After Dinner Delight

We just had dinner at this really nice Indian place. I‘m wearing a cute little brown strapless dress and all evening we flirted, talked, laughed and just enjoyed spending time together. Then we went back to your place. On the way there you start stroking over my knee and thigh, showing me what was to come when we got to the house. You move your hand up and down in slow strokes. Moving...Read On


Together Again

I step into the bedroom after a nice long shower. Only wrapped in a big towel I look down to my feet and decide that I could do with a little girly pampering. Maybe some polish for my toes. I start to lift my head and catch sight of the bag that I put on the bed before my shower. It now lies on the floor as well as the boxes of it content. My gaze moves over to the bed and I see you...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Giving You Pleasure

You sit at the edge of the bed. I walk into the room and as I see you, I walk smiling thorwards you. You open your legs and your hands reach for me as I step between them. Your hands move around me as you pull me closer. I take your face into my hands stroking softly over your cheeks. Lowering my head I meet you half way for a much wanted kiss. I close my eyes and trail my lips along the...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Surrendering to Lust

A hotel hallway You take my hand and pull me into our room. ‘‘I had fun tonight.“ I say, as soon as you shut the door. You turn and push me until my back is pressed against the door, you peel my skirt up. Taking my panties off me. You start teasing my clit with your fingers as you skim through the slippery folds. I gasp into your mouth as you seal our lips together. The velvet softness of...Read On

Straight Sex(4)


A Slightly Different Picnic

I’m standing in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, applying my make-up. It’s a beautiful day and we decided to have a picnic in the park. I’m wearing jeans, a shirt that accents my curves and high heeled sandals. You come into the bathroom wearing loose fitting pants and a T-Shirt. “ Are you ready to go, baby?“ you ask, as you step up behind me. Finding your eyes in the mirror I smile...Read On


Better Than Any Dream

A dream turns into reality

Gentle fingers trap my ankles and pull gently, separating my legs and leaving me wide open. You kneel between my thighs. Licking your lips, anxious to devour the woman before you. You’re bending over me, stretching my arms above my head. ”Stay,” you whisper as you emphasized the soft command by pressing my hands into the mattress. I shiver and my tummy flips as you describe in detail all...Read On


New Years Party

It’s 8pm on New Years Eve. I’m standing in front of the bathroom mirror and just finished applying the final touches of my make-up. I’m wearing a long black dress and just hope it won’t offend anyone at the party. It looks like a very simple dress from the front, but the back is cut out very low and with a back like that, there is just no way of wearing a bra. After a final check in the...Read On


The Homecoming

It's the end of a busy work week and I can't wait to finally leave the building and go home. I haven't seen you for almost 2 weeks and you are the only thing on my mind as I walk out into the bright sunshine. The only way of communication during your business trip are the late night talks on Skype and your sweet messages you leave on my cell. After arriving at the house I realize that I...Read On