First Encounter

A friend suddenly becomes an interest.

*This story is fully fictional* Mathias has recently garnered an interest in BDSM. He stumbles upon a kink website, during a normal night of watching pornography. Instantly, Mathias knew that this life was for him, and that domination would be his forté. Several days later Mathias' friend Amy visits, to work on a biology project. Amy is a beautiful young woman. She has long slender...Read On

Love Poems(1)


Mulli's love

Dedicated to my wonderful Mulli

The hardships and trials; all that defiles The one that I love I want to shove Down to hell While I hear the bells Ringing my love for you I don't need a bloody coup To gain your heart Mine has fallen apart But you gave me yours In exchange for the chore Of piecing mine back together No matter the weather And now, Now I can say Every single day I love you...Read On