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Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 21 Aug 2012 15:25

Evanescence album

Topic male sub looking for mistress
Posted 20 Aug 2012 15:19

Read the replies given and take the advice on board on those other posts.

Topic male sub looking for mistress
Posted 20 Aug 2012 15:05

Brick wall How many times has this type of thread came up in here?

This thread has came up too many a time, please read these ones first.

Topic What do you think you look sexiest in?
Posted 20 Aug 2012 09:43

I believe I look sexiest in bed under the covers in the dark. That's what I've been told (by somebody who didn't see me like that).

That's the look I feel is the sexiest for me, too.

Agreed, but then again I'm told I'm sexy no matter what.

Topic Should men shave their legs?
Posted 20 Aug 2012 09:39

I don't care either way, his body so it's up to him what he does with it.

Topic spontaneous arousal?
Posted 20 Aug 2012 09:31

Yes..... Embarassed

Topic WTF?
Posted 19 Aug 2012 16:05

Topic WTF?
Posted 19 Aug 2012 15:51

Topic Do you think the world will end Dec 21, 2012 like the Mayan Calendar suggests?
Posted 19 Aug 2012 11:52

From what I've heard it isn't the proper end of the world - it's the end of the world as we know it.

Topic your thoughts
Posted 19 Aug 2012 11:35

Usually depends on what's been going on around me and the atmosphere where I am.

Topic What do you think is a really cool outfit for a mature guy ?
Posted 19 Aug 2012 11:26

Depends on the body type not the age.

But a good old pair of swimming shorts doesn't fail.

Topic Ben Wa Balls
Posted 19 Aug 2012 11:25

I is curious about these as well.

I'd say go for it, just talk to her first though to make sure that she's okay with it.

Cleverfox is probably just jealous that you have a wife to buy things for ^^

Topic "Temporary" Slaves
Posted 19 Aug 2012 09:00

Whether it's explicitly stated or not, any suggestion that a slave's service is other than voluntary is both illegal and immoral.

That being the case, I have no problem with formalizing exit conditions as part of the contract. Regardless of whether they are or not, in reality, they are still there.

This ^

In addition if you force someone into it then were's the trust? And where's the sense of having earned the submission?

And I wonder who the hell chose no on the poll....

Topic Bondage pictures!
Posted 18 Aug 2012 15:55

Topic Bondage pictures!
Posted 18 Aug 2012 15:48

Topic Is cuckolding ever justified?
Posted 18 Aug 2012 10:17

My simple reply is no.

My more complicated reply is - Why would you want to be with someone who would rather be fucked by someone else other than you?

Topic What if your significant other found out about you being on Lush?
Posted 17 Aug 2012 18:29

No problem for me - He's the one who showed me lush.

Topic Naked in bed..
Posted 17 Aug 2012 12:43

Lemme sleep.

Topic Ever used a Sybian?
Posted 15 Aug 2012 13:18

yesw i have use one and it best toy in world just cost too much :( lol it made me cum like 12times in a hr

That's a lot of coming. Are you sure that was the correct number?

Topic Fifty Shades of Grey
Posted 15 Aug 2012 13:15

I concur!

It really should be renamed "Fifty shades of shite".

I already call it that.

Lets all work together to get the name changed of the book!!!

Topic i want a master!
Posted 15 Aug 2012 13:13

Brick wall How many times has this type of thread came up in here?

Does no-one read the advice given in other threads?

Links - read 'em
I don't care what gender their aimed at it's still the same thing.

Topic Happy Birthday, TheDevilsWeakness!
Posted 14 Aug 2012 14:25

Topic Punishments
Posted 14 Aug 2012 13:52

Okay I was looking at the forums for one of the manga series I read and I was shocked to find that someone thinks that punishment is just for play and for no other reason.

B&D is Bondage and Discipline. That's the tying up stuff, the ropes, the chains, and stuff like play punishment

I'm wondering if anyone who actually has read this far thinks of that quote and thinks of punishment being used just for playing.

(But then again the same person thinks that it's rule 34 of the internet that has fetished rope work as well)

Topic The Cooks of Lush
Posted 14 Aug 2012 13:35

Chicken and sausage gumbo! Recipe is in my head from watching my mom for years and then doing it myself. But I can send my mental notes to you if you like. Not very healthy though. lol

Not very healthy but sounds really tasty.

Topic Bullied 14yr old has plastic surgery
Posted 14 Aug 2012 08:12

To be honest with you I think that she should have waited until she was older.

The lass is still growing and still developing so a surgery like this could affect her bodies development in the future.

Topic Number of sex partners
Posted 14 Aug 2012 08:08

Only one ^^ And I'm happy with it being at that ^^

Topic What perfume do you wear?
Posted 14 Aug 2012 08:05

This one is my favourite -

A friend bought it for me when she was on holiday in America, I've been wanting to get more as my bottle is a few years old but sadly I haven't found any in the UK crybaby

Topic The Cooks of Lush
Posted 14 Aug 2012 07:59

To all those who cook a lot.

What is your favorite recipe that your willing to share?

And what is the healthiest recipes that you know of?

Topic How long could you survive after a kicking a bear in the balls
Posted 14 Aug 2012 07:49

37 seconds for me here.....

Topic What types of erotica stories really turn you on?
Posted 13 Aug 2012 16:24

Well written for a start. And also BDSM stories I like.