I'm not always a nice guy, but I am a good one."

I'm generally friendly and curious (think of Elmo from Sesame Street, lol!) silly, at times, disturbing at others, yes, but that's the most important thing to know about me, how friendly I am. I'm a latina with long curly hair, an hypnotic gaze and sometimes a sexy smirk. I'm an amazing dancer, and was once part of a group called the psychosexual shockadelic dancers! (and yes, it was retro then, too) that said, I'm also an incredibly deep thinker, a truther and no, I don't like being called a conspiracy theorist. (theories don't hurt people.) I'm political, peaceful, I meditate, LOVE LOVE LOVE music, revere nature and enjoy spending time outdoors. I'm a surfer girl, and I'm aware I am a great friend. I'm very athletic and fit and love to move. I love food, and cooking too and am prone to using food as a seduction tool when appropriate... I'm into characters and situations, so cook something up and I may bite. I'm into being a smartass and a joker and am into anyone who can talk to me on my level, whatever that is on any given day... I am into personal transfomation and practice the hermetic arts including alchemy and magick. my personal motto is: "Transform yourself, transform the world." Well one of them is. I have a few. o.k. you got me. I'm not necessarily a heroine... or a coward. maybe just a stranger on a train... you never know... maybe I'm a different person from one day to the next. I have heard that and it makes some sense, though I feel as constant as a star. even a star can feel lost in the dark though. I'm aware of that fact. I'm mercurial, that's my nature. my sexuality is fluid and alive and I have found that labels do not become me. I'm a relentless perv but I am incredibly choosy. I'm stealthy and may be sizing you up without you even realizing it; maybe right now. ...hm...more about me, oh, o.k., i have horse sense (to me safe) and a pitt bull (for when i'm wrong, lol.) i live my life in this moment. My past, like my work history is chessed (as in a more sophisticated form of checkered) and I am intensely more interested in living my eulogy than my resume. Anyway, on the tangible tip, i'm sincerely kind and loving and i'm immediately warm and relaxed with other friendly strangers, so, when you see me in the chat room, you'll always recognize at least one friend. see you there.

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18 Jun 2018 08:57
women. love. life. truth. or, as Allen Ginsberg so eloquently summed up, "the whole boatload of
sensitive bullshit." I'm into surfing (yes, really!) even though i'm a New Yorker, born and raised, I
lived on Rockaway Beach for a while and learned how to surf there and i freaking love it! i'm also into endurance sports and mountain biking, though I mention this 'cause I like these things and because with the right companions they can be just completely mind blowing adventures. it's not like i live in an extreme sports wet dream or anything. Roller coasters! omg! i practically live on the Cyclone! Everything about it- that smell- the salty Atlantic Ocean mingling with the pungent petroleum aroma of that thick grease on that enormous, old black chain, laying there, baking in the hot summer sun, wafting up into my nostrils as we climb. the chain pulling, the coaster jerking along slowly as we climb, click... by click, on our way up to that first wicked drop- the one that takes my heart and just shoves it up into my throat as i stand there (oh yes!) sreaming and throw my hands up and fly! there is nothing quitelike an old wooden roller coaster, especially the Cyclone, that crazy, jolting, wild ride, the sudden changes in direction at high velocity. plus i know exactly when to kiss you. there is a moment, possiblymy favorite one, there's a window, an opportunity, 'cause i'm not interested in breaking any teeth, yours or mine, lol! yeah, I am absolutely hooked on this ride! damn, how does one complete a list like this? Interests...wow... Oh, I know! i don't object to anything, (smile)
Favorite Books:
i'm reading 'Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads To Another' By Philip Ball right now, and it's a book I seem to get through in spurts because it keeps igniting fires in my brain, all sorts of bells go off andI seem to need to go out for a run or something. (exploding fist bump if you know what "or something" means ) but I'm going to finish it if the flames consume me. I'm also reading ''The Psychology of Revolution'' and ''The Crowd'' both by Gustave LeBon. I am moving away from being a dillitante and towards a more focused application of my accumulation of wisdom. What does that mean? Ask me. I love to talk about this stuff. Anyway... books, huh? i like Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson for fiction and Geek Love by Katherine Dunne, though i haven't read any fiction in a while. i think Terence McKenna (psychedelic visionary, author, intellectual, psychonaut, lecturer, deceased) was one of the most important people who ever lived. there are several of his lectures on my video gallery, in case you're interested. i hope you are. i also like David Talbot (Symbols of an Alien Sky, Electric Universe) Here's a link to his books and what he has to say: http://www.thunderbolts.info/ Oh wait! I found the whole film!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7EAlTcZFwY and i find there's plenty of compelling information available for people who are seeking the truth whether it be conspiracy,or ecology, science or spirituality, but, like all true seekers, i've found the best source for true nformation within.
Favorite Authors:
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Sylvia Plath, E.E. Cummings (poet, mystic) Gore Vidal, again, this could go on for a while and is fluid...
Favorite Movies:
Harold And Maude just gets me. Armistead Maupin's Tales of The City is amazing. Grey Gardens is fascinating in a horrible, uncomfortable sort of way... these are just some movies that spring to the forefront, but i love film so there's so many more but that's good for now...
Favorite Music:
my ipod spans many decades and genres and it seems silly to choose a kind of music. i've been listening to a lot of Jack Johnson and Ben Harper lately. (must be a surfer thing?) i love classical music, too, and two of my fave pieces are Beethoven's 6th Symphony (The Pastoral) and Vivaldi's four seasons Violin Concierto. these things can make me weep. DUBSTEP. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS , YOU'RE MISSING OUT!


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Topic: Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
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How about a ''Are you sure?'' button when deleting friends via the dropdown on your friend's page. I found it surprisingly easy to accidentally delete a friend I was trying to talk to and the undo button didn't work. If it was a two step process, it would never happen accidentally. Thank you. Oh and Nicola, your kitty with headphones av is hysterical! Rock on!

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