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Financially secure professional in a STEM field. Overactive volunteer. Instructor, teacher, lecturer. Married over 35 years, father of three fully grown kids, but not dead! No spare time to be bored.

I hope to use some of my precious spare time to write some more stories, work on my tumblr blog, and connect with people of diverse interests and backgrounds.

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Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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25 Apr 2017 16:53
Hiking, cycling, astronomy, boating, perfecting written and oral skills (practice makes perfect, always looking for willing recipients )

I am open to chat, and to friend requests. I very much appreciate your comments on what few stories I have written. And I am always interested in your intelligent thoughts, stories, poetry, and pics.

In the bedroom, I have to admit I am a pussy-eating aficionado. I started two years before I lost my virginity, and I think that got my priorities straight right from the start. It is a skill requiring frequent practice, until it is mastered as an art. Every work of that art is different, and of course very special and satisfying. I am always interested in improving, and practice makes perfect, don't you think?

I wish I had more spare time to read more of the great stories here. This is an active site, worthy of our attention and support. It seemed appropriate that I invest in this great site, and become a gold member, because I know of no better place to be (yes, I have been around a bit, on other sites, but none seem to be as well run and as friendly as this one).

I hope to meet new friends, both online, and maybe someday, over a beer or a glass of wine, if you are ever "in the neighbourhood".
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LOTR, Apollo 13, Perfect Storm
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Person of Interest, NCIS, Orphan Black, Continuum, Cosmos, Nova
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Instrumental, orchestral, soundtracks by James Horner, Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer.
Artists including Anderson, Bruford, Wakemen, Howe; Shania Twain; Phil Collins; Peter Gabriel; Vanessa Williams; Justin Heyward. Some contemporary classic, some ambient, some jazz...
Country is only tolerable if not twangy. Rap, hip-hop and other toneless poetry with coincidental background beat does not interest me.


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Topic: Trump attacks Syria
Posted: 14 Apr 2017 14:21

I despise the man-child for how he treats people. I fear he is not mentally stable.

One could argue his randomness and lack of definite policy, combined with his lack of restraint to say or do stupid shit, gives him "power". I fear he is dealing with other random tyrants and others that, can't be stopped unless they are totally killed off. All he is doing is poking the bear. Some he is poking will stop at absolutely nothing to kill, maim, retaliate, and how can you possibly fight against that?

You can't. So the cynic in me thinks Trump knows this, and is actually encouraging confrontation and retaliation, so he can look "Strong", and divert attention from all of the illegal, immoral, and unethical shit he is perpetrating.

In the end, I do not think it will end well, for Trump, and for the U.S. It will be a very high price to pay, and I am not sure anyone will feel that they have "won" in the end. So much pain for so little gain, all apparently because the man-child needs so badly to be respected and admired.

Will trump last the full four years? I hope not, and I think I share that hope with the vast majority of this planet's occupants.

Topic: Our hardworking President...
Posted: 03 Apr 2017 18:23

Blah blah blah blah.

This has been said over and over in almost every Trump thread here. He's the president. Get over it.

Yeah, but he is the most unimpressive president there ever has been, unless you like liars, cons, and authoritarian arseholes as president.

He is perhaps the one president the rest of the world fears, not because he is strong, but because he might be stupid enough to make a foreign policy decision, or approve use of extremely deadly force, based on what some asshole says on Fox, or in Brietbart... or perhaps back in Mother Russia, where his debt obligations seem to reside. I am sure we have nothing to worry about from a guy that has been bankrupt six times, other than that fact that seems to have driven him to seek foreign sources of money, where people may actually have not yet been burned by his failures to repay, or to deal fairly. I suspect the Russians now have him by the short-and-curlys. We may never know, because the cheickenshit narcissist cannot ever admit to doing anything wrong.

I am just expressing what most of the rest of the world, and probably a majority of those in the U.S. that voted, are feeling. But yeah, he is president for four years, if he survives. Just because he won, doesn't mean he is the best choice. He is the most abysmal choice possible, it seems. Nothing to be proud of, if I were American.

Hilary may, arguably, be as bad a choice or worse, in different ways. It is hard to see, how with shitty choices and a totally broken political system based on klepto-plutocracy, how America will ever be great again.

I just wish that the U.S. would not fuck it up for the rest of us, who value this one and only world we have to live on, and act more like the big brother we want it to be.

Topic: donald trump for president
Posted: 25 Jan 2017 08:40




Topic: 1001 reasons why Canada is the coolest country in the world.
Posted: 02 Jan 2017 14:33

Robertson Screws
- they actually will stay on the end of a Robertson Screwdriver, making it way easier to start screwing


Topic: 1001 reasons why Canada is the coolest country in the world.
Posted: 02 Jan 2017 14:27

Built the AVRO ARROW
- The best fighter jet in the world, in 1958
- Terminated prematurely by the most stupid Conservative government Canada ever had (probably in part due to pressure from the U.S., who did not want to be outdone, and who proposed Canada buy nuclear missiles instead)
- All the great engineering talent on the AVRO ARROW project went away to other great projects: the Apollo landings on the moon; the British/French Concorde supersonic airliner.


Topic: 1001 reasons why Canada is the coolest country in the world.
Posted: 02 Jan 2017 14:19

The BEST view of Niagara Falls!


Topic: 1001 reasons why Canada is the coolest country in the world.
Posted: 02 Jan 2017 14:16

196. Canadian Tire. Because every good Canadian fundamentally needs a reliable supplier of winter tires, antifreeze and shovels.

https://upload.lushstories.com/2031111370-5278437_1276625078405_1_L.jpg https://upload.lushstories.com/174593052-Canadian-Tire-store-by-RAI-Architect-Bowmanville-04.jpg

Jeez, NEVER buy your tires from "Crappy Tire"

It's a glorified hardware store, if that. You get better tires (and better car mechanics) from a place that specializes in tires, or auto repairs.

Topic: How do you vote?
Posted: 13 Nov 2016 18:55

Voting is a bit different in Canada. You vote for the local rep in the House of Commons (Member of Parliament). Whichever party gets the most seats in the House then gets to form the government with their leader becoming Prime Minister. There is no separate vote for the PM and our Senate is unelected. So, you can either:

Vote the local candidate (and I have done so on occasion when there was a strong candidate who wasn't from my usual party)

Vote the party (more common these days I think, and certainly how I tend to vote when I don't really know much about the local candidates)

People often vote based on the leader but because you don't directly vote for PM, this ends up being the same as voting for the party. This can be a bit of a mistake in our system since the PM is really just a leader chosen by the party and can actually be changed mid-term by the party without going to an actual election (cf. the recent change in 10 Downing Street from Cameron to May in the UK, which uses basically the same system).

One by-product of this system is that we have viable third and even, at times, fourth parties. I've been voting Green in the last decade or so (who are just barely viable in that they have had one or two seats in the House) but have also voted Reform (which is now part of the Conservative Party), Liberal and NDP. I tend to actually read the platforms and then vote based on which one seems to align at least somewhat with my positions. Local candidates are a factor, too. The one time I voted Reform was because the Liberal incumbent had resigned over a broken promise, then turned around and run to replace herself, which kind of ticked me off.

Just to supplement the above excellent description, Canadians can also sometimes have a "minority government", where one party does not own half of the seats in the House of Commons. This allows for some interesting times, as the party with the most (but not over half) seats gets to try to set policy, in the hopes that some in other parties will agree. Sometimes they work with one of the other parties to stay in power, and that other party could be fairly small, but because the small party are supporting the party with the most seats, they are said to hold the "balance of power". Sometimes, this allows some of their small party pet policies to get supported and adopted, in part at least. Minority governments can actually get a lot done. It is amazing what can be done when people compromise a bit; I think the U.S. could learn from that.

Any Canadian government is subject to an occasional important vote, referred to as a "vote of non-confidence", on a critical issue, like on a spending budget for example. If that vote does not pass, the party forming the government is expected to resign, and call an immediate election. An election that is mercifully short (compared to the U.S. endless process) should then take place within a few months. Thus, elections could occur just about any time, but in the case of a majority government being in power already (one party has over half the seats, and thus can fight off any "vote of non-confidence"), they can govern for up to five years before an election must take place.

The elections are just for the House of Commons, not for our Senate. Senators are appointed at present, though someday they may be elected if proposed reforms go through. The real power mostly rests with the House of Commons, and the Senate remains a place for "sober second thought", only occasionally asking that the House go back and tune up their proposed legislation some.

The simple beauty of a Canadian election is the use of nothing but paper ballots to take the vote. There is no chance of hacking as with electronic ballots, nor any "hanging chads" when counting. All votes are verifiable by a judicial recount, if the results in a riding are close, say within 50 votes. Voter fraud is virtually non-existent. Voter registration is fairly straight-forward, and if you can produce picture ID with your name and address, you are all set to go, with no fuss. The process is also simplified because we are not also voting for District Attorney, Judge, County Clerk, or Dog-catcher, on multi-page ballots.

Topic: What part of a girl you look at first when you see her? What turns you on about girls?
Posted: 08 Nov 2016 18:02

1. Intelligence.
2. Hair, lips, eyes.
3. Stature (petite is more appealing)
in that order

Big boobs or excess makeup, are usually turnoffs

Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 20 Oct 2016 19:40

I feel for U.S. citizens. They have to choose from a bunch of shitty choices. Too bad Obama (or Michelle, for that matter) cannot stick around for another term. Too bad someone like Colin Powell does not step up.

Hillary is not her husband, so no one should blame her for his indiscretions. You can't fault someone for their indiscretions unless you treat everyone, even the candidate "on your side", equally. People in power have a problem keeping it in their pants, because their position of power lets them think they can do anything. Might as well accept that that kind of thing will happen... though again, we see Obama has been a really good role model.

Any talk of Hillary being an "enabler" has to say the same of Trump's wives. Were Bill Clinton's dalliances mostly with someone willing to cheat, or was he an abuser, forcing himself onto women? I don't know. It certainly looks like Trump was the bigger and more aggressive horndog. More of his past victims have stepped forward, it seems. There are probably many more, for either offender, that are still keeping it quiet.

It is not uncommon for a serial abuser to get away with it until he has left behind a lot of damaged individuals, until the the dam finally breaks. If a woman thinks she is alone, and vulnerable to further humiliation, or being ruined by a man with power, it makes sense that she will not report, until it is clear she will have an audience.

As for truthfulness, it is clear that Trump cannot be relied on to speak the truth, ever. Time and time again, he just says shit, and it can either be proven false, or it is contradicted by his own recorded words. How can you trust anyone that is a pathological liar? Sure, the truth always gets spun in politics to some extent, but in Trump's case it seems to get twisted through a full 360 degrees, and no one can know which way to look at anything he says, except you can bet that he is trying to sound good. Sounding good and being good are two very different things. He just sounds so much like he is an aggressive salesman, trying to sell you some shit you don't really want. Or, what is worse, he is talking just to himself, stroking his ego, and he doesn't give a shit what anyone else thinks as long as he can use it to his advantage. In other words, he is a sociopath.

The means should be in place to properly monitor charitable foundations, and to hold them accountable for abuses. Sure, you might have to hold your nose when taking money from someone whose views you totally disagree with, but if the foundation then spends the money to help people, isn't that better than letting the donors you disagree with take back their money.

There are proven ways to prevent voter fraud. It is not an issue. The fraud potential will always exist, but it is not fraud until a person follows through and actually votes illegally. It hasn't happened as often as one in a million legitimate votes cast. Don't sweat the low probability events.

And on the topic of low probability events, why are you sweating ISIS attacks? How many terror-based attacks (including, I would argue, domestic terrorists and mass killers) have there been so far? How many hundred times more people have died from guns? It is important to keep things in perspective.

But alas, people seem to lack critical thinking skills. The biggest threat to U.S greatness is the growing anti-intellectual, anti-science approach of politicians, and the lack of critical evaluation of important decisions, and decision-makers, by a public not educated how to do that properly. You can blame that on many things, including the dumbing down of media in general, and the ease with which one can find online an echo chamber that will totally insulate people in a safe cocoon of similar-thinking individuals, allowing one to become intellectually lazy.

The problems run way deeper than having no good choice for POTUS.

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