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Topic FAIL Thread
Posted 11 May 2012 15:06

Topic WTF?
Posted 08 May 2012 07:04

Topic How about a WIN thread?
Posted 08 May 2012 06:17

Topic Collared submissives
Posted 08 May 2012 05:34

Topic Bondage pictures!
Posted 08 May 2012 05:32

Topic Wow, isnt she lady-like!?
Posted 07 May 2012 11:28

That was just disgusting....

Topic Bondage pictures!
Posted 02 May 2012 12:37

Topic BDSM art
Posted 02 May 2012 12:36

Topic BDSM art
Posted 02 May 2012 09:59

Topic Bondage pictures!
Posted 02 May 2012 09:52

Topic WTF?
Posted 01 May 2012 01:54

Topic People with disabilities in the lifestyle
Posted 26 Apr 2012 23:41

As a person with a disability I was wondering how people would deal with others in the lifestyle who have some sort of disability, physical or mental.

And I was wondering if anyone on here would like to share their opinions on such matters, as this can be a major issue for many who want to become part of the lifestyle but necessarily wouldn't because they don't know if someone would be able to handle them or looking after them correctly.

Topic Bondage pictures!
Posted 26 Apr 2012 17:45

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 26 Apr 2012 13:13

Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory - Robots FTW

Topic How about a WIN thread?
Posted 16 Apr 2012 18:50

Topic A little drama in Belgium
Posted 16 Apr 2012 16:46

Not drama, craziness.

And they would've told the real police that they were doing it so they didn't show up.

Topic Adding and Accepting Friends
Posted 13 Apr 2012 14:46

I don't add anyone unless I've talked to them for a while first and then only if I think of them as friends.

I have had a lot of requests from people that I have ignored, I don't feel bad for it, you get used to it after a while.

Topic Sex toys
Posted 13 Apr 2012 11:28

I'm looking at the We Vibe and trying to decide if I should buy it or not... It's so expensive...
Anyone know of any cheaper alternatives?

Topic WTF?
Posted 08 Apr 2012 10:43

Topic Wine Yoga
Posted 07 Apr 2012 06:43

Topic Is pubic hair making a comeback?
Posted 06 Apr 2012 15:46

i shave my hair into different shapes to keep things fun and exciting. this week its in the shape of a unicorn

A unicorn... Really?

Topic Yahoo - are there any poorer "writers" anywhere on the web?
Posted 06 Apr 2012 15:33

The lifestyle stuff can be hilarious. At uni I sometimes look through it and point out the completely stupid stuff that they've said.

But I was reading this -

Yahoo really need to hang their heads in shame. I'm agreeing with what comments I've seen about this being released too early.

Topic The Slave Register?
Posted 02 Apr 2012 02:07

I was wondering about online and I found The Slave Register .

I'm now wondering, how many of you have heard of this before?

And what are your opinions on what it does?

Topic Last Post Wins!
Posted 02 Apr 2012 01:22

My turn now 952-67

Topic BDSM art
Posted 01 Apr 2012 23:56

Topic BDSM 101
Posted 01 Apr 2012 23:42

I feel as though I should put in my My 2 cents here.

I have noticed some subs coming into the basement, and also in this forum, and just trying to find a Dom/me, from what I've seen this method, while in the short term it can be good as you can find someone, but in the long term (if they want that kind of relationship) then it can be hurtful to the sub. As they usually don't take the time to get to know the Dom/me before they get into the relationship with them, and so when it goes wrong they get hurt very badly. All because they didn't take the time to get to know the Dom/me first. I'm sure this happens in real life as well as on here, but that aspect I cannot comment on. Me and Master have known each other for a while before I became his pet.

To add to previous discussion on collars. Mine represents my love and my Master's love to each other, as well as my submission to Him and belonging to Him and Him only. My training collar (the one I'm currently in) has to be taken off when I go into a shower and if I'm at Master's then the rush of emotions I get when He puts it on me is just indescribable, if I had to sum it up I would have to say it's a very intense happiness and a sense of belonging. That's what it means to me. And on the off chance were I'm in the position of which I cannot wear my collar and Master is no-where around I feel so naked.

I might add that I'm new to BDSM as a whole as well. My Master has been kind to me, and I have had some people say that He sounds like a parent and a friend. My Master looks out for me, makes sure I'm okay and is there for me whenever I need Him. He is my rock, the person I can turn to for whatever. In Him I see protection, not to sound a bit corny but to me He is like my night in shining armor. I love Him, and He loves me. I wouldn't want anyone else.

He has given me rules to follow, rules which are there for my own good to protect me and to look after me. I try to follow these rules, sometimes I accidently don't follow one or two, if it's a rare thing he'll let it pass, or if I have a valid reason for not following it. Otherwise my punishments are either not allowed to spend time with Him or being tickled. Depends on how bad it is.

I should finish here. I don't know what else to write.

Topic Collared submissives
Posted 01 Apr 2012 23:08

Topic Top, bottom or switch?
Posted 01 Apr 2012 22:58

I would call myself a switch, but at the moment I'm more of a submissive than a dominant (doesn't stop me from trying to dominate my Master on occasion though).

Topic Snow White & The Huntsman?
Posted 29 Mar 2012 15:16

Good god tell me that is NOT the girl from the Twilight crap?

She was okay in some of her other films, just that the character she plays in Twilight didn't let her show her potential. Otherwise she can be a rather good actress. A little stale but still good.

Topic Immediate payback
Posted 29 Mar 2012 14:28

Just out of curiosity, would that be classed as a concealed weapon?

I think it would. As no-one knows it's there and it's just as deadly as any other weapon.