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First off my profile picture isn't me I rather stay anonymous on this site until I feel more comfortable with everything then I might upload some pictures of myself not that I'm ugly. I just feel safer knowing my face isn't all over this site.

Secondly I'm going to be writing erotica stories of all kinds of genres I have never written anything important other than school work so please be kind and give me your feedback. I hope people will check out my stories and they fulfill everything you need.

Third and most importantly message me and start a conversation now I might not get to you right away but if you see me on say hello. I'm creating this account to hopefully release some of my built up sexual tension that I guess I can't release enough of when I'm stroking my cock till the point of no return cupping my balls in my other hand as my hips sway in circles panting frantically as I squirt cum all over my chest, arms thighs, face, dick, and wherever else my large amounts of warm load lands.

Massachusetts, United States
I will fill this out later _
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Topic: How much does height matter to you ?
Posted: 16 Jan 2013 15:17

How much does a mans height matter to you ?

Is there a preference that you find sexier, maybe because of your own height your insecure about dating or being with someone taller or shorter than yourself ?

Would your veiwpoint change on this matter if you could change your own height to your liking ?

I personally think most women are attracted to taller men and I just wanted to see if this sterotype seems to be true and if so why ?

Funny replies are welcomed ... amuse me

Topic: How much does a woman's height matter to you?
Posted: 16 Jan 2013 15:07

How much does a woman's height matter to you?

Is there a preference that you find sexier, maybe because of your own height you're insecure about dating or being with someone taller or shorter than yourself?

Would your viewpoint change on this matter if you could change your own height to your liking?

I personally find smaller, petite women sexier, there's something about them i can't get over anywhere from 5'4 and up to like 5'8 which is a pretty big gap I know but they just drive me insane like I want to break them haha I mean this in the best way possible you can pick them up twirl them around your finger and throw them over your shoulder if you so desire this to me makes me feel strong and in charge so my question to you guys on Lush is whats your preference and why ?

Funny replies are welcomed ... amuse me bootyshake

Topic: Whats more attractive younger women or older women ?
Posted: 15 Jan 2013 23:40

So guys whats your pint of beer ( thats the more gritty way of saying cup of tea ), I prefer older gals sometimes just because of the

experience they bring to the table ... the kitchen table to be exact thats where i eat most of my pus ... pickles damn do i love a soaked

puss ... pickle coffee

Topic: Uneven Boobs....
Posted: 15 Jan 2013 19:43

No uneven boobs in my opinion are fine I would'nt even notice and if I did I would tease saying that if i sucked on the bigger one long enough it would shrink hehe Confidence is a sexy thing for a women to have Over Confidence is where shit starts to get annoying

Topic: I need Girls help badly : !st Time Eating Out
Posted: 15 Jan 2013 18:35

Ok , so I'm new to this site just made my account thats not important I'm 18 me and my girlfriend have been dating for a couple of months I think 4 to be exact I watch porn occasionally ... Ps. thats Bullshit religiously :P haha and one thing thats turns me on so fucking fast is cunnilingus I don't know why its probably because It makes me hard seeing how pleasurable it is for the women when a guy or girl does it but ive been wanting to try it out with my gf dont worry I know how to do it thats not the problem ... my problem is my gf is dripping wet before i even touch her you might wonder well how is that a problem I get turned off by how it smells im getting used to how it tastes i love it to be honest but damn its not my girls fault whenever she comes over shes usually sweaty from volley ball practice or gym ... so my question is girls what should i do in this situation man up and just do it cause ik how much my girl would love it or try to explain / talk it out what sortah things can i do to get over this i care about the girl im dating very much i dont want minor issues mess things up ? message back chicas thanks

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Posted: 17 Dec 2014 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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