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Topic: Farting.
Posted: 17 Dec 2009 12:46

Lisa, Ali is this like in grade school when some boy would pull your hair if he liked you? He's dropping ass charges in some weird form of flattery?? Or perhaps somebody just needs to push away the hot dogs with onions and mustart at lunch...

For myself personally, I really began to aquire my Dad's lactose intollerance into my 20's. Used to chug down milk by the gallon as a kid, but sometime after 21 or so, milk would just tear me up and give my aweful gas. The shop I was working in at the time was converted truck repair bay, so it was really big. I could clear out the whole shop. Finally figured out it was the bowl of cereal and milk for breakfast that would cause an evacutaion drill after lunch, lol. I miss my bran flakes, **sigh**

Topic: What do you wish you could do that the opposite sex can?
Posted: 17 Dec 2009 12:36

Walk into a bar without any money and walk out lit.

LOL funny. You know, anybody relatively attractive can do that, regardless of gender. I may just be a gay bar though, lol.

I totally envy the ability to masturbate literally until you rub yourself raw.

Oh, and having nipples I could lick myself. (I think that falls under the masturbation heading)

Topic: Viagra
Posted: 17 Dec 2009 12:23

I'm not yet at the stage in life where that's necessary. If this thread's still active in 20 years, I'll tell you how it works, lol.

I supposed I'd try it if I needed it. I can't imagine going decades until I die without sex.

Topic: Things that just piss you off
Posted: 27 Nov 2009 10:28

No. No heart attacks. That would be bad.

And I'm pretty sure the primary reason Beijing blocks porn is jealousy, akin to a systemic cultural penis inferiority complex. In other words, the wankers in the High Poombah Proletariate, or whatever Chairman Mao's current (old guy) octogenarian generation of commu-buddies are so horribly ashamed of their own paltry, unimpressive and underperforming dangly bits that they will vehemently fight to keep anyone they can excercise their "overcompensation" drive upon from access, even verbally, from any type of entertainment, education or social discussion that may remotely suggest that there are cocks in this world much more satisfacory in their design intent than theirs.

Topic: What does it mean when you slap a girl on the butt?
Posted: 27 Nov 2009 09:59

It can mean a lot of different things depending if it's your S.O., somebody that's just passing by in the bar, or Creepy Office Guy Who's Desk You Always Avoid.

But, like others have said, it's context dependent. Like many other forms of non-verbal communication.

Topic: World's tallest fashion model gets her first magazine cover.
Posted: 27 Nov 2009 07:26

You know, Liberator Shapes, and a few other makers, offer "play" furniture to help accomodate lovers of different sizes.

Topic: Rare View
Posted: 27 Nov 2009 07:10

Nope. Neither Air Borne nor Air Assault. Haven't got the knees for it.

Topic: Jodie Calls
Posted: 27 Nov 2009 07:07

Well, I was gonna say wrong Jodie, but hey, it fits the spirit I think, LOL

Topic: Sounds like a good plan to me To logical though
Posted: 27 Nov 2009 07:02

But then why have the largest democracies (and constitutional monarchies) in the world been in the business of socialist programs for decades now?? LOL

Topic: Jodie Calls
Posted: 25 Nov 2009 15:37

OK, I just posted a sample of cadence calling in the following thread:

Cadence calling is a military tradition enjoyed all over the world, in nearly every language known to man. (I've called cadence in Yiddish once or twice, but that's TOTALLY off topic, lol.) When a unit is moving, either at a march (quick time) or at a run (double time), the person in charge of the unit often calls cadence, to keep all members of the unit in step, to pass the time, sometimes to relay information, and generally to promote esprit de corps.

In the U.S. military, in the last few decades, it has been discouraged to use what has come to be known as Jodie Calls. These are the cadence that have "blue" material, or "swear" words.

I'm sure there must be a number of Lushies out there who have prior or ongoing military experience. Have you served your country in this way? Were you an Army Brat growing up? I want to hear some oldies, some raunchy ones, some inspiring ones, some from around the world. (If you think it's helpful, please note if it's for quick time or double time.)

Let's hear some of the more colorful cadences from some of you. And let everybody enjoy one of the things that made, at least part of, the Profession of Arms an enjoyable experience.

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