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Topic Do you REALLY like when he cums on your face?
Posted 26 Jan 2015 11:49

No, not really. I will let them do it though.

Topic Escort services
Posted 26 Jan 2015 11:45

b229 If escort services are illegal in most places, why can they post ads in yellow pages?

Topic Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Posted 02 Oct 2014 17:35

President Reagan when I was young, He visited my school

Topic Would you rather be very wealthy, or live forever?
Posted 23 Jul 2013 15:40

I cant imagine anyone wanting to live forever, unless you never really aged. Think about it, would anyone like to celebrate their 200th birthday,.

Topic What are your favorites?
Posted 22 Jul 2013 22:34

It's always fun to do this, so I'll list mine.

Meal: angel hair in garlic and oil -- Junk food: Chicken McNuggets-- Movie food" Cheese curls-- Color: Yellow -- TV Show: (Past) X-Files -- (Current) Game of Thrones

Actor; Clive Owen and Johnny Depp -- Actress: Hellen Mirren-- Movie: Basic Instinct -- Place you've been: Sweden and Bermuda-- Place you've never been: Hawaii--

Sexual position: Missionary -- Non Sexual activity; Alone reading a good book-- Holiday: Thanksgiving -- Sport: Football-- Season: Summer

Can you think of more?

Topic Is girls masturbating still considered taboo?
Posted 17 Jul 2013 07:03

Unfortunately, yes. recently, a female friend of mine heard a noise coming from her 15 year old daughters bedroom early one morning. When she quietly opened the door to peak in, she saw her daughter rubbing herself under the sheet, and apparently having an orgasm. She called me, all upset and asked for my advice about what she should do, should she mention it to her daughter. I told her to say and do nothing. Maybe I was wrong, but I figure that she going to do it anyways. You don't want to embarrass her and certainly cant punish her for masturbating. Better she do it there, than somewhere else.

Topic Three SciFi Movies You Really Like
Posted 23 Jun 2013 17:53

Armageddon, MIB, and being a fan of the show, the FIRST X-Files film

Topic Stuck on a plane next to someone famous ...
Posted 23 Jun 2013 17:52

Lindsey Vonn, Cleopatra and Dame Judi Dench

Topic Do You Know Any Stupid Laws?
Posted 19 Jun 2013 13:14

And my all time favorite law on the books. In Cambridge Mass, its illegal for anyone at M.I.T. to manufacture, test or detonate a nuclear device or reactor with first getting "WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM CITY COUNCIL"

Topic Do You Know Any Stupid Laws?
Posted 19 Jun 2013 13:01

And is how messed up Massachusetts can be. Three years ago, a married couple who were friends of mine, rented a room for a little fun. Well, she like to be spanked, and her husband was tearing her ass up with a paddle. Someone in adjacent room called police believing that he was beating her. When cops knocked on door, and he opened it, they saw her bent over chair with her hands tied and her ass beet red. They arrested him for assault even though she explained that it was sexual roleplay. LOL

Topic Do You Know Any Stupid Laws?
Posted 19 Jun 2013 12:52

This is a fact, in Rhode Island, incest is legal. In Massachusetts, renting a motel/hotel room, solely for the purpose of having sex, is against law unless you're married.

Topic Age Gaps! (Big or small)
Posted 18 Jun 2013 15:36

From a sexual standpoint, an age difference is ok. Ive been with a lot of younger men for sex. If it came to a steady relationship though, I believe I'd prefer someone close to my own age

Topic What's your favorite Bruce Willis movie outside of the Die Hard movies?
Posted 18 Jun 2013 13:01

"Tears of the Sun", he played a Navy Seal who went to Africa to save a doctor played by Monica Bellucci, and had to fight his way out with her and refugees. It was outstanding.

Topic Voyeurism - right or wrong?
Posted 18 Jun 2013 12:55

Absolutely right, watching or listening can be a big turn on, in many cases, the biggest turn on. I love to listen, and be heard, I think that it's hot. Secretly recording is wrong.

Topic State Facts About The Number Twenty-Three!!!
Posted 18 Jun 2013 12:52

23 year old guys have lots of energy

Topic Do girls like "rimming" guys?
Posted 17 May 2013 12:23

No, why play at the dump when the playground is around corner?

Topic Would you fuck a sexy Shemale?
Posted 29 Apr 2013 14:18

no I wouldn't

Topic Why don't you wear a bra & why?
Posted 29 Apr 2013 14:17

I find them uncomfortable, especially in hot weather

Topic Question for the ladies.
Posted 15 Mar 2013 11:19

If a man saved your life, or that of someone you love, would you fuck him?

Topic Have you ever been to an orgy and...
Posted 15 Mar 2013 11:16

If a swingers party counts as an orgy, then yes. I joined a swingers site, plan on attending a few parties a year

Topic Where is one place you want to have sex at that you have not yet experienced???
Posted 12 Mar 2013 16:53

In a police car.........and cops out there?

Topic Do you REALLY like when he cums on your face?
Posted 12 Mar 2013 16:49

Not really, but if he wants to do it, I'll let him.

Topic Have you ever gone to sleep with...?
Posted 12 Mar 2013 16:00

Cum on your body? Men and women both. b229

Topic What is Taboo to you ?
Posted 06 Feb 2013 12:42

Anal sex, I do not enjoy it.

Topic Lindsey Vonn seriously injured
Posted 05 Feb 2013 11:54

Skier Lindsey Vonn was serious injured today in an event in Austria and had to be airlifted. She tore 2 knee ligaments and broke her leg. I like her becuase she's a powerful, athletic woman. I wish her all the best and hope that it isn't career ending

Topic Ladies Have you EVER?
Posted 05 Feb 2013 11:50

No, because I have kids, but I've asked if i could cum over.

Topic A question to ponder?
Posted 05 Feb 2013 11:45

Okay guys and gals, this question was asked to me recently, I'd love your response.

"Why is it that if a 45 year old woman fucks a 20 year old man, she's a "Cougar," but if a 45 year old man fucks a 20 year old woman, he's a "Pervert." LOL

Topic Do you relate to a Disney character or cartoon character
Posted 29 Jan 2013 12:29

Jessica Rabbit

Topic The Appeal of Virgins?
Posted 29 Jan 2013 12:24

As a woman, I don't see what the appeal of a virgin is, except the "I got her first" thing. They're nervous, inexperienced, and you have to teach them, not to mention the blood and pain. Fuck a slut! She may do something that surprises you