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I finally did it, a sequel to A Hardcore Crush. I submitted it, should be out soon.

25 Jun 2015 16:09

"Smoldering Spice", Monique Westbrook. I'm on Amazon now. Yesss....

24 Jun 2015 13:45

"A Hardcore Crush" is now out on the front page.

16 Jul 2014 23:08


gotta love "pillow talk"

13 Jul 2014 17:46

My vampire story, "An Epic Desire," is out now. Hope everyone enjoys it.

13 Jul 2014 07:42

"Smoke and Mirrors" got published! Whoo hoo

09 Jul 2014 16:20

I hope you will read "The Dominance Experiment" when it comes out today; there is a lot of psychological exploration in it, and it's also pretty high on the hot factor I think.

05 Jul 2014 06:16

Third story posted.

02 Jul 2014 23:10 third story comes out on Thursday! Two days in a row of stories!! I so need to celebrate now.

01 Jul 2014 21:48

Yesss!!! Story number two has been approved and will be out tomorrow!

01 Jul 2014 20:33

I got published, I got published! And not the story I thought, so number two will be out shortly! Wow, awesome feeling.

28 Jun 2014 08:10

All right, wow. What's up with all the dic pics? I mean, do guys really think that women get turned on by seeing that part of the male anatomy out of context? Maybe some women fake loving it, but.... seriously. Guys are in love with their phalluses. There's so many more pictures that could be hotter. (shakes her head) all right my rant is now done.

27 Jun 2014 12:51

Resubmitted some, getting cloooser to publication!! Yessss

25 Jun 2014 12:35

I can't wait until they verify my first story...

24 Jun 2014 10:53