Teased and Tormented

A couple decide to spice things up in the bedroom with some new toys.....

I sat on the bed waiting, my eyes blindfolded. Jason and I were going to do things today that we had never done before. We were suggested to try this by some friends who had experience in this. They said it would help to boost our sex life and give us some more fun. All I know is that tonight I’ll be teased until I can’t take it any longer and that it involves lots of things that I’ve...Read On

Love Poems(2)


In the Dark of the Night

In the Dark, Of the Night, A lone shadow, Is seen, This lone shadow, Belongs to a girl, A girl who is looking, For someone, She doesn't know, Who they are, All the girl knows, Is that the person, Is out there, For her, To help her, And to give, Her love, And warmth, To be there for her, No matter what, This girl, Has been searching, For so long, ...Read On


Someone Near

Such a cold day, I wish I could snuggle, Into someone dear, To keep me warm, And to shelter me. But no-one dear, Is near, I feel so lonely, I wish I could find, That one person. The one who would, look after me no mater what. The one who would, keep me close, keep me warm, And always keep me close, To their heart. I wonder if there is, Someone in the world, ...Read On