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Topic Keep it in or pull it out?
Posted 31 Jul 2013 08:40

Eh, personally I would try it, but I've been known to do lots of things in my sleep. Such as kicking and tossing a lot.

Topic What's The Best Movie According To You Without The TRADITIONAL Happy Ending?
Posted 21 Jul 2013 14:47

The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas's is one of the ones I'd put as the best.

Also the Sky Crawlers and Grave of the Fireflies (I've never been able to watch the latter twice :( )

Topic Would you want me as pet/slave?
Posted 04 Jul 2013 16:20

What. The. Fuck.

I am actually at a loss for words on this entire thread. It really is quite obvious why the BDSM community here is not getting much respect. Between the thread starter and the replies, I'm not sure which are worse.

This ^

We seem to have lost all of the mature people in here.

Topic Special gift for Master
Posted 03 Jul 2013 11:59

It appears the server won't allow me to post an internet address link. If you do a web search for bondage jewellery you'll find lots of sources. The company I was going to suggest was fetjewller.

You need 20 posts before you can post links.

Topic Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted 06 Jun 2013 19:22

Hammers In My Head - Miracle of Sound

Topic The Willykini: YES or NO?
Posted 05 Jun 2013 21:20

LMAO, of course my man will never walk in this....hahaha.
I found the ones which can be used in winter ;)

Eh, those have been going around for years, they're more popular than you think.

Some knitting sites I've seen have lots of patterns up for them.

Topic Any ladies here like gay porn/erotica?
Posted 03 Jun 2013 16:35

Like in straight porn, there are some that aim to be sensual and erotic while others lean more towards the hardcore genre as well as everything in between. Personally, I too find the erotic/sensual gay/bi porn to very arousing and much more so than watching lesbians go at each other. I'm not sure what that says about me but there you have it dontknow


As well as I just find gay porn more appealing. I just haven't the large Yaoi collection that Sirene_Jaune has, however story wise I have a lot.....

Topic .
Posted 30 May 2013 08:35

spam1 sign0024

Topic Romantic Gestures
Posted 23 May 2013 23:45

-wants an "all of the above" option-

Topic Eurovision Song Contest
Posted 22 May 2013 20:50

This one is still my favourite of all time -

It's a shame songs like this aren't on this any more.

Topic Westboro Baptist Church and Jason Collins
Posted 16 May 2013 05:20

This is all I have to add on the matter.

Topic Have you got a song that makes your heart sink and you tear up, if so why?
Posted 04 May 2013 03:19

I think this one gets most people -

Topic My wife doesn't like me to go down on her - is this unusual?
Posted 14 Apr 2013 17:39

If you take her and don't accept no for an answer then you better make sure that you've got a good lawyer.

Other than that, having someone go down on you isn't everyone's cup of tea, despite what you read here on lush. Why not just talk to her about it and find out why she doesn't want you to go down on her?

It might prove very enlightening to you.

Topic C - String
Posted 14 Apr 2013 17:32

I only know of one place that these come in useful, and that's in burlesque dancing. I don't see the point in needing something like this otherwise.

Also the do look very uncomfortable. But that's just my opinion.

Topic Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted 13 Apr 2013 12:50

Topic Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted 07 Apr 2013 06:34

Little Sister

Topic 50 Shades of Grey, Review plus Pictures
Posted 05 Apr 2013 07:45

Anybody else wonder what score Fifty Shades would have if submitted to Lush?

Part of me thinks it wouldn't even make it past the story verifiers :-"

Topic How to make happy a girlfriend outside the room ?
Posted 05 Apr 2013 07:35

Money, Visa,Master card,cash, o did i say, money, cash, visa, master card,.lol I know im a bitch!cid_BA2EB057B3FD4AC6AC32352C899A99BF@DC1C5X31.gif

Not seen that image in a very long time.....

Topic Post your favorite Demotivational posters here.
Posted 28 Mar 2013 18:47

Topic Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted 28 Mar 2013 18:05

Borderlands 2 Song - Breaking Down The Borders by Miracle of Sound -

Topic Does anyone else crank their speakers up and dance around the room?
Posted 28 Mar 2013 11:28

Yup ^^

Who doesn't?

Topic Would you pay for a snuggle?
Posted 22 Mar 2013 16:45

Why pay for something that you can get for free? I know a lot of people who are open to cuddling people for free.
Who would get so desperate? I think that this whole idea probably won't work.

Topic Bondage pictures!
Posted 22 Mar 2013 15:07

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 20 Mar 2013 15:23

Topic Pudding!
Posted 15 Mar 2013 17:39

Pudding? Really? How about a handful of string beans with some southwester corn and a few brussel sprouts. Less

But.... but..... but.... pudding. Pudding is tasty, and it's pudding. Why have another main meal when pudding?

Topic Need something to listen to for the next 10 hours?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 15:19

Try listening to this for 10 hours (especially with headphones)

Topic Hard Candy
Posted 15 Mar 2013 08:02

Topic What are you driving?
Posted 14 Mar 2013 06:32

Nothing :( I still need to get a license first.

Topic Global Internet Porn habits
Posted 14 Mar 2013 06:15

Gah..... Why is the place I call home so mild when it comes to porn?

Topic Finish the sentence...I remember when...
Posted 11 Mar 2013 16:31

I used to come out of art class covered in whatever I had been using last. (usually pastels near the end)