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Topic Do you like getting your butt squeezed or spanked by your partner?
Posted 16 Jul 2012 21:24


Topic When a man is cumming in you, whats your preferred position?
Posted 07 Jul 2012 20:08

from behind definitely

Topic Tasting yourself?
Posted 07 Jul 2012 20:05

Fuck Yeah, omg it's soo hott especially right after he's cum and I can taste both of us

Topic do you let guys see up your skirt?
Posted 02 Jul 2012 13:52

yes, especially if I'm at like a club or something and I make sure a guy can see and then I start making out with a girlfriend so he knows he's not getting it that night, but she is, lol

Topic Masturbation
Posted 02 Jul 2012 13:49

I've rubbed through my panties in the car while driving before on like a long drive and at night

Topic Why swallow?
Posted 01 Jul 2012 11:55

I've always swallowed, 1. I hate making a mess 2. I don't do the whole "facial" crap, and 3. guys love it, sometimes I'll kiss him right after with some still in my mouth, lol

Topic Underwear
Posted 29 Jun 2012 20:28

if it's for work or just around the house then I really don't care, if I know I'm gonna go out and get fucked then yeah I like to if I can

Topic How long do you women usually wait to give a guy a handjob?
Posted 29 Jun 2012 20:25

like SexySamantha, I've done it on the first date, but I waited until after the date, the back of a movie theatre and when he told me he was gonna cum I quickly leaned down and caught it all in my mouth, so I guess you could say he got a hj and a bj at the time (;

Topic Ladies, would you masturbate in front of...?
Posted 29 Jun 2012 06:31

in front of boyfriend or girlfriend, I have and we use it as part of foreplay, as far as in front of a stranger, probably ;)

Topic How many fingers have you...
Posted 29 Jun 2012 06:29

3 of my own, but have had a partner get 4

Topic Ladies: Pubic Hair
Posted 29 Jun 2012 03:37

always completely shave, unless I miss a day or two, lol

Topic How slutty are you?
Posted 29 Jun 2012 03:29

78% slut, lol

Topic when did you masturbate last?
Posted 29 Jun 2012 03:24

maybe right now ;)

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 29 Jun 2012 03:03

just some panties around my ankles

Topic My last orgasm was...
Posted 29 Jun 2012 02:57

working on one now

Topic What is the longest cock you have been able to take
Posted 29 Jun 2012 01:19

realistically he was probably a little bit over 8"

Topic Total honesty, please....How quiet are you??
Posted 29 Jun 2012 01:17

I'm very loud, I've had roommates yell at me and neighbors in my apartment building just kind of wink or smile the morning after

Topic does watching your man cum turn you on?
Posted 29 Jun 2012 01:13

absolutely love it, sometimes we'll sit across from each other and just watch each other get off, omg that is the most erotic thing for me, as he's telling me what he wants to do to me, it's like phone sex but we can see each other.

Topic What is your favorite way to masturbate?
Posted 29 Jun 2012 01:10

I switch back and forth, I'll start with rubbing enough to get me wet and then use 2 or 3 fingers until I'm really close and then finish with my clit

Topic Do you squirt?
Posted 29 Jun 2012 01:09

I only have like twice and that was after some really intense masturbating

Topic Is quy licking his cum after he came on (in) you a turn on for you?
Posted 29 Jun 2012 01:07

Hell yeah I love it when a guy cleans up after himself, and then he kisses me and I can taste both of us, mmm yummy