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Topic Post groundless lies about the person above
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:38

LOL (so true, i'm not a grandmother)

av was done by Dali

It was done by me.....

Makes people pay to touch her boobs

Topic What are you looking at - other than your screen!?
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:36

My desk that desperately needs tided

Topic Hug, kiss or ????? the person above you.
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:35


Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:33

Go horseriding

Topic I am naked because .....
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:33

I've just been playing with my toys

Topic Ban the person above you
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:32

I ban adele for being so pretty.

Topic Last Post Wins!
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:30

Sorry Alex, A females gotta do what a females gotta do....

Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:29

Ask around to find somewhere I can buy bras for my size

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:28


Ever fallen asleep during the middle of an exam?

Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:27

Cuddle her

Topic Post groundless lies about the person above
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:26

Is really a 60 y/o grandmother who lives with her 19 cats.

Topic Word association game
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:24


Topic there's nothing like...
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:23

Snuggling into my boyfriend while watching a film

Topic Last Post Wins!
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:21

Uh-hu.... Mine now sweetie......

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:20

Just a dressing gown

Topic If You could Fuck The Person Above You One Way Only How Would You Do It?
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:15

Bondage tape makes nice restraints don't you think?

Topic Last Post Wins!
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:11

Sorry Vanessa....... My turn now...

Topic How Many Times?
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:09

Once, A long time ago...

How many books have you read?

Topic Person above you is naked and tied to your bed?
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:06

Show her my toy collection and ask her which one she wants used on her first....

Topic If You Woke Up With The Person Above You What Would Be The First Thing You'd Say?
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:05

What did we get up to? And is it possible to get something for my hangover?

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 27 Jan 2012 18:02


Have you ever been caught in public pleasing yourself?

Topic Kept resolutions for 2012? Have they been kept?
Posted 27 Jan 2012 17:57

My New Year's resolution is the same as vanessa's, but just add not to annoy me lecturers and try to act like I'm not completely hyper during lectures. (I have failed that last part already.....)

Topic The one that got away
Posted 27 Jan 2012 17:52

In both cases I was the one who got away. Luckily. I never saw their flaws until I started dating them.
I don't talk to either of them anymore. Although one does still constantly tell me he wants me back.....

Topic Your sexual blind spot
Posted 27 Jan 2012 11:44

Titty fucking and oral are two things I can never get into. It feels like the guy wants to strangle me whenever I'm doing titty fucking. And I'm just not sensitive enough for oral to do anything for me.

Topic Lush "etiquette"
Posted 27 Jan 2012 11:32

Maz , u iz da bomb, u iz soo sxy, lol. I WNT 2 SEE YO NKD ,THT WOULD BE AWSM. NO JKS , I LV U.

( i had yo use a text speak translator app for that) hahahahaha

Is it wrong that I didn't need a single translator for that?

Topic Your Favorite Quotes
Posted 27 Jan 2012 11:24

I collect random quotes, so I'll share a few...

"People having sex looks like mountain goats sometimes."

"Things tend to work better after a good thumping."

Shakespeare once said, " I begeth for thy to holdeth thy peace."
My translations, " Shut the hell up."

"Adults are just kids with money."

"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her."

"Can night take from you the one who loves you? No. Love is eternal. In your eyes is the sorrow of the one who remembers his loss. Love will not leave you. Love does not have a name or page number. Love is unlimited, it is´╗┐ free, pure and brave. In your heart is the island where memories bathe on the shore. Love is an ocean. Can night take from you who you should be? It cannot ... Love is eternal ..."

"Love is like a friendship caught on fire.In the beginning a flame, very pretty,Often hot and fierce,But still only light and flickering.As love grows older,Our hearts mature,And our love becomes as coals,Deep-burning and unquenchable." -Bruce Lee

Topic My curiosity gets to me about this
Posted 27 Jan 2012 11:16

Personally while my avatar can be seen in full on other sites I do prefer to use only things I made. Makes it more personal.....
(And for the record I did draw that image the real thing is on my wall)

Topic I am naked because .....
Posted 14 Jan 2012 07:41

I am naked because I forgot to dress after coming out of the shower.

Topic ipod/mp3 shuffle
Posted 14 Jan 2012 07:38

Thank you!

Daft Punk - Verdis Quo

Topic How many fingers have you...
Posted 13 Jan 2012 12:54

2.... But I'm still getting used to it....