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Topic Cum in your pussy or your mouth?
Posted 09 Jan 2012 06:38

I love the feel of him pulsating as he cumms in my pussy.

Topic after cum.
Posted 09 Jan 2012 05:21

I also love holding him in. I'll wrap my legs around him and hold on. He gets even bigger the second time around.

Topic Naughtiest place youve had sex
Posted 04 Jan 2012 06:16

It was a dare my hubby and I lost from the weekend party. We had to fuck in the front yard in broad daylight. Thank goodness there was no traffic.

Topic would you ever sleep with another man if your man wanted to watch?
Posted 04 Jan 2012 06:08

We have once, it wasn't all that great. Now with another woman, OH YEA

Topic What's your erotic weakness?
Posted 03 Jan 2012 06:53

The back of my neck, myears, and my nipples.

Topic Have you ever has sex with someone you know you shouldn't have?
Posted 03 Jan 2012 06:50

Oh yea, but it was so wonderful.

Topic How often do you masturbate?
Posted 03 Jan 2012 06:45

It depends, some days its once maybe twice. Othertimes it maybe two or three days between jillin.

Topic Can a clit become desensitized?
Posted 01 Jan 2012 20:35

I have played with mine for hours, and It does get alil sensitive.

Topic cumming inside or outside
Posted 01 Jan 2012 20:29

I'm like Sally, depends on my mood. If I'm extremely horny, cum in me. It intensifies my orgasm.

Topic how long you stay on Top?
Posted 29 Dec 2011 07:28

I love to be on top. I can control myself and him. Of course once I start cumming, I can't stop. I usually soak him and the bed.

Topic midnight
Posted 29 Dec 2011 07:21

And whats so bad about that? My hubby loves it.bootyshake

Topic Ladies, what do you prefer when watching...?
Posted 27 Dec 2011 18:58

There are two, one is lesbian and the other is watchin another woman jill.

Topic Oral Sex - Better to Give or Receive?
Posted 27 Dec 2011 18:54

I believe that, you can't have one without the other. I love both, giving and receiving.

Topic Sexy-Outfit
Posted 27 Dec 2011 05:19

My hubby loves white, white pushup, white stockings, white thong.

Topic Do you enjoy naughty chat?
Posted 27 Dec 2011 05:13

chat can be fun as long as its two way and continues both ways.

Topic Wireless Remote Vibrators
Posted 27 Dec 2011 05:09

I have a pair of remote panties with the egg. I've worn them with my hubby and I 've been out with my girlffriends. Two of my g/f's have remotes and we re constantly teasing each other.

Topic Ladies do you like your pussies eaten fast or slow?
Posted 22 Dec 2011 07:07

The slower the better, I too have multi-orgasms and hubby says I soak his face.

Topic Do you watch porn? How often?
Posted 22 Dec 2011 07:00

On occational. Hubby and I have watched together. I do enjoy watching a woman jill, it gets my juices flowing.

Topic Ladies, would you masturbate in front of...?
Posted 22 Dec 2011 06:53

I have with my hubby quite often. He loves it, and so do I.

And I've chatted with a few of my g/f's while rubbin, but not with the cam on.

Topic Bisexual women only
Posted 20 Jun 2011 22:06

Thats a tough question, my hubby is wonderful in bed. But theres times when nothing is better than the touch of a woman

Topic Masturbation
Posted 20 Jun 2011 21:58

Oh yes, quite often I'll tease my hubby into masturbating just to watch him cumm onn himself

Topic Are you lesbian/bi-sexual ladies offended
Posted 20 Jun 2011 21:53

Not at all

Topic Where was the craziest place u had sex in?
Posted 20 Jun 2011 21:49

In the top of the statue of liberty, on our honeymoon. I was 23 and he was 25.

Topic Can you feel him ejaculate?
Posted 20 Jun 2011 21:43

Oh yes, and it feels so very good

Topic Ladies how would you seduce me?
Posted 20 Jun 2011 21:41

Why should I?

Topic Cervix penetration
Posted 20 Jun 2011 21:39

extremely sensitive and painful

Topic advice appreciated
Posted 20 Jun 2011 21:34

Don't rush it

Topic How often do you masturbate?
Posted 20 Jun 2011 21:30

I'm like most mothers, when the chance presents it self. or when I'm able to arrange for the girls to be gone

Topic Would you watch your mate masturbate?
Posted 09 Jun 2011 05:55

nothing turns me on more than to watch a man or woman cum

Topic Watching men get erections
Posted 09 Jun 2011 05:51

I love feeling it get hard in my hands. and watchin him cum all over himself