Oral Sex(1)


My Favorite Night Part 1

The fun that can spark for an overworked man returning home late.

I arrive home late, really late. I see that the lights around the house are all off except the front porch light. I curse under my breath knowing you are gonna be mad at me. I loosen my tie I walk through the door. I quietly put my keys and wallet on the table and take my shoes off so as not to disturb you. Slowly I make my way down the hall towards our room. A light scent fills the air,...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


My Favorite Night Part 2

A continuation

As you lead me to the bed, I smile happily knowing that you have a special plan for me. You release my hand and crawl your way in the middle the bed. You turn and face me. As your hand extends up to me, I look down and see all the beauty that is you. I kneel on the end on the bed as I take your hand into my own. You pull me towards yourself. Your eyes full of lust and need, you lean in to...Read On