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A Preacher's Son

He was there again. On a Sunday, underneath the same oak tree that block the view from every one walking around in the park. He was sitting in a hallow that the root of the tree made. It was like a little campfire circle. His brown hair was whipping around in his face as the fresh wind blew. He looked so unlike himself when he was at school. His name is Micheal O'Conner. He was a really...Read On


More Than A Band (The End)

The Conclusion of our Band Hunks... I hope everyone enjoyed the mini-series... Thank You

This was it. Cliff, the keyboardist/lead singer of our band, the dangerously serious bad boy type, was going to make me, Keith AKA Sir Clumsy, his. My heart has always been owned by Cliff, even if he didn't know. There's just this aura of protection and safety that he exhibited, that I was attracted to from the very start. The band consisted of Cliff and his half brother, the cheerful and...Read On


More Than Just A Band (The Beginning)

This is my first entry... and will definitely will not be my last... well, depending on the comments

They all seemed to get along so well. As a band we all are supposed to get along well. All of them were hot. Keith was the shy one of the group and rather the clumsiest, but he was the best lead guitarist there was. Cliff and John were half brothers. Same Dad, different Mothers. Cliff was the polar opposite of John. Cliff was the serious lead singer/keyboardist. He was not much of genuine...Read On


More Than Just A Band (The Continuation)

The Other Side of the band.

The thing about being in a band is that you get a lot of attention. When I say that you get a lot of attention, I do mean A LOT. Cliff, the lead singer was the best mate a guy, like me, could have. I was hopelessly clumsy. Though he'd be harsh about me not knowing my left foot from my right, he was not a bad guy. Our bassist, Kyle was intimidated by Cliff and so were guys from other bands...Read On



Brother Complex (Part 1)

It been a while, since I fed my fetish. So I hope you enjoy part one of this short story.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe what I felt has damned me to deepest pits in hell, but it couldn't be help. I love him My little brother and I have always been close. He was born prematurely when I was two. So since then I dedicated seventeen years of my life to protect him. I had graduated with a scholarship and was accepted to study abroad and that meant being away from home for at least four...Read On


Brother Complex (Part 2)

Part 2 of Brother Complex. What will Tachibana do to his sweet and not so innocent little brother?

The leash that I had on myself popped. In an instant, our tongues were in war. Nibbling, kissing, and biting all at once. His hands pulled at my short black hair to bring my face closer and I lifted him by his soft ass cheeks up to me. Our five inches difference in height and body build worried me little, now that he had come on to me. He rubbed his body on me seeking more contact. I could...Read On