Dot's Bar and Grill

Being in the right place at the right time

Dot's my mother, however to the best of my knowledge the words 'mom' or 'mother' have not crossed my lips in several years. The name Dot however, has always been spoken with much love and respect, which she deserves. Dot's Bar & Grill, that’s where I grew up. When Dot inherited the bar from my grandfather she used it as a great excuse to get rid of my deadbeat dad. He wasn’t going to live...Read On


Riding the pipeline

My son takes me on a 4 wheeler excursion. More exploring than I expected occurs.

All characters are 16 or older and all sex is consensual. Also don’t steal my story that wouldn’t be cool. Riding the Pipeline I think I’m going to scream, if he says over the next hill one more time! I’m Katherine Holman. My son Brad wanted to take a long ATV ride and camp out overnight, so we are riding the pipeline in southeast Missouri to a remote campground near Van Buren MO....Read On