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I am a Sensual Lady from the South who's no longer new to LUSH who came to the site to read and meet interesting people. I have an additional Obsession "ROMANCE" that I've added to my original three Obsessions: LIFE, PLEASURE, PASSION. I've made a few loyal friends here on LUSH, who happen to be some of the most caring and warmest individuals I have ever known. A number of them are the most talented writers to ever grace the pages of Lush.

I love getting to know intelligent, mature, positive, energetic, non judgemental and inspired men and women. Love listening to your past romantic experiences in life. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh and enjoy innocent flirting with my friends every now and then. I won't text, phone, send pictures, voice or video chat, so please don't bother to ask. Someday I hope to work up the courage to write a poem or a naughty story. Love to see a man in a crisp long sleeve shirt with cuff links and a nice watch on his wrist. A nice diamond cut gold chain gleaming against his chest or any type of gold jewelry against his skin makes him look so sexy to me. You can tell a well dressed man by the type of shoes he has on and the light hint of aftershave or cologne he wears when he enters or exits the room. Not interested in talking to negative, narrow minded people. I am humbled by anyone who sends a friend request to me but I suggest you get to know me first before requesting. I don't like aggressive and overly sexual pics posted on my profile page by others so please resist posting them.

If you left LUSH abruptly or stop communicating with me without saying goodbye, you truly missed out on sharing a loyal friendship with me. I make no apologies for who I am or what I say in my blogs or forum replies for they represent the person I truly am.

If you have a completed profile and enjoy chatting with a strong, mature and sensual woman who knows what she wants and adores being treated like a lady, by all means say HELLO.

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It's Complicated
Georgia, United States
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19 Oct 2017 03:02
Love reading and reacting to poems and naughty love stories and chatting on Lush, taking long romantic walks, dancing and listening to music. Regular exercise to maintain good health, a fit body and reduce stress. Enjoy watching old romantic/action movies and comedies. Love watching all sports especially football, basketball, tennis, boxing, golf and horse racing and ice skating. Enjoy cooking, meeting new and positive people, reading poems and naughty stories. Love to look like a LADY at all times and frequently wear lipstick, high heels, garters, stockings and pearls.
Favorite Movies:
9 1/2 weeks, Some Like It Hot, Sons of Katie Elder, The Godfather, Shawshank Redemption, Goodfellas, Heat, The Wild Ones, Desiree, Bridges Over Madison County, Remember the Titans, D.I., How Stella Got Her Groove Back, P.S. I Love You
Favourite TV Shows:
Modern Family, Mike & Molly, The Ex's, The Talk, Bethenny, Steve Harvey Show, ABC & NBC Nightly News, Chicago PD, Law and Order SVU ,Scandal, The Have and Have Notsl and the Voice.
Favorite Music:
Smooth Jazz, R & B, Pop, Classical, Blues, Neo-Soul, Swing of the South, and Easy Listening.


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20 Jun 2013
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06 Aug 2017
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Topic: If you caught someone you were attracted to, masturbating, would you stay and watch?
Posted: 13 Apr 2015 18:23

I would hopefully make eye contact with the person to see if their eyes were signaling me to join them. As we continue to stare at each other I'd begin to slowly slide my hands inside my bra to firmly cup and expose my fully ample breast while squeezing, twisting, pinching and pulling my hard and erect nipple. If the person sends an obvious signal from their eyes and the smile on their face that they are enjoying watching me as much as I am enjoying watching them, then and only then will I be seated and raise my skirt, spread my caramel thighs and begin to touch and part my swollen moist lips as I begin to expose and slowly strum my hard, pointy, pink, glistening clit with the outside edge of my thumb. Just as we allow our minds to absorb each other's sexual energy through vision and touch, we would begin to prepare our bodies to radiate all of the intense erotic thoughts and feelings racing through our minds that will soon bring our bodies to a convulsing climax. So yes I would watch and hopefully we would end up watching each other masturbate.

Topic: What are you listening to right now?
Posted: 17 Mar 2015 11:00

Big Bad Wolf by the Heavy

Topic: Favorite Masturbation Location
Posted: 15 Aug 2014 02:43

I have a few great places to masturbate but my favorite place is when I'm all alone in my king size bed, lying there drawing an erotic figure eight with my sweet bare caramel ass rubbing against soft cotton lavender scented sheets. The only audible sounds floating through the room are the deep moans and soft whimpers my throat tends to eject as a result of the sounds I try to process in my mind as my first two trembling fingers begin tracing circles across the taunt hooded skin that covers my pointy, pink, slippery, sensitive clit.

The other great place I like to masturbate is in my shower leaning against the wet steamy glass walls with my thighs spread wide, my right leg propped up on the shower bench as my left foot is planted firmly on the pebble shower floor. My back is slighty arched as my hooded exposed clit begins to throb and ache from the pressure of warm water pulsating from my hand held shower sprayer set at maximum speed. The overwhelming sensations are a result of the contact of warm water hitting my sensitive swollen clit while my wet body trembles and my head shakes from side to side causing me to slowly slide down the glass walls to the wet shower floor. The result causes warm thick fluids to escape from my biting pussy walls and flow down the inside of my thighs. Guess this surely makes the shower my second favorite place to masturbate.

Topic: What turns you on the most when reading?
Posted: 29 Jul 2014 13:39

I like it when the writer starts off with a strong buildup. When they can bring me into the room with them while making me feel the gentle kiss, touch or act of intimacy. I want to feel the very words that I see on the screen. Feel the sun, and see the moon, stars and the horizon they describe in the story. When a writer can take me there, making my heart beat rapidly inside my chest, sometimes cause tears to flow down my face or cause sweet juices to flow down the inside of my warm caramel thighs, then for me it's a total and complete turn on.

Topic: Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Posted: 29 Jul 2014 13:22

I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Pam Grier aka "Foxy Brown" and the late Mahalia Jackson, Bobby Womack. I met Ms. Jackson on stage as very young child during one of her stirring performances and Mr. Womack and Ms. Grier at my workplace. Those are memories I will cherish forever.

Topic: Do Women Really Enjoy Nipple Clamps? If so, why?
Posted: 29 Jul 2014 12:56

I love the immense pleasure and pain I receive from wearing NIPPLE CLAMPS . It's the heightened anticipation of the level of sheer arousal and stimulation I feel when they are applied to my hardened yet sensitive elongated and puffy dark caramel nipples. When doing housework or the dishes I sometimes where nipple clamps to achieve a level of orgasm from nipple stimulation and the movement of my breast up and down and side to side that is truly amazing and turns me on. The sensation of my sweet, wet and warm juices that seem to effortllessly flow down the inside of my thighs feels so erotic and sensual that it causes me to retreat to the comfort of my bedroom or shower to delight in total release and ecstasy. I enjoy nipple play as a form of foreplay or during sex that takes me not only to the edge but over the edge. The clamps allow me to feel complete pleasure with a twinge of pain that causes my nipple to not only become engorged but also extremely sensitive to the touch. As a result of that sensitivity they always seem to be hard and more prounounced while feeling wonderfully aroused as they brush against the soft cotton material of my sundress or blouse I am wearing. So I guess I like wearing NIPPLE CLAMPS .

Topic: Fucking a woman standing up
Posted: 28 May 2014 23:45

As a woman I LOVE BEING FUCKED STANDING UP. Thinking of so many ways to be fucked standing up simply drives me wild. Standing with my face against the wall and my hands held high over my head and fingers spread wide and my thighs spread even wider as he slides his body down my back against my curvey caramel colored ass while feeling his cool breath on my neck as he traces the curve of my back with the tip of his wet tongue and roughly raises me off my feet as he thrusts his pulsating rock hard cock inside me is one of the sexiest ways he can fuck me standing up. Now when he reverses my body and pins my back against a wall and continues to kiss down the center of my belly after gently biting my nipples as if he was a baby nursing from my full ample full breast for the first time, I love being fucked standing up. Slowly moving back up my body to nibble on the right side of my neck as he firmly grabs my left thigh and gently raises my left leg high enough to place my foot on the dresser next to me. Standing on my tippy toes as he shoves his stiff cock inside me, my warm juices begin to run down my leg. Suddenly I hear the deep growl from the depths of his soul and I think to myself how I love being fucked standing up. My final thought of being fucked standing up would be for me to be standing at my kitchen sink looking out of the window at a big old 100 year oak tree with my hands tightly gripping the edges of the counter. Gripping the counter as tightly as I possibly can for leverage while he stands behind me with both of his hands covering my heaving breast and twisting my protruding nipples he begins thrusting his throbbing rock hard cock so deep inside me so roughly that he literally lifts me off my feet with each powerful thrust . Well I guess by now you've get it that I LOVE BEING FUCKED STANDING UP.

Topic: How did you first discover you liked reading sex stories?
Posted: 22 Apr 2014 08:16

*removed by moderator* As time passed and even until this day I still enjoy touching myself in all the right places and experiencing those same wet sensations between my caramel thighs as I read all the romantic, erotic and passionate poems and stories written by some of the most talented writers in the world here on LUSH.

Topic: The Noisy or the Discreet?
Posted: 14 Apr 2014 15:18

I prefer a noisy partner just because it turns me on. I think it's a way for him to express the joy he's feeling as he not only receives but is also giving me pleasure. I like to hear him give me instructions as to which way he wants my ass to turn. Right, left, up, down, sideways, head pressed in the mattress or facing the wall. No doubt I can accommodate all of his requests. Where and how he wants me to touch my breasts, nipples, pussy and my ass or better yet tongue his cock, balls, nipples or even his ass. Hearing him describe all the things he is doing to me out loud as my eyes are open or I'm blindfolded is an extra special turn on for me. Now if he's singing a sweet love song to me as he's fucking me he will surely have my thighs dripping with both of our juices. If he can talk dirty to me everytime he plunges his cock hard against the walls of my pussy or pulls my hair and controls my head as the tip of his cock touches the base of my throat, then he will have me moaning loud enough for the cops to come knocking at our door and for all our neighbors to know both of our names first, middle and last. So yes I like a noisy partner but I like to refer to him as my noisy lover. The discreet lover certainly comes in handy when we're having sex outside against a tree or if he has me bending over the railings on the balcony or the hood of his car, then it's best for all concerned that we are both very discreet. We surely don't want to go breaking any laws now do we???

Topic: Have you ever got love bites?
Posted: 04 Apr 2014 23:28

I've never had the pleasure of receiving a love bite but because I am a true giver of passion I have given a love bite to a lover before. It was a few years back, I was making passionate romantic love, riding him hard on top, cowgirl style facing him. As we looked into each other's eyes knowing that our bodies were about to explode with hot wet pleasure, I began to shiver and shake while he seemed to push so hard inside me that it felt as if he was trying to push straight thru the roof of my hot wet pussy. We were talking dirty to each other, moaning and whimpering when we both began to cum causing my body to rise up and fall forward onto his chest hard. I traced his clavicle with my warm wet tongue from left to right before I started to bite the skin over the same area, careful to barely break the skin and make a bite mark hard enough to leave a lasting mark on him as I sucked his skin as hard as I could into my mouth. That action caused a reaction I did not expect. Suddenly he began to release the hotest cum I've ever felt and in return I released the largest amount of cum I had ever released. It was the most intimate, raw and animalistic feeling that I have ever experienced, having the taste of his hot, wet, raw flesh in my mouth. I was completely out of control and marked him to show my love, my passion for him and to let him know that he caused me to loose control of myself. I ran into him a year ago and he whispered into my ear as he gave me a big hug that he still bares the mark and everytime he sees it he gets a raging hard on as he remembers making the most passionate love he has ever made in his life and that it was the first and last time he has ever been bitten.

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