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Topic Porn or Novel?
Posted 29 Mar 2012 14:17

If I want to be inspired, I’ll read a novel. If I need some funny adult entertainment, I’ll watch porn.

I'm agreeing with you one this one.

Topic If you're a dog lover you will fall in love with this story!
Posted 28 Mar 2012 00:46

I've seen this one before, still can't help but want to cry over it though...

Topic What's your hobby....??
Posted 28 Mar 2012 00:39

I like reading a lot, I also sometimes try to write stuff. And my main hobby is currently playing games.

Topic Ahh how amazing is this!?
Posted 28 Mar 2012 00:34

I personally would love to take part in a flash mob one day...

Topic Favorite Drink
Posted 21 Mar 2012 13:07

An Irn Bru for me everytime... Or lemonade...

Topic The real meaning of MPH. Hahaha wow!
Posted 21 Mar 2012 13:06

I hope she never breeds.... I'm with chef on this one....

Topic Would this affect LUSHSTORIES.COM also...??
Posted 21 Mar 2012 11:09

I'm going to take the same stance here that I take on games. It's a persons choice if they want to subject themselves to whatever they want, it's called freedom of speech. And personally so long as they don't turn around and harm people because of it then it's okay, but the chance of that is very low in the first place so I don't see why people keep getting their panties in a twist over it.

And to be quite frank, if someone who is like him gets into power then I can see America turning into the futuristic London from V for Vendetta. Well possibly if he stays in for long enough.

Topic Pondering ....
Posted 21 Mar 2012 11:00

Can I get close enough to Master's flat to be able to get let in so I can snuggle up into him for the night.

Topic Unusual places to have sex?
Posted 19 Mar 2012 15:24

At your ex's funeral. Kinda dark :P

Are you talking from experience here?

Topic The day that Penis asked for raise
Posted 02 Mar 2012 14:10

Not seen this one for a while, makes me laugh every time.

Topic "My Apology to President Karzai on behalf of Americans" ... What do you think?
Posted 01 Mar 2012 14:28

To be honest, I think she's just looking for people to go and watch her video and isn't caring about how it can turn around and affect her.

Topic Pondering ....
Posted 25 Feb 2012 07:58

Why do men always stare at me the way they sometimes do?

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 23 Feb 2012 04:38

Spending time with my Master.

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 22 Feb 2012 14:45

Orange Juice

Topic Cute kid or future terror/drama queen in for a let down?
Posted 18 Feb 2012 09:53

I got it for you.

Here is Honey Boo Boo and Coupon Queen, The mother who dressed her little girl as a prostitue and others on Anderson Cooper. Just gross.

Thank you, and I agree is it quite disgusting

Topic What's for dinner tonight?
Posted 17 Feb 2012 12:28

Popcorn chicken... And I'm still starving...

Topic Coke versus Pepsi? The Grudge Match
Posted 17 Feb 2012 11:12

Can I just go with good old Scottish Irn-Bru?

Topic Cute kid or future terror/drama queen in for a let down?
Posted 17 Feb 2012 10:59

I'm having problems posting this as a video so I'll just share it here - For those of you wondering it's a video of one of the children dressed up as Julia Roberts from pretty woman in her prostitute outfit.

Some of the parents don't know how to look after their child, I would go on a long rant but it's not suitable for any website.

Topic which day of the year brings the most sex?
Posted 16 Feb 2012 12:39

Whichever day we feel like having sex the most.

Topic Does hair on a man's body matter that much? (ex. back,chest,shoulder,etc.)
Posted 16 Feb 2012 05:36

All guys have hair, just depends on how long it is....

Topic The Mystery of the Breasts!
Posted 16 Feb 2012 05:33

I was reading these post's and thinking there is a space for a funny quote off WMM LOL

Certain time of the ladies monthly cycle make us women's boobs swell, regarless of a gel padded bra.
Some day you want the boobs to free roam and other day's you feel horney as hell and want to feel like Dolly Parton, whatever your bra size ha ha.

But leaving mine to free roam can leave them very sore if they're not looked after right crybaby

Topic Girls, do u like sleeping naked? What do u usually wear to bed?
Posted 13 Feb 2012 09:00

I sometimes sleep naked, well I always do if my other half is in the bed with me. But I mostly sleep in jammies.

Topic panties what color design & brand
Posted 13 Feb 2012 08:58

I like boyshorts. I don't care about colour or brand so long as it looks nice and fits.

Topic do you actually like to cyber
Posted 13 Feb 2012 08:56

I don't cyber anymore since I have my Master. But I used to cyber on a different site, were I couldn't keep it serious and ended up just winding whoever I was with up and basically trolling them. Can be funny if it's the type who all they want to do is cyber.

Topic U.S. State of Georgia strikes down assisted suicide law
Posted 13 Feb 2012 08:24

I think if someone is terminally ill then it's their right if they want to die with dignity. However those who are depressed shouldn't be helped to commit suicide as there is a chance that they can get better. It just all depends on the situation really.

I do know that some people fly out to Switzerland so that they can die with dignity as assisted suicide is okay there and the way they do it means that the person can have a peaceful escape from life instead of being drugged up for the rest of their life trying to fight whatever it is that's killing them.

Topic I know this sounds really dumb but... (about Valentine's Day)
Posted 13 Feb 2012 07:58

I hide whenever VD is near. I've been embarrassed too much in the past. Plus I agree with some of the comments I was reading on an article about V-day, if your relationship really matters then both of you should be telling each other how much they love you everyday, not just on the day that they're told to love you.

V-day is just a stupid waste of money and time. If you love someone then you shouldn't really need this stupid day to tell them, if you do then you really need to consider the state of your relationship.

Nuff said. I would lock myself in my room tomorrow but I have classes sadly. I hope the ones who routinely ask me out keep their hands to themselves this year.

Topic Father punishes daughter for her rant on Facebook.
Posted 10 Feb 2012 08:33

He is epic.

Topic Porn on Flights?
Posted 03 Feb 2012 16:03

One of the many a failed ideas at Ryanair. I'm surprised people still fly with them.

Topic University Letter
Posted 03 Feb 2012 15:20

They missed a few causes other than masturbation... :-"

Topic moaning
Posted 03 Feb 2012 15:02

I'm a screamer... Embarassed
Luckily there's not been any noise complaints about me yet...
But while masturbating I'm very quiet.