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Trying to focus more on non-erotic writing for a bit as I'm not in the right state to try and write anything for here. I'll rarely be on for a bit as I try to sort some things out. I may be more active on my storiesspace account. Message me if you want linked to it as I don't want to publicly connect the two.


13 Sep 2013 12:06

Not been on much at all recently, if you want to get my attention and get me on then send me a PM.

18 Apr 2013 10:33

22 Feb 2013 16:28

22 Feb 2013 11:05

My very first story is up!
Please check it out at -

(And note that I love comments)

15 Nov 2012 17:54

When they say it's half a chicken they ain't lying..... It is quite frankly a chicken chopped down the middle..... (My dinner)

10 Oct 2012 11:54

Thinking of doing some more poems. Don't know if I should keep to the same kind of writing as my other one of to do some more ones of a "romantic" type.

What do people think?

20 Sep 2012 20:53

18 Sep 2012 14:59

If I've disappeared for a while don't worry. I will be busy.

29 Aug 2012 12:37

07 Aug 2012 17:01

22 Jul 2012 11:11

Insert random thought here

16 Jul 2012 14:34

To those who I'm currently talking to be back in about an hour, being forced off.

16 Jul 2012 11:16

Why do I know so much? At times I think I know more than Master.....

16 Jul 2012 10:04

MistressS be happy - your thread has my longest post ever in it............ Damn that took ages to type >.<

15 Jul 2012 15:16

She looks scary -

10 Jul 2012 14:47

I'm heading home tomorrow (Friday) and I don't know when I'll be able to be back on lush.

14 Jun 2012 04:59

08 May 2012 05:23

24 Mar 2012 09:21

21 Mar 2012 11:33