Just An Experiment - Part Two

After Mike was with Jack, the rest of the day he was confused.  He knew he wasn’t gay, however he was having gay thoughts.  He liked sucking cock and having his cock sucked.  He wasn’t too sure about having his ass fucked.  But, with practice anything was possible. With all these thoughts clouding his mind, he had to make sure he still liked women.  He had to fuck a woman and make sure he...Read On

I Met A Hot Babe While Getting Cigarettes

What a night!  I was having flashbacks from the night I had just had.  I felt like I had been to hell and back.  I was hung over and not feeling good at all.  I wasn’t sure if I had a dream or if what had just happened really did.  My body felt like it wasn’t a dream.  My heart told me it wasn’t a dream.  I was hanging out with my buddies at our favorite watering hole.  We were shooting...Read On

A Couple Play A Sexy Game

Emily and her husband play a game.

Emily and her husband enjoyed playing sexual games. Emily went out of her way researching games on-line. She had found a game on-line that she wanted to play. She texted her husband with the details. He texted her back and told her he was looking forward to their night together. A few of Emily's friends' husbands all had affairs. She didn't want that to happen to her and her husband. She...Read On

Late With The Rent Again

Where's the rent money?

I did something that I’m kind of regretting now. All the rage is to get your hair straightened. Everybody goes to have keratin treatments on their hair. The stiff price of having it done can set you back about two hundred dollars. The stylists will encourage you to buy the products to make sure your hair stays straight. Here’s where it gets a little weird. I took three hundred dollars out...Read On

The Story About George - Chapter Three - Snorkel and Grass

George and Pamela have more fun together.

When George got home from the party, he took a nice hot shower. He wore his Loretta Lynn wig, but had a Green Bay Packer football helmet on also. He didn't want to lose the curls. The top of his helmet was growing grass, like a chia pet. Also, it had Bullwinkle antlers. It's not everyday that one sees a person with a snorkel and helmet taking a shower. It was either grass or some good...Read On

Audio version available

My Freaky Girlfriend

My girlfriend loves anal sex.

Recently, I met the freakiest chick I've ever met. This chick has the greatest body and what an ass. It's perfectly round and she wears those short shorts and you can see her pussy right through them. The girl is freaky and she loves to have anal sex. In fact, we had anal sex long before I ever fucked her pussy. She loves to get all nasty and even enjoys when I dominate her. I must be...Read On

Allyson's New Adventures

Allyson buys a home and her male friends help her move

Allyson was excited to start looking to buy her first home. She was tired of living in her apartment and having no privacy whatsoever. She started to look at houses, found something that was in her price range and made an offer. Luckily, the seller was in a hurry to unload the property. The seller accepted her bid and, within one week, Allyson owned her new home. Now the dilemma was how...Read On


The Guessing Game

Can you guess what this is

I am sitting here remembering my interesting day with my boyfriend. As I am thinking about it, I am playing with my vibrator and remembering all the naughty things that happened. My boyfriend, Jack took us somewhere special. I was given a blindfold to wear in the car. The rules of his game were explained to me. I would wear a blindfold for the entire day. Jack would be giving me things to...Read On


David Finally Get's His Wish

David meets a possible candidate to have a threesome with him and his girlfriend.

David Morrison had just graduated from college. His father called in some favors and got him a job at a leading Marketing firm. He was an Account Level Executive. He liked the company, because most of the employees were young like himself. David was learning the job and getting situated comfortably there. David did very well in college and maintained a 4.0 grade point average. He was part of...Read On

Allyson's New Adventure - Part Two

Allyson has a housewarming/sleepover party.

Allyson was finally all moved into her new house. She really was enjoying all of her privacy and loved caring for her new home. She had bought a lot of new furniture and assorted knickknacks for her new place. She especially was enjoying her new private backyard. She was also loving being able to masturbate without worrying that people were listening to her. Although, in all honesty,...Read On

Ian's Adventures - Part Three

Off to another exciting adventure

My adventurous life is picking up once again. I’m always looking for new and different sexual experiences. One night, I was traveling in New York City and I was looking for a little fun. As you know, I’m a married man with a vanilla sex life and I’m also Bi-sexual. I’m very naughty when I travel. I love to do things that I normally would never do in my regular life. As you know, I’ve...Read On

Ian's Adventures - Part Two

Another fun trip planned

My name is Ian and this is the story of what happened to me on my latest business trip. Just to refresh your memory, I’m in my forties and have brown hair and blues eyes. I’m in excellent physical condition. I’ve been married for sixteen years, but have vanilla sex with my wife. I’m bi-curious and this is my story. I was pretty excited for my upcoming business trip. I’ve been doing a lot...Read On

Allyson's First Time - Part Three

I receive a very interesting present

After Shelly had left our amazing weekend, I was again very sore. The dildo was eight inches, but very thick and it kind of left my vagina hurting for many days. I needed to take warm baths so my pussy could recover from it. I really had trouble walking for many days after. I really have never had a cock so big in my pussy ever. Most of the men I have dated, have always been either small...Read On

Allyson's First Time - Part Two

Eight years later we meet again

Eight years have passed since losing my virginity to Shelly. Rachel and I speak all the time. Over the holidays, Shelly was home visiting her family and I was able to see her. She looked really great. Lately, all I've been thinking about is when I lost my virginity to Shelly. I’m not a lesbian and I really am not into women, but when it comes to Shelly, I’m definitely into her. I just can’t...Read On

Hanging with my friend and watching a porno tape

This is a good porno dude

I've always felt like I liked both sexes. I love women, but I’m curious about men. I've never really acted on it. Recently, my friend Jack and I were hanging out at my apartment. We were drinking beers and getting high. We were acting very silly and then I threw a porno tape into the DVD player. I wanted to show my friend Jack this girl on the tape who could deep throat really far down...Read On


Her Lover Liked All Of Her

Vincent Jackson was depressed because his wife had put on a tremendous amount of weight after both her pregnancies.  He encouraged his wife to enjoy pregnancy and when she ate for two, it was probably for more.  Her thin figure became curvy at first, but then she was looking more obese.  She had gained about eighty pounds in a short amount of time. He and Candice met at the gym and both...Read On

My Wife Found Me A New Secretary

I’ve always had a great fondness for women.  I’ve always had a roving eye most of my adult life.  My wife and I married right out of college.  She saw a good thing and wanted to get married right away.  I wanted to wait a little while.  However, she talked me into getting married.  We’ve been married for twenty years.  We never had children, which I believe put a strain on our marriage.  My...Read On

The Nanny

I was sickened with how I had been feeling. I would fantasize about being with Julia. Julia was our nanny. She was young and beautiful. Just the kind of girl who needed attention. She had been living with us for the past few years. She was more than just a nanny, because she took care of me too. I slowly was falling in love with her.  My wife was a doctor who had been working in Africa for...Read On

Highway Slut

Donna had dinner with friends.  Her best friend had told her about some website she had found.  She said it was a hook-up site.  Donna and the other women giggled, but were quite intrigued.  Their friend told them that she created a profile and had talked to a few different men.  She had arranged to meet one of the men she had talked to. She told her friends that the man she met was...Read On

Sex With Mary, My Son's Girlfriend - Part Three

Things are really heating up.

My son dumped Mary about six months ago. I now meet up with her once a week at random hotels. She still likes having anal sex with me. Lately, she wears those cute little fox tails that have a vibrating anal plug. She’ll usually be wearing that and her heels and wait for me by the door like a little kitten. It drives me fucking wild when she does that. I don’t know what it is about that girl,...Read On

Sex With Mary, My Son's Girlfriend - Part Two

Mary and I continue to have naughty fun.

I couldn’t stop thinking about my son’s girlfriend, Mary. After I got the taste of anal sex, it’s all I wanted to do now. I enjoyed how much she loved getting her asshole fucked. It’s not anything like when you have sex vaginally. Anal sex for a man feels really good when you push your cock into that tiny hole. I think the grunts and the moans are what makes it more satisfying. I really...Read On

Sex With Mary, My Son's Girlfriend

My son has a hot girlfriend.

My son is still living with us. Even though he's a college graduate and has a good paying job. It's just very expensive to live on your own these days. He's hoping to buy a house someday, but just hasn't saved enough cash to do that yet. His mother is quite happy with him living home still. She babies him more then she should. The thing that I find so annoying is, he doesn’t get hotels when...Read On

My Hot Tamale

A house call from Maggie.

Twenty years ago, my wife was a sex addict. After she went through menopause, she wasn't the same woman that she once was. I try to do very nice things for her, but she just isn’t interested anymore. It was like a switch turned off in her brain. A long time ago, she couldn’t keep her hands off me. My wife loved to give me blowjobs. I think that’s what I miss the most. She’d wake me up every...Read On

Please Have Sex With Me

My husband won't make love to me.

Life is supposed to be joyful when you’re pregnant. Once you get the exciting news, everybody is so excited. The wife's body changes and you mark all the things that happen down in the baby book. Your husband is so excited and helps his wife with whatever she needs. The couple still make love as long as the pregnancy is a healthy one. Nine months goes really fast and then you have your bundle...Read On

My Slut Fantasy

A housewife cheats on her husband and has her fantasy fulfilled.

Did you ever have a really weak moment? Recently, my husband was away on a business trip. Our sex life was okay, but nothing special. I'd always fantasized about being with two men. Two men who were black and very endowed. I wanted to be treated like a whore. I wanted two men to make me feel like a slut. I didn't want any complications in my marriage. I decided to hire professionals. I...Read On

A Sexy Housewife Visits My Shop

An interesting day at my shop.

It was a very hot day in August and I was working at my shop. I own a Automotive Gas and Service station. I have owned and operated it for the last twenty years. I have a few employees who work for me. I’m still involved and work on all the cars. I'm definitely a hands on owner. My name is Jake Rhodes and I'm forty-five and single. I'm 6'2" and weigh about two hundred and ten pounds. I...Read On

Audio version available

I had sex with my mother's best friend

The night I had sex with my mother's friend

My name is Jake and I’m nineteen. I’m on summer vacation from college. I’m a pretty popular guy and I love girls. I was on the football team as the quarterback in high school and now I play college football. All the girls swoon over me. It’s a pretty good gig. I mean these girls will just about throw themselves at you. They love to have sex with football players. I love to have sex. I’m not...Read On

Denise is a very naughty bride

Denise is not faithful the day of her wedding

Denise and her fiancé are getting married at five o’clock today. She had many appointments scheduled throughout the day. Her and her bridal party went to the spa in the morning and enjoyed hot stone massages. Afterwards, each girl received a manicure and a pedicure. They all had a wonderful time. After the spa, they went back to Denise’s house to have brunch. Pat, the neighbor, had set-up...Read On

Meeting The Neighbor While Shoveling Snow

I can't believe my husband didn't shovel

The weather report said that we were expected to get four inches of snow last night. We got the dreaded phone call that school had a delayed opening. The kids slept in and their bus picked them up at ten o'clock. I looked out the window and saw that my husband hadn't shovelled the driveway. I really hated him for just leaving without bothering to help me out. I guess since I was a stay at...Read On

A Little Karma for Mark

Wife has plan to get back at husband

Did you ever do something for revenge? I did last week, when I found out my husband cheated on me. I was so mad and just wanted to get back at him. I've always had feelings for my husband’s brother. My husband wasn’t even sorry that he cheated on me. He said that he needed a change. We have been married only five years and I’m shocked he'd do this to me. I planned on getting back at...Read On

College Sex(1)

Sorority Games

Welcome to Hell Week

This is the story about hell week at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. My friend Anne and I were pledging one of the biggest sororities (Delta Sigma) at the College. We were a bit nervous and very excited, because this sorority dated the hottest guys on the campus. There fraternity was called Phi Gama Delta (Figi). It was 1981, and we were in our first year of college. Anne...Read On


A Little Naughty Fun When My Wife Is Away

A little wicked fun

When I was in high school, I always loved to dress in women’s clothes. The problem is I'm a guy. Whenever my mother was out, I'd always go into her room and try on her intimate apparel. I just loved how it felt on my skin. I'd especially liked how her bras and panties felt. I loved to get dressed in her dresses and even apply make-up. I really never told anybody about this. The lacier...Read On


Telling Anthony My New Idea

A woman tells her husband she wants to be a hot wife.

My name is Gina and I’m going to share a little story with you. My husband and I have been married for the past year. I just don’t know if I’m cut out for to be a happy housewife. I thought it would be the next step since, we were going out for a few years. However, I’ll tell you a little secret. My husband has a very small penis. I mean I’m talking really small, you’d never believe it if...Read On

I'm Acting Like a Hot Wife Now

Finally having great sex

Lately, I've been having sex with whoever I want. I’m married, but my sex life is just awful. My husband has a very small penis. He’s only four inches, when he’s hard. I basically married him for his money, because the man cannot fuck at all. When we do have sex, he's like hard for fifteen minutes tops. He’ll put his small cock into my pussy and to be honest, I really don’t even feel it. On a...Read On

Erotic Poems(352)

A One Night Stand

A beautiful moment shared Two people find each other He's mesmerized by her hair Hopefully they'll be lovers It started with a hello Eyes twinkled so bright They flirted very slow When they met that night Drinks and laughs they had Danced the night away Friends jealous and mad They found love today Sexual chemistry was hot The connection was there Both taking their shots Friends...Read On


Sexual Escapade

Eyes are the pathway To pleasure and desire It's important what you say To create the heat and the fire Once a connection is formed Feelings of pleasure happen Their bodies feel warm When excited with passion An embrace starts the process A kiss seals the deal The only answer now is yes The couple now have sex appeal Clothes are now removed Kissing is much deeper The players are in a...Read On

A Little Spice Added

They took life for granted Not noticing time slipping away Now they had to take chances While experiencing each day Life became complicated Love seemed to be halted Their love seemed sedated They both were exhausted Their love needed a jolt Things became very routine They didn't want a revolt They needed a new scene She gave herself a new look Bought a new wardrobe She read all kinds of...Read On

His Hot Lover

How he loved her round breasts They were large and coned-shaped He loved looking at her chest Her nipples tasted like sweet grapes Tasting and sucking at her nips Were always a nice treat His tongue would tease at the tip He could feel his lover's heat His fingers would play on her mound While enjoying her nice globes She'd make cooing sounds She'd pull on her earlobes Her pussy was...Read On

His Hot Little Ride

She's a nice little ride She likes it in her butt She's got a great backside She likes that his dick is uncut He holds her by her hips While he fucks her asshole This makes her honeypot drip While her man takes control He tells her she's his whore While stroking at her cunt She begs her man for more He loves all her sexy grunts He wants to finish in her vagina And pulls out and slides...Read On

Curvy Chocolate Woman

He liked his women big He enjoyed curvy asses He liked her to wear wigs And experiment with glasses He liked her to role-play He'd bring in lots of toys They'd play all kinds of ways The games always brought joy Sex was the main event He liked to eat pussy He enjoyed her scent Liked her cunt a bit bushy He licked her cunt dry She'd scream out his name Always with closed eyes While playing...Read On

A Nice Juicy Pussy

A vagina that's nice and juicy Cream surrounding her plump lips Her pussy tastes like a cream smoothie He makes his wife's pussy drip His tongue is deep inside Tasting at her warm hole She knows she'll be satisfied She's aroused losing all her control She screams when he hits the spot She's riding his face Her pussy is coming a lot He's licking her very tight space She's screaming out...Read On

A Lady Who Enjoys Threesomes

She had quite an appetite A strong sexual desire Orgasms were her delight She'd fuck like she was on fire She'd please her men By giving them oral pleasure They'd fuck in her den Being with her was an adventure She liked to tease their dicks Licking and kissing their balls She liked to suck their pricks Always giving it her all She maintained good eye contact While giving them blow jobs...Read On

Orgy Orchestrator

Men and women loved her A beauty in every way She was a sex whisperer She had sex most every day She enjoyed men's dicks And the taste of sweet cunts She enjoyed to suck a prick And hear the ladies grunt They loved her beauty And how she loved control She loved performing her sex duties Playing with each of their holes She liked both sexes you see Group activities were a delight Orgasms...Read On

The Perfect Match

She was beautiful to him A beauty in disguise He found her on a whim He was mesmerized by her eyes They met at an unusual place Struck up a conversation She had a beautiful face It was an interesting situation They felt like it was destiny Two souls needing to be together They could feel an intensity When they met that day in November They took their relationship slow Really got to know...Read On

Have You Been A Good Slut

All you are is a toy To be used for today Your butt is what she enjoys She will use you lots of ways She loves to humiliate And cause you some pain It's not meant to hate She gets into your brain There will be no coming Until she says it's okay She takes her time with no rushing You must listen before you play You like her to talk nasty Treat you like her slut This makes you feel happy...Read On

Hot Blow Job To Start

Hot blow job today Mouth opened wide Sucking all kinds of ways Looking at him open-eyed Kisses down his shaft Hot tongue on his tip Totally serious not daft Cock inside of her lips Heat felt on his dick Wetness and spit felt Sucking at his prick He feels weak and may melt Deep throat at his cock Hands on his balls He's hard as a rock This girl gives her all Deeper sucking now Cock stuffed...Read On

Sex On The Brain

Sex on the brain is what he had Always horny and wanting sex This made his wife glad She loved that he was obsessed Porno on the television always His cock was hard as steel He liked sex every day His hard-on was hard to conceal The wife wore sexy heels Lingerie made of lace He liked to make his wife squeal He liked to stroke her face She liked his big dick And his nice smooth balls She...Read On

Her Panties Drive Him Crazy

He liked panties in all styles A cunt dressed in lace This made her man smile Panties would light up his face He enjoyed her pussy scent Licking at her sweet box Her pussy was the main event He sniffed while pulling his cock Her scent drove him wild He enjoyed that she got wet Her scent smelled rather mild White panties with pink rosettes The lingerie made him hard She was his lover He was...Read On

Sex Is Her Fuel

Hungry for sex you see Arousal fuels her  Crawling on her knees She grins and she purrs She goes to his groin She kisses his dick Her face in his loins She sucks on his prick Her mouth is so full She enjoys his cock She's got quite a mouthful His baton like a rock She looks into his eyes While she quenches her thirst She sucks his cock dry This is what she does first She's finished...Read On

My Special Day

A beautiful day  Loving thoughts for me Love shown in many ways My happiness is key A massage on my back Oil all over my body A hot massage on my rack All before my morning coffee Kisses on my bald clit Fingers deep inside A tongue in my slit My pussy opened up wide Squirming on the bed Nipples hard and erect My face hot and red Oral sex is just perfect Juices drip down my legs Orgasms...Read On

The Naughty Wife Is Back

The naughty wife is back She's looking to play Looking to get back on track She'll excite you most days A naughty storyline Maybe a cyber fuck She'll treat you just fine With A slow cock-suck The naughty wife is so bad With her words you will come You'll never feel sad She'll make sure that it's fun A very sexy role she'll play A detailed story meant to excite Exciting you in the night or...Read On

Sex At The Gym

Hot guys with nice buns Are always fun to look at Flaunting their bodies in the sun Women love the gym rats Love to see them sweat They love their workouts They listen to their headsets There's absolutely no doubt Tight bicycle shorts Outline of their dicks Love all of that support They can see their pricks Hard on's at the gym Hot sexy bodies around Hot women looking prim You can see...Read On

Billy Bob Come Into The Trailer

Look at this big mess Billy Bob put that gun away Come see my new dress I see you've enjoyed the day Billy Bob put that gun down You've had enough to drink Come see my pretty nightgown I bought it in pink Come on and get in the trailer I'll pretend you're my king You could be a sailor I could be your plaything I'll make you a big steak Come inside Billy Bob I can whip you up a cake Stop...Read On

Sexy Game Tonight

A dark adventure   This is an experiment This pair are lovers One is a bit hesitant A blindfold is worn Hearing is her only sense So much to be learned Her body is tense He kisses her skin Uses his tongue softly She wears a grin This game is naughty He ties her wrists She's all his tonight He puts a toy into her slit What he does feels right Her pussy responds so well The toy is deep...Read On

Cam Whore

Masturbating on her computer Was what this wife liked She liked to rub her hooters While she cammed and typed Naked and all alone She masturbated for free Sometimes she'd talk on the phone She'd look at her caller id She'd masturbate for strangers She loved her camming adventures She liked the feeling of danger She enjoyed this naughty pleasure She'd sit spread eagle The cam watching her...Read On

A Sexy Nudist

There's a guy on display He's a bit risque He doesn't know how to behave He stands naked in his doorway He has a really big dick And a droopy ball-sac He loves to stroke his prick While he arches his back He's a nudist she thinks Likes for people to watch She thinks he may drink She thinks he likes scotch He gardens in the nude Shaking his fine ass He's an interesting dude He's spunky...Read On

The Bed Or The Floor

The bed or the floor Where should I suck Better close the door I think we might fuck It's now licking time I smile and I cheer Oral sex that's sublime You say, get over here   I undress and open my legs You kiss and adore me I whine and I beg You're kneeling on your knees You kiss my sweet cunt And lick my pussy lips I giggle and I grunt And buck my curvy hips My pussy is so sweet While...Read On

Cheating And Lies

Cheating and lies began Was this all just his plan Their lives the same and bland She took her man, She took her man So many years they were together So many problems and lots of pressure She thought they'd be together forever Her name is Heather, Her name is Heather He was never in their house Was acting like a total louse The wife wanted to know his whereabouts She took her spouse, She...Read On

A Kinky Club

A mysterious club is there Where all people wear masks Kinky and hot fun if you dare Are you up for this task A mask must be worn you see Sluts dance around you A dedicated group of three Will be all yours to screw Masked beauties in lingerie Flutter around your presence It's time for erotic play This will feel very pleasant You're in silk boxers The ladies pull them down A little game...Read On

My Dirty Slut

My girl looks like honey She's a great lay in bed This chicks on the money She's loves to give me head She calls my dick pet names She shaves it real nice My babe loves sex games My girl has so much spice She loves to take showers She's uses a wash cloth on me She washes me with lots of power Later she gets on her knees She dries me off with a towel Massages my neck and back This revs me...Read On

Mistress Candy Uses Her Slave

He's been a bad boy Mistress Candy is upset He's her boy toy She stomps on her cigarette Stand straight now slut Let Mistress Candy inspect She spanks him on his butt Miss Candy deserves respect She tells him he can't come She lays out all her rules She chews at her bubble gum While she holds him by his jewels She calls him nasty names Which excites him so much He's excited by her games...Read On

A Big Dick For Her

A big dick feels right In her pussy hole Her pussy feels so tight When he fucks her with his pole His dick is up inside In her tightest space He's fucking his little ride Fucking her and kissing her face Her pussy is so wet Tits are shaking side to side They both begin to sweat Pussy and cock collide Legs wrapped around She moans and coos Making her fucking sounds...Read On

A Sexy Affair With A Hot Girl

A dick is a long shaft Great for sucking too Cock-sucking is a craft Leads to a nice screw Adoring pink meat Kisses up and down Cum usually salty not sweet Opened mouth with no frown Using mouth and hands It's like a long lollipop Her man just stands He hopes she doesn't stop Sucking can lead to gagging Which can be quite exciting Sucking with no lagging Is always more inviting ...Read On

Special Night

A guy and his girlfriend Celebrate in style Away for the weekend They'll be gone for a while They walk along the avenue Looking at Christmas windows They enjoy the pretty views The temperature feels like zero They kiss several times  Under the holly and mistletoe Their love is sublime She loves being with her beau He hands her a present In a box there's a ring Tonight is an event His...Read On

The Other Woman

She has a lot on her mind As she rises from her sleep Last night her lover was kind Their affair is rather deep She's just his mistress She wants to be in his life An affair is her existence He already has a wife He's with her most days She's the one sucking his prick He fucks her all different ways He's in her vagina with his dick She's the one getting flowers Being taken out on the...Read On

Hot Slut

All grown up at the trailer park Running around having sex Making out in the dark This slut has no respect Her tits show in her shirts She wiggles her fine ass She wears mini-skirts This doll has no class She loves to give blow jobs Near the picnic tables Loves to make their dicks throb And begs for them to do anal She runs around this place Getting into all kinds of trouble She has a...Read On

Threesome Fun

One night friends hang out The woman tells her fantasies She's their friend and a knockout She enjoys lots of profanity She says she wants a threesome She wants all her holes used She wants a dick in her bum She wants to be abused The guys want to play She smiles and says okay They'll enjoy some foreplay Fuck her lots of ways They undress each other They bring her to the bed Tonight...Read On

Romantic Evening

Stockings and a garter worn Bra and panties made of lace High heels on her feet are adorned A beautiful smile on her face She waits for her man Her body nicely perfumed Tonight seduction is the plan Her pussy is nicely groomed Candles flicker in the room Soft music plays She waits in their bedroom Flowers in vases that are in bloom Her man is in the archway She rises to kiss his lips...Read On

Sexy Girl On The Bed

She lay on her bed in her bra Her panties on her ass He looked at her with open jaw He loved her manner and her sass Her body spread on the sheets Looking at him with her eyes His girl was awfully sweet He loved being her guy He'd buy her beautiful lingerie He loved how gorgeous she looked They made love most days He liked her bra better unhooked Her breasts consumed him He loved to...Read On

She's A MILF And A Cougar

Did you ever meet a MILF or cougar A lady who likes younger men They find young suitors They do this because they can They like to seduce you With their sexual flair They expect you to screw Their husbands are usually unaware They're hungry tigers That enjoy your dicks They're very good liars Sucking and fucking your pricks These ladies love to go to bed Often they're sexual addicts...Read On

Sex On A Whim

I always toy my slit at night So in the morning we could play My pussy is so tight You love to make my day A finger positioned in my slit You tell me that I'm moist You suck on my tits I'm feeling rather rejoiced My pussy is so wet I beg you to take a taste You're fingers stroke and pet You finger me at a nice pace I'm on my back, legs held high You're licking my pussy lips My hands...Read On

Sweet Music Together

Another night with you.

Together as we meld as one Our love and desire being met Our lust and heat has begun Moving together as we sweat Caressing each other  Making sweet music together Tonight we're lovers Making love is our pleasure Faster and deeper we go Our bodies are entwined Our juices do flow Our bodies are aligned You're on top My legs are at your side I'm begging you not to stop My pussy is opened...Read On

Slut Wife Meets A Trucker

A woman flashes a trucker

A trucker was driving on a road A beautiful woman was there He was hauling a really big load She was flashing him with no cares Could this really be happening  This whore on the street This happened while he was traveling She wasn't being discreet  He pulled along side of her Asked if she needed a ride Her breath reeked of liqueur He picked her up at curb side She told him she was a...Read On

An Inappropriate Office Rumor

Did you hear about Sandy and the boss.

Office rumors are really the worst People think they see things Sometimes they can't be reversed A rumor or perhaps an office fling I was on my cell phone  My secretary was filing She supposedly sucked my bone Everybody saw that I was smiling Sandy the secretary is a slut She sucked my dick She even rubbed my nuts And gave me head on my prick She was on her knees I was holding my head...Read On

Mistress Dominates Pet For His Birthday

Mistress offers a birthday present of domination.

A birthday party all about control Mistress will dominate her guest A new strap-on for his asshole Her pet will be totally impressed She also bought a new whip Nipple clamps to be used This will make his penis drip Pet's ego will be a bit bruised A blindfold is tied around his head She'll restrain his legs and hands She'll control him on her bed She looks at him while...Read On

A Slut That Likes Old Men

Adrienne looks for older men

A sexy eighteen year old girl Was into more mature men She had the cutest brown curls Her name was Adrienne She had a nice set of jugs A nice round bubble butt She loved to give hugs She was a bit of a slut She'd wear little tube tops And denim mini skirts Her hair looked like a mop She loved to flirt She'd wear stiletto shoes Wore lots of red lipstick She'd always wanted to screw...Read On

My Sexy Wife Enjoys Anal Sex And Other Things

A couple enjoy one another

My wife she likes it up her ass A nice stiff one up her anal canal She's such a pip with lots of sass She's really a very extraordinary gal She tells me it feels so good My prick inside her asshole I fuck her with my morning wood She likes when I'm in control She always starts out giving me head She likes the taste of my cock She likes me comfortable on our bed She strokes me so I'm like...Read On

A Couple Have Sex with Graham The Bull

The couple find a bull to have sex with the wife.

A housewife is not happy in her life She needs a big cock to please her She wants to be a slut wife She wants to get fucked and purr She's looking for a man that's hung And looking to fuck her hard and deep It's a plus if he's got a long tongue She wants him to fuck her to sleep Her husband will want to watch  His wife get fucked in her ass and slit She'll allow him to play with his...Read On

Sexy MILF Eve

We have fun with Eve the MILF

A MILF who likes to flirt She's a hot little tart She wears her short skirts She's really a sweetheart She wears tube tops And stiletto shoes She owns a sex shop She advertises on the news She's my mother's friend Who's a sexy widow She's got a nice rear end She's a MILF bimbo We're eighteen and young After work she invites us in She likes that we're hung She's got a body for sin ...Read On

Daddy And His Pet Play

Daddy please his pet.

My darling it's a new day  Daddy's hungry for his pussy treat He wants to eat pussy buffet It's time for Daddy to eat Sweet baby open your legs Daddy wants to adore your cunt Daddy wants pet to pant and beg Show Daddy how you grunt Licks and flicks to her clit Hands squeeze at her firm rack Daddy's fingers are inside her slit Pet is on her back Pet is awfully wet Daddy licks her here...Read On

A Nice Slow Cock-Suck

How about a nice blow job.

Are you prepared for some pleasure  I'm wanting to play with your dick I absolutely love oral adventures I love that you're thick Your cock likes when I touch it I know you enjoy a little tug You play with my firm tits Your cock is my drug My hands are stroking now You've now grown in my hand You're very endowed I love when you expand You like my hands on your shaft I'm cupping and...Read On

Cheating With Peter The Neighbor

A housewife cheats with a man in her neighborhood

There was a woman who was a cheater She had sex with her neighbor Peter When her family left for the day She'd get ready to cheat and play She dressed in revealing shirts And wore very short mini skirts She'd wear a ponytail in her hair Always shaved her pussy bare She'd put make up on her face Wear panties made of lace She met Peter at his house He let her in and removed her blouse ...Read On

Let's Have Sex On The Chair

I want to do it on the chair

Let's fuck right there I take off my skirt I'll fuck you in the chair I remove my tight shirt I put you into my hole My pussy is so tight I'm in complete control Will be fucking tonight Reverse cowgirl my hands on my knees My pussy makes lot's of sounds I fuck your cock with ease You move your dick all around We moan as we make love You start to buck Your cock fits like a glove I love...Read On

We Must Have Sex Tonight

A couple plan to have sex together

Hot loving for me and you Hugs and kisses to start We'll definitely screw I feel the flutter of your heart We undress each other Hands wander on our skin You're my bedtime lover Time for a little sin I slither down to your feet I hold and adore your cock You're laying on our sheets Your baton is hard as a rock I play with your dick Open my mouth very wide I suck on your prick It...Read On

Vibrator and Sybian Fun - Please Come Into My Bedroom

Naughty fun on last day of school

Last day of school today I'll celebrate with my toys I love when I play Time to sit back and enjoy A mirror on the floor Legs opened up wide A locked bedroom door No orgasm's denied Wand is plugged in Glass vibrator goes inside Masturbation time begins Pressure is now applied Pussy starts to seep Vibrations feeling good Fucking my pussy deep Rubbing my clit under the hood Fucking...Read On

Naughty Times In The Car

A couple screw in the car

A couple naked in plain sight The woman sitting on his dick Both moaning in delight She's fucking his prick Fucking in their car He holds her waist She feels like a porn star He kisses her face She sits cowgirl position His cock deep inside To cum is the mission She's his little ride Her breasts are jiggling Their bodies covered in sweat The lady starts giggling Her pussy is really wet ...Read On

Cheating Bride and Groom Tale

A wedding day nightmare.

A bride is getting ready for her day Her nerves are all over the place Her father will give her away No crying on her face They walk down the aisle Her husband-to-be waits Everybody wears a smile She wonders if this is her fate They recite their vows to each other They seal the deal with a kiss A journey of love together Happiness and love is their bliss They leave the church man and...Read On

Sexual Heat And Desire

A couple make love together

A couple has established their need They're destined to be together To feel the exploding seed This couple are truly lovers They have a burning desire A need for each other Their passion is like fire Their love is forever Their kisses start first His hands are on her breast Sex games are their thirst He cups and holds her chest She has her hand on his cock He moans while in her hand...Read On

Jilted Lover and a Quick Fuck

A woman is stood up at a bar.

A woman is jilted on a date She looks very frustrated Her date is very late She looks aggravated I look over at her and smile I send her over a drink I'm hoping to talk to her a while She's in a pretty dress that's pink I walk over and ask if I may sit I tell her my name She has amazing tits She tells me her name is Lorraine We drink and I ask her to dance We move to the dance floor...Read On

Sexy Stripping and Sex Show

A bridal party takes their friend out.

A bachelorette party is tonight We're taking out our friend Sandy We're keeping her up past midnight Getting her drunk on booze and brandy First we took her out to dinner For lobster and some steak We're off to a club call "Sinner" She loved her strawberry shortcake We're going to see that guy Lance Do you know who I'm talking about Lance is a stripper who loves to dance It will be a...Read On

Anal Girl Bliss

My baby loves to have anal sex.

My girl likes it up her ass She's a bit of a firecracker She's got lots of sass and class That's what really matters I like to fuck her butt Makes my baby moan Sex talk and other smut It makes my baby groan A slap on her buttocks Makes her move into me I rub her on her stomach She loves to please A little lube is placed On her secret brown rose Hands on her waist I enter my baby very slow ...Read On

A Blow Job After A Miserable Day

Let me adore your cock.

You've had a long day at work  Come into our room and get on our bed I know your customer's were jerks Let me pleasure you and give you head Are you comfortable while I'm in position I'm in my panties on our sheets I know you love this proposition My body is near your feet I lick and kiss your shaft Giving your cock attention You giggle and are daft Relieving all your tension I rub...Read On

A Show and A Gang-Bang

A couple masturbate for a show and have a gang-bang

Did you hear about the latest story About the couple who masturbate They relish on this glory And later have a gang-bang date They love to play with each other While their guests watch them play They're married exhibitionist lovers And do this every day They come out of their house bare They sit on a blanket on the grass She plays with her long hair He wears a butt plug in his ass ...Read On

A Glorious Morning With You

Let's enjoy one another a while

I kneel and I smile You show me your cock I'll suck it for a while A cock hard as a rock A few kisses up your rod Your dick with be adored You give the approving nod I love your gorgeous sword I kiss and lick the tip You beg me to suck it I rub it all over my lips I love this and will not quit Playing with your bat Holding your big balls I'm being a bit of a brat You want to feel it all ...Read On

A Story About Cum

A lady who loves cum.

Once upon a time There was a lady who liked cum Drinking cum was sublime She found this to be fun Cum in her shakes Or ice cube trays She'd put into cakes Or in pineapple glaze Men would leave deposits Of that sticky white goo Jacking off in closets This is what they'd do She'd give them head And they'd give her their seed She'd fuck them in bed Their cum filled her needs She loved...Read On

The Naughty Boss

The numbers are not good.

Our lady boss is here She's mad about the numbers Wishing the bad numbers would disappear The clients are bitching about the lumber All the male employees will go in One by one to tell her the news She's got a body made for sin She'll pick the guy that she'll screw Danny went in first  He was in there a while His reason was the worst She made him strip and file Larry went in next She had...Read On

The Naughty Secretary

A boss buzzes his secretary in for dictation

A secretary is at work Her boss buzzes her in Her tits look rather perk He loves her creamy white skin She's wearing a black skirt He loves her ass in it She's got on a pink shirt She walks in and then she sits He dictates a letter or two She's using her shorthand After the letters, they'll screw He'll fuck her while she stands The boss is hard in his pants He wants to fuck her cunt...Read On

Exhibitionists In An Apartment Building

A horny man stands in his window He's naked and stroking his cock This will begin his intro It's already ten o'clock Exhibitionism is what he does This is what makes him tick Always careful of the fuzz He loves to pull at his joystick He pulls and tugs his dick Across the way two women see him They see him stroking his prick They wonder if this is a whim They're in another...Read On

Special Kisses For Me

Special kisses is what I like best

How I love special kisses On my beautiful pink folds No need for special wishes Pussy eating never gets old The result is always the same When you lick my pink pearl I scream out your name While I play with my curls I enjoy when you lick me deep While I grind on your face My pussy always does seep When you pick up the pace I love those special licks All over my warm box I love...Read On

Let's Fuck Now

I want it now!

Let's fuck I want you inside Put your cock into my hole I know you want to hear me cry Fuck me like you're in control On my hands and knees Your cock slides into my cunt I know you love to fuck me Hear me moan and grunt So hard and deep My pussy is so tight Feel my kitty seep God it feels so right Your hands grab my hips While you drill my slit My pussy starts to drip Look at my...Read On

Two Women In Love With Each Other

Two women love one another

Long ago they met on a blind date Two women fell in love together They believe it was their fate They only love one another They use to be with guys Now they're lesbian lovers This came as a big surprise This lifestyle was discovered   They both are sexual creatures They have sexual relations every day Both of them are true believers They now know they're gay They hold each other tight...Read On

Sex At The Brothel

A man visits a brothel

A brothel filled with whores Men come to get laid They need love and to be adored Most of them have just been paid They come into the main room All the ladies are in a line Lots of different smelling perfume These ladies look extremely fine They’re in lingerie made of lace They're all on display Time is ticking, it’s now a race The men want a roll in the hay The men look at all...Read On

A Sexy Game To Play

A couple play a different game

A night of pleasure to try Naughty things to delight You're her master and her guy A game played with no sight He ties her hands to the headboard A blindfold put on her eyes Her body will be adored He'll tease her till she cries A Hitachi wand is put on her clit The sensations make her twitch He pushes a vibrator into her slit This makes her pussy start to itch He fucks her tight hole...Read On

Sex In The Morning

A couple have sex together

Kiss me I say to you I love to feel your lips Maybe we'll screw Your hands are on my hips My fingers are on your dick You love when I do this I stroke at your prick This is truly bliss Fingers placed in my pussy hole My pussy is very wet You're now in complete control This makes my body sweat I'm on my back, you're in front You slide your cock right in I let out a grunt Our fucking...Read On

Having a Pussy Itch

Time once again to masturbate

I woke up with a pussy itch  I'm horny and need to come Time to turn on the vibrator switch It's time for some masturbation fun My long legs are opened wide I lay my wand on my clit I push my toy up inside  I begin to fuck my slit In and out I push I enjoy my vibrator toy Bald pussy, never a bush This is what I really enjoy That was quick, I start to drip First orgasm of the day...Read On

Her Scent Leads The Way

What is the beautiful smell

What's that scent in the room He knows it very well The scent of pussy perfume His cock begins to swell She wakes up and parts her thighs He gets into position at her feet She yawns and opens her eyes She's on her back on their sheets He admires her bald mound And licks her pussy lips He licks her all around He wants to make her drip She's excited and she sighs She grinds down on his...Read On

Pussy Playground

A couple enjoy oral sex together

A wet kiss on my pussy lips Those are the kisses I like best I love to feel my pussy drip I love that you're obsessed Long legs with opened thighs A head and body near my feet I close my pretty eyes We're both here on the sheets You enjoy my sweet tangy taste Your tongue enjoying my sweet folds You go very slow, this isn't a race This practice never becomes old I hold onto our...Read On

Pussy Cuisine

A little pleasure for you

Licks and flicks to my clit Makes me horny and wet Fingers playing on my tits This attention makes me sweat A finger in my bum Makes me horny with desire I enjoy this hot and sexy fun A throbbing pussy on fire I moan while you eat me I pull on my erect nips I hold my raised knees My pussy starts to drip You eat me aggressively Your tongue deep in my box You eat cunt effectively...Read On

Fun In the Taxi

A hot and steamy night

A couple in love share a cab They're looking for naughty fun Both of them look fab Each will try and come Kisses deep on their lips Hands unzip his fly Hands rubbing on her nips She's going to excite her guy She pulls on his growing cock He squeezes her plump tits He's hard as a rock He rubs at her slit The driver hears moans While she jerks her boyfriend's dick He rubs her pussy and...Read On

Desire and Lust

A couple make love together

Man and woman together Passion and desire they create Two hungry and passionate lovers Together on their lustful date Passionate kisses they share Holding each other so tight Their bodies are completely bare They'll make love through the night A night of carnal pleasure Bodies sweating becoming one A very hot sexual adventure Having orgasms until their done Thrusting in an out of her...Read On

Skydive And A Fuck

I went skydiving.

I took a drive I needed to get away I decided I'd sky dive On that faithful day I went and took a class There she was looking hot My instructor had a great ass I was hoping to get a shot She was sexy with big tits That were poking out of her shirt Yoga pants with an outline of her slit Man this hussy was a flirt I wanted to jump tandem With this woman on my back This sky dive was random...Read On

Naked Behind A Tree

A funny thing happened while taking a walk

I took a walk around the block  I saw you behind a big oak tree You had your hand on your cock I thought you were taking a pee You were naked and carefree Holding your big balls You knew that I could see You were giving it your all Your cock was long And very erect I knew this was wrong Wondering if this was correct You were stroking your dick And letting out moans You were pulling on...Read On

A Groping Train Adventure

A woman enjoys a groping on a train

On a crowded train I stand Dressed in a blouse and skirt Packed close together, I feel a hand Hands feel my breasts over my shirt My body tingles as I'm felt up My pussy is wet in my thong I'm enjoying the buildup Their touches are a bit strong This is wild and a mystery I'm aroused and very wet This is one of my fantasies I'm elated and begin to sweat My skirt is pushed up high...Read On

Sex After the Holiday

Sex after the holidays

We had a great holiday I want to please you Let’s fuck today How about a little screw We kiss each other Passionately on the lips Now we're lovers You hold me on my hips We’re on our bed I’m on my back How about a little head Let’s get back on track I get between your legs Wrap my mouth around You kind of start to beg I make my sucking sounds I’m sucking on your cock ...Read On

A Little Fun Before You Go

Let me delight you

Let's have fun before you go I want to suck your cock I'll make your juices flow And get you hard like a rock I stroke at your cock-meat From your base to your head I'm sitting on the sheets Jerking your cock on the bed A nice firm grip as I hold you Fingers move up your shaft You enjoy this too You laugh and are a bit daft You say you're enjoying this You moan and you smile You lean...Read On

I Need A Vibrator Break

I need to have an orgasm

I’m exhausted from the holidays I think it’s time to play with my toys Fuck my bald pussy so many ways I take a break it’s time to enjoy I first play with my glass one I spread my long legs I fuck myself until I come After this onto the vibrating egg My pussy is so damn hot This toy is cold as hell My pussy is coming a lot My clit is starting to swell Onto my cute bullet of joy ...Read On

Maybe A Computer Affair

Something is going on

He was late again with all smiles I wondered where he was Meetings kept him away a while I really have no clue what he does His shirts smelled of perfume It wasn't the scent I wore A card found that said "The Playroom" I suspect he's fucking a whore Checking his credit card bill Some charges I don't recognize This makes me feel a bit ill I wonder if he's telling me lies What is going...Read On

Caught Cheating

You're kidding right?

A long time ago You were my everything As we both know You had a cheating fling I caught you in bed With another woman She was giving you head Was this always the plan I stood there mortified As she was sucking My God, how you lied I suppose you were fucking You can have your whore Because you're out of here She can be who you adore As I wipe away my tears Fuck off asshole You're just...Read On

Let's Have Sex For a Little While

Hot fun before he goes to work.

I've got a little while I'm so horny for you A frown changes to a smile Come on baby, let's screw We walk upstairs Take off our clothes here You play with my hair Soft whispers to my ear We embrace at the bed Feeling each other's skin I kneel down to give you head Our naughty fun will begin Lips wrap around your dick As I take a little suck Mouth moving up your prick Getting us ready...Read On

Having Sex On This Holiday

A couple make love together

Holidays are best for love making We're both home together A little fucking before the baking There's nothing really better Kisses on each other's lips We hold each other close Hands around my hips I love this the most You always love to rub me Oil spread all over my breasts You'll get onto your knees And massage at my chest I love how this feels Your fingers delve into my slit This...Read On

Hot and Sexy Time

More hot fun

Come over here Lets fuck around okay Heavy breathing in my ear Time to give you sex today Your hands massage my tits My pussy is getting wet Your fingers slip into my slit Watching porn on the television set You suck and bite my nips I'm moaning it feels so good Fingers rub my pussy lips Rubbing my clit under my hood My hand is on your cock As you play with my box You're hard like a...Read On

Vibrator and Sybian Fun

Time to play with all my toys

A day filled with my toys My pussy needs attention This is what I enjoy This relieves all my tension I sit with my mirror on the floor I spread my long legs I'm now the vibrator whore I don't even need to beg I plug in my wand And turn on high speed We have a strong bond Orgasms that are guaranteed I grab my glass vibrator Slide it into my slit This is my lifesaver Rubbing my wand on...Read On

Oral Adventure

It's Pussy Time Once Again

Tingles in my love hole I know what that means I'd love for you to be in control Hoping you'll get between My opened long legs I'm so wet down there Don't make me beg My pussy is bare Sweet kisses on my center Licks on my pussy lips flutter On my back for my oral adventure My legs shake and feel like butter Your tongue dances on my cooze I grind up against your face My pussy starts to...Read On

I'm Your Little Cowgirl

It's time once again.

We're in our bed I say I want to fuck you You say you want head I say I want to screw You point to your dick I move down to your feet My mouth is on your prick Our bodies are on our sheets I slurp and I suck You're hard as a rock It's finally time to fuck I ease down on your cock I'm your little cowgirl As I ride you on top The girl with the curls I never want to stop I roll my...Read On

Romantic Night For Two

A night of romance and passion

A romantic night for us to share A dinner and drinks for two This is because we both care A night to say I Love You A bottle of champagne on ice Oysters on a half shell I feed you an oyster, isn't this nice You giggle and say this is swell Next is lobster and a steak Veggies and a baked potato too Save room for the chocolate cake After our meal, we shall screw We finish our delicious...Read On

Hot Fun For Us

Ready for some fun?

To suck or not to suck I really can't decide A suck or a fuck I let out a soft sigh I open my mouth wide And start to suck your dick I hold onto your side As I slobber on your prick I bob along your hot baton While I rub my lacy thong I'm feeling rather wanton Deep throat to your dong Cupping your balls And sucking your stick Giving it my all I love that you're thick You face fuck...Read On

Audio version available

Toys That Delight Me

So many toys to play with

I'm feeling like I need my toys My pussy needs attention Masturbation is what I enjoy It relieves all my frustrations I grab my wand and plug it in I also get my glass cock I'm all ready let's begin I'm aware of time on the clock I put my wand over my clit And push my toy up inside I fuck my tight little slit My pussy is opened wide The first gush pours out I come so freaking fast I...Read On

Audio version available

Mistress And Her Slut

Having a kinky time with Mistress Honey

You're a dirty slut, get on your knees You like Mistress to command you Lots of teasing and she'll please Good behavior might earn you a screw It's time to worship her shoes Lick her stiletto heels She looks at you amused Your cock is hard as steel Get up and stand straight Your cock is hard as a rock Mistress starts to dictate A flogger slaps at your cock The slaps excite your dick You...Read On

Audio version available

Horny For You

A couple enjoy one another

I'm so horny and need attention I'm up for some sexy fun I'm needing a bit of a distraction Please my darling make me come I'm on my back, my legs are spread I want you to lick my clit I'm comfortable on our bed I look at you and finger my slit I get myself excited  Begging you to lick me slow I know you'll be delighted My juices will certainly flow You get into position And lick my...Read On

Early Morning Bliss

What a nice way to wake up

We slowly wake up together You're rubbing at my breast We share a kiss like lovers Mouth sucking on my chest I release a few soft moans Your fingers enter my slit I let out a few groans Your fingers rub on my clit I'm very wet down there You open up my thighs You're starting to prepare I close my beautiful eyes You tongue my pussy hole Licking all around Your tongue starts to roll...Read On

Loving a Pussy Flower

Let me love your pussy flower

What is better then a little oral sex A tongue that dances all over your lips The vagina can be very complex If done right the pussy will drip It's a beautiful flower with petals When you lick and spread her wide This will make her feel special When you tease her up inside Extra time spent on her clit Makes her moan and cry A little attention to her tits Makes her close her eyes ...Read On

Dirty Girl

A dirty girl for you

A dirty girl just for you A whore in the bedroom A girl that loves to screw Even will wear costumes She just wants to please And enjoys to cock-suck She loves to be on her knees And enjoys a hard fuck Dirty talking meant to excite When you fuck her cunt She also can be very polite She screams and often grunts Fuck her ass or her wet box She's your little spitfire ...Read On

A Sexy Picnic

Let's go on a picnic

A picnic for two, we sit on the grass We eat and drink our lunch You say you want to lick my ass And enjoy a pussy munch Off comes the clothes, I'm now bare I get all comfy on my back I play with my beautiful curly hair You rub and caress my rack I open my long legs And you dive into my muff I look at you and I beg You start to lick my cream puff I moan as you suck my lips I grind...Read On

A Whore Named Honey Monroe

Do you want a date?

A whore that likes to tease She's really quite a slut She's tested and has no disease Straight sex or sex in her butt She can act all pure Or will take it in every hole She saves her money and is secure Making you happy is her goal Her outfit consists of short skirts And she wears her stiletto shoes Low cut or revealing shirts Makes appointments to screw She's a working whore Her...Read On

Shall We Do The Tango?

Let's dance.

Since we met you've shown me dances Where you show me all these sultry moves This is a start to a wonderful romance I love dancing and finding our grooves We hold each other very tight My breasts up against your chest We dance together all night You love the feel of my firm breasts You twirl me around, Oh I love this Bodies moving to and fro We even share a sweet kiss ...Read On

Excited to Have Met You

I'm really happy

I'm so delighted to have met you My heart flutters when you say hi Love all these feelings because it's new I'm so happy you caught my eye Our flirtations really excite me We have talked several days I'm really happy and filled with glee Enjoying you in so many ways I know we're on an adventure And I like all the games we play Lots of sexual pleasure I miss you when you go away We...Read On

Audio version available
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May I Suck Your Cock

Asking My Lover If I Can Suck His Cock

I love to suck cock and tease and please, Getting myself ready on my knees. Lots of little kisses and licks up your shaft, I have mastered this cock sucking craft. I love to wrap my lips around your dick, You're so hard and your girth is so thick. You're face fucking me and moving your hips, Your pre-cum is oozing and starting to drip. While I'm sucking, I'm looking into your eyes,...Read On

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Lazy Day In Bed

Let's Play

It's a lazy day and we're in our bed, I think it's time for me to give you head. You know you agree with what I've said. I work my hand up and down your stick, My oh my your nice and thick. Lots of kisses and lots of licks. I wrap my lips around your cock, You're just the way I like you: hard as a rock. I glance over at our alarm clock. Up and down I bop up your pole, I'm in good...Read On

Sybian Ride in July

I have an afternoon to myself

An afternoon all to myself what will I do It's been a very long while I'll play with my Sybian out of the blue This brings happiness and makes me smile Haven't played with you since June I'm getting horny and very excited A nice way to spend an afternoon This will get my pussy ignited I walk over and take it out of the box I put it high on my bed Attach the dildo cock It's exciting to...Read On

Come Talk To Me

Come say hello to me

Hey there stranger it's been a while Haven't seen you around lately Talk to me I'll make you smile It's nice to talk with you daily Life has a way of keeping us away It's nice to see you here Talking with you always made my days A time or two you wiped away my tears In so many ways we're the same Just here to share interesting thoughts We understand that this is just a game Keeping...Read On

Our Hot Aerobics Instructor

Our aerobics instructor is a major hottie

A new gym opened in Hillside The aerobics teacher was so hot Everybody wanted to be his ride They wanted to fuck him a lot He never wore underwear In his tight gym outfit He had the nicest hair He was so flexible he could do a split Susan Parker was her name And she was an absolute flirt She flirted and played games She wore yoga pants with a revealing shirt Susan had a bit of camel...Read On

A Cozy Night Together

Let's get cozy together

Let's get cozy over here Kisses to get things moving Sweet nothings in our ears This is rather amusing Hands they do roam As we love one another Enjoying each other in our home Tonight we're hot and passionate lovers Television is on in the background As we hold each other and kiss It's time to lick my mound Oral sex is always bliss We undress in front of the fire I open my long legs...Read On

A Mouthful of Cream

Everyday I have oral pleasure

Every day I have my pussy licked My husband enjoys my sweet taste I enjoy sucking his prick His tongue invades my tight space Every morning I enjoy this treat When he tongue fucks my hole The man really enjoys to eat Pussy licking is in his soul He sucks on my pink clit And I let out pleasurable moans He holds and gropes my firm tits And I curse and I groan His fingers play inside my...Read On

Having Sex Outside in Front of A Crowd

A couple put on a show for neighbors

Fucking outside so people can watch Makes this couple get excited The woman rubs his bulging crotch The people watching are delighted They strip and put on a show The wife dances for the crowd This makes the husband's cock grow Her husband is very proud They both do a bump and grind While the people start to cheer The man feels his wife's behind This only happens a few times a year ...Read On

A Life of a MILF

A MILFS husband leaves for work

A MILF is a lady that loves sex She needs it everyday to survive She may be a tad obsessed This makes her feel alive Her husband is off at his job So this MILF needs to fuck She goes out and hobnobs Meeting her requires a bit of luck She finds men in bars Or even in high-end stores She will fuck sometimes in cars Or at a park outdoors Mostly meeting in hotels To have many affairs In...Read On

Masturbation For Women

An orgasmic good time

Lots of orgasms a day For the ladies of the house Lots of different ways Don't need a lover or a spouse Fingers or a vibrator of choice Makes your pussy very wet Perhaps listening to a sexy voice Will make you horny and sweat Lots of vibrators to enjoy You can orgasm each time Riding machines or toys This is always sublime You can orgasm every hour Or perhaps every few minutes You...Read On

Masturbation Fun

A little bored

A little bored what should you do You could always masturbate If it's not possible to screw You know it'll feel really great Just get comfy on your bed Make sure you're already nude Fantasize about getting head Perhaps a gal or a dude Hold your cock in your hands And cup and massage your balls I know this must feel really grand Come on give it your all Your fingers move up your dick...Read On

The Stroking Pledge

Two friends having fun together

I'm really glad you're back I love to hear about your day Nice to be on track Love to hear how you play You're very interesting you know When you sit and you edge You tell me when you blow This is your stroking pledge Love to hear your stories While you stroke your cock You relish in all the glory Erect and hard like a rock Stroking your cock meat While you read my work This makes...Read On

French Maid Fun

How about some hot fun?

You come home from an exhausting day And you eat the dinner I've made We'll have fun in so many ways I'll be wearing a costume of a French Maid The costume is tight with a short skirt I'll be wearing a black little thong My body of course will be your dessert If you're nice, I'll play with your schlong I flutter around our living room Gyrating my curvy hips I'm wearing your favorite...Read On

A Sexy Morning

A couple have sex together

I really love you I kiss you on your lips This gets us closer to screw Your hands are around my hips I pull on your dick You love when I do this Hands all over your prick This is your heavenly bliss Your hands play in my hole My pussy is very wet Fingers fucking me in control Let's screw I'm already set I'm on my back, you're in front You slide right in I let out a little grunt Now...Read On

Cock-Sucking and Pussy Licks

A couple have fun together

I'm so hungry and need a little cock, I really want to taste you. You're stiff and hard like a rock, I'm in my fuck me shoes. I wrap my glossed lips around, Your erect and hard prick. I make my slurping sounds, As I suck and slurp your dick. I've just shaved your balls, They're nice and smooth. Giving your cock my all, I'm in my sucking groove. I bob along your schlong, And finger my...Read On

Sybian Ride

Summer and my Sybian

Now summer is coming quickly, Have to get all the rides I can. Riding my Sybian can be tricky, I'll run the television and the fan. But, for now I'll just enjoy, I love to sit high on top. It's the most amazing toy, I never want it to stop. I move my pussy all around, Back and forth, I hit my clit. I make all kinds of sounds, I even play with my tits. The speed is incredibly fast, All...Read On

A Shave and Some Masturbation

Come into our bedroom.

Want to watch me shave my box? Shaving cream all over my pubes. You can sit and stroke your cock, And even look at my firm boobs. I shave off all my pubic hair, So I have a smooth, bald mound. You're stroking on our chair, I'm moving the razor all around. A nice smooth pussy for me, Now I'll put on a little show. It looks so sexy, don't you agree? I'll make my juices flow. Fingers rub...Read On

A Very Special Night

A Couple Make Love

A woman and a man enjoy each other, Tonight is a special night. They're each other's passionate lover, Their tenderness and passion feels right. They look into each other's eyes, And share a passionate kiss. The woman moans and then sighs, Their love is total bliss. She's on her back; they're in mission, Their bodies are entwined. Love making in this position, Now they're perfectly...Read On

Some Coffee and a Cock-Suck

Some coffee for you.

Some coffee for you and a cock-suck for me, I know you love coffee and not flavored teas. A kiss to your lips and I get down on my knees, I've been a good girl; may I suck it please? You nod and I hold your dick, I wrap my mouth around your prick. I'll suck you slow; I won't be quick, You're very hard and very thick. I love to tease your mauve tip, I rub your dick all over my lips....Read On

A Pussy Massage For Me

A couple enjoy one another

A pussy massage is a treat, You know I will enjoy. You rub me on our sheets, Your fingers will be the toy. A little oil rubbed on your palm, You massage all over my box. This makes me relaxed and calm, This also excites your cock. Fingers move up and down, You play with my hidden clit. You rub your fingers all around, Your fingers move into my slit. An oiled finger presses into my ass,...Read On

A Sweet Taste and Other Fun

A Couple Have Some FunI

I know you want a lick, Of my sweet and tasty cunt. I've been masturbating and I'm slick. If you eat my pussy; I shall grunt. I hop up on your face, I know you like it this way. This way you set the pace, You love my pussy parfait. Lots of warm cream, While you lick my pussy lips. This always makes me scream, Hot pussy cream that drips. A curved finger hits my g-spot, Warm pussy...Read On

Loving My Bald Mound

My Favorite Part Of The Day

Happiness is between my legs, Going down to the bald mound. I love it so much and pretend to beg, I close my eyes and make no sounds. Your tongue adores my pink flower, Your tongue does a beautiful dance. You eat me for several hours, I of course am in a total trance. Your tongue pushes inside my slit, As I grind into your sweet face. I squeeze and play with my tits, You eat me at...Read On

Morning Fun For Us

Good Morning My Love

You walk in and grab a toy, Time for some vibrations. You know how I enjoy, My pussy loves the sensations. A toy inside my slit, Makes me start to moan. Hands on my firm tits, 'Oh Fuck,' I start to groan. Juices they do flow, It's pussy licking time. You lick me very slow, This is really sublime. Your tongue is on my flower, You suck on my sweet pearl. I'm enjoying your licking power, As...Read On

Hungry For Your Cock

I'm so hungry for cock-meat

I'm hungry for cock-meat, Let me open my mouth wide. How about a blow job treat? You smile and make a sigh. I wrap my glossed lips around, And suck at your thick dick. I make lots of sucking sounds, As I devour your prick. I stuff my mouth with cock, Little noises as I gag. You're harder then a rock, I'm alert and do not lag. I hold onto your hips, As you fuck my face. Your cock is in...Read On

A Couple Spice Up Their Sex Life

A couple try different things to spice up their sex life

A couple try some new things, In the bedroom for some added spice. The husband puts on a cock ring, He rubs his wife's nipples with ice. The husband will edge for a while, Giving his wife all of the pleasure. This makes him happy and he smiles, They experiment with their adventures. She's on the bed and spreads her thighs, He licks and loves her muff, She holds the headboard and closes...Read On

My Glass Vibrator

Which should it be today cold or hot?

I can't sleep and I'm needing to play, I grab my vibrator made of glass. I fuck myself all kinds of ways, This fucker can even go up my ass. It's thick and has an amazing tip, This baby even vibrates. It really makes my pussy drip, When I play I buck my hips. There are ridges that feel nice, As I rub it all over my clit. It's really a great price, I use it to fuck my slit. It's glass...Read On

An Erotic Shave and Some Fun

Let me shave your cock and other fun

Today I'm going to shave your cock,  I'm not enjoying all the hair. You're already hard as a rock, Don't worry I'll give you lots of care. I wet all around your dick, And get you nice and smooth. Now I can suck your prick, My tongue loves your grooves. I suck and kiss your ball-sack, Lots of kisses to your shaft. I even shaved your ass crack, You giggled and were a bit daft. I love...Read On

A Mistress and Her Slave

Visiting your Mistress

I'm your Mistress and I'm in control, You're my slave and that's your role. If your good I'll let you fuck my hole. Stand straight and look at me, You'll ask to speak and say please. You'll crawl on your fucking knees. 'Yes, Mistress' is what you'll say, These are my rules when we play. I'll delight you in many ways. I know you desire a little pain, I shall use my bamboo cane. You're...Read On

My Pussy Is Already Wet

I'm hungry for you

We're in bed and your hands are on me, Little strokes to my firm chest. Your hands just love to tease, You drop your head and suck my breasts. Your fingers play at my mound, My pussy is already wet. I just make all kinds of sounds, I'm your cute little brunette. You push your tongue inside, Of my warm, wet, box. Your tongue is going on a ride, I see you stroking your cock. I grind...Read On

Hot Tub Loving

A couple go into their hot tub

I'm wanting to have some fun, Let's go into our hot tub. We can do this in the hot sun, We're around all our pretty shrubs. The jets are on; bubbles everywhere, You're sitting against your back. I love being out in the fresh air, Your hands are on my firm rack. We're talking as your hands explore, My hand have wandered to your cock. Today I'm your hot tub whore, Oh God, your cock feels...Read On

A Little Rough Fun

I'm Your Slut

Tonight I'm going to be your slut, You can treat me very rough. You can even fuck my butt, Tonight you can act all tough. You command me to my knees, I open my mouth very wide. Cock moving into mouth with ease, It's your rules; you'll decide. Suck my cock you little whore, You push my head onto your cock. I'm kneeling on our cold floor, Your cock is hard like a rock. My fingers are in...Read On

Sybian Pleasures

It's Sybian Time

My pink bull is my addiction, Lots of pulsing vibrations. I love all the rubbing friction, Lots of wonderful sensations. It really doesn't take much time, To make my pussy nice and wet. The orgasms are really sublime, You really work up a sweat. For me it just feels fantastic, As I sit on top. An hour is rather enthusiastic, I never want it to stop. The flat attachment hits my clit, As...Read On

Loving Your Cock-Meat

I'm hungry now

I'm very hungry and needing a snack, I'm wanting to suck your dick. Please get comfy and get on your back, Its time to enjoy your prick. I stroke you first along your shaft, My fingers get you very excited. You're feeling a little bit daft, Soon you'll be pleasantly delighted. You're hard now; it's time to play, I wrap my glossed lips around. I'm going to make your day, I'm making all...Read On

Lucy The Maid Visits Me

Oh Good Lucy Is Coming Today

The maid who cleans my home is here, She's one sexy little mama. I watch her, but I don't interfere, Sex games with no drama. She dresses up like a French maid, With her short little dress. She wears her hair in pretty braids, She leaves me rather breathless. She cleans and then we fuck, She likes it a bit rough. She enjoys to cock-suck, She likes me to fuck her muff. After all...Read On

Let Me Entertain You

Come into our room, Get comfy and close your eyes. I'm wearing a sexy costume, It's sure to give you a rise. I'm a cheering slut, With matching pom poms. I do some cheers and shake my butt, Your cock is in your palm. I do my cheers and shake my tits, As you stroke at your cock. I knew this costume would be a hit, I'm wearing my cute bobby socks. After my cheers, I start to masturbate,...Read On

A Landscaping Tale with Molly The Whore

Spring has sprung.

What's that noise? It's a lawnmower, The men are back to attend to the grass. And use their powerful leaf blowers, Hopefully, there's a good weather forecast. Loving those men who are nice and tan, You have to love their nice asses. The housewives are always their big fans, Some are young and work after their classes. Hot sweaty men to look at when they come, In tight jeans you can see...Read On

Early Morning Love

Good Morning

It's early morning as we wake, Hands play with my breasts. My pussy starts to ache, As you suck on my chest. My pussy is very slick, As we explore each other. I'm wanting to fuck your dick, We pull off the covers. I'm on my back, Legs on your shoulders. I play with my firm rack, You ease into me slower. You're inside of my love tunnel, My pussy flower opens. We both start to chuckle,...Read On

Morning Loving

A beautiful new day

A start of a new day,  My pussy is already wet. Come over here and play, I've been waiting; I'm all set. I toyed my pussy before bed, So when you rolled over. I could give you some head, As you rub at my shoulders. I wrap my mouth around, You're hard and erect dick. I make all my sucking sounds, As I adore your thick prick. My mouth loves your cock-meat, As I suck you very slow. You're...Read On

Vibrator Joy

I'm So Horny

Life is grand with a vibrating toy, I love all the vibrations. My vibrator gives me so much joy, I just love all the sensations. I like to get set up on the floor, Pants off with a mirror to look at. I close and lock my door, And dream of your eight inch bat. I like to play with my wand, And rub it all over my clit. My pussy really responds, When I fuck my slit. Oh God, I go so deep, As...Read On

Loving My Meat Pop

Let Me Give You A Blow Job

It's time for my oral treat, I love my meat pop. I kneel between your feet, Once I start, I never stop. Hands stroke you at your base, I hold and caress your ball-sack. I rub your cock all over my face, Your hands play with my firm rack. I kiss and lick your big shaft, I tongue at your pee hole. Cock-sucking is my craft, Making you come is the goal. I rub your cock across my lips, I...Read On

A Creamy Pussy From the Night Before

It's a new day

A pussy juicy from the night before, Your fingers scoop up some cream. Pussy licking is what's now in store, I let out a joyful scream. Licking out our beautiful mess From our passionate night together. You lick it all out with lots of success, You say there is nothing better. Now my pussy is very neat And you suck on my pink pearl. You love my bald little treat, I giggle and play with...Read On

I Want To Eat Pussy

Time to have my bald mound adored

It's the start of a new day, You're hungry and want to eat. You ask me if I'd like to play, You're looking for a pussy treat. I open my long legs, As you dive into my muff. I talk to you and start to beg, It's finally time to lick my cream puff. You get into position, And I close my eyes. Pleasure is the only condition, My bald pussy is your prize. A lick and a flick to my clit, Licks...Read On

A Hot Date with a Milf

Let's have some fun.

Her husband leaves; it's time to cheat, It's time to go out and be a whore. This milf has a man she must meet, Cheating is more fun then doing chores. She's cheating with her neighbor, He lives down the street. He works for the department of labor, They're having an affair and need to be discrete. He's kinky and likes to role-play, While they have sex together. Today a dancer whose in...Read On

A Trio of Lovers

A woman has a threesome

A trio of lovers decide tonight's the night, A woman will be with two men. They'll make love and it'll feel right, Ben and Glen will fuck Jen. They all undress each other, Now the trio are all bare. Tonight they'll be lovers, They'll enjoy this kinky affair. Jen gets on the bed, And opens her thighs. And gives one man head, While the other licks her into sighs. Up and down Glen licks...Read On

Before You Leave

A little hot fun before you leave to go to work.

You were in the shower, Let's have sex I said. I can lick you for an hour, Open your legs on the bed. You put on a little spit, To get my pussy wet. You dove right into my slit, Now I was all set. Long licks on my bald box, Little licks and flicks to my clit. You're stroking on your cock, Tongue fucking in my slit. A finger pressed on my ass, You tongue lick my tight space. You insert...Read On

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Naughty and Nasty Good Time

Tonight we'll be naughty.

Tonight we're going to be fucking,  It won't be all nice and sweet. Eating pussy and cock-sucking, Will get nasty on our sheets. Tonight we can be a little rough, And you can pull my hair. We can do all sorts of stuff, You sit on the chair. My outfit is see through, I gyrate my curvy hips. I dance and then I strip, I'm pulling at my erect nips. I play with my breasts, And put a finger...Read On

Audio version available

Blow Job After Your Shower

Let Me Suck Your Cock

You get out of the shower, I'm going to suck your dick. You have only an hour, You're very long and very thick. My fingers dance up and down, I caress and pet your ball-sack. You smile; you never frown, Your cock is my plan of attack. I bob along and hold your hips, You're face fucking my face. Your pre-cum is starting to drip, I'm keeping excellent pace. Lots of sucks and little gags,...Read On

Audio version available

Tasting Your Cock

A little whip cream and other stuff to delight you

Whip cream put on your dick, Is so tasty and so much fun. My tongue licks your prick, Until I'm completely done. How about some honey? All over your big cock. I know it's a little funny, Please don't go into shock. Some chocolate on your schlong, Makes me suck you more. My pussy is wet in my thong, I'm your little cock-sucking whore. Ice to delight you held in my cheek, Makes your cock...Read On

Pussy Time For Me

My favorite part of the day

We're rolling around on our sheets, Your hands start to play. You say you need a pussy treat, It's time to make my day. You rub your hands on my box, Making me good and slick. I stroke at your hardening cock, It's now time for my licks. My legs are now spread, Fingers rubbing at my clit. I'm squirming on our bed, And playing with my tits. Licks up and down, And...Read On

Passion and Lust

A night of passion

My love how was your day? You say it was all right. I want to play. Let’s have sex tonight. We both undress, And share a sweet kiss. Let’s relieve all our stress, Enjoy some sexual bliss. We lay down on a plushy rug, In front of a crackling fire. We share kisses and hugs, You’re all that I desire. You play with my breasts, My hands grab your cock-meat. You caress and hold...Read On

Audio version available

Cock-Sucking Whore

I'm Going to Suck Your Cock

How about I suck your cock? Let me get on my knees. You're already hard like a rock, I love to tease and please. A stroke to your shaft, A lick to your mauve tip. Makes you a bit daft, Cock through my glossed lips. A cock-sucking whore, A mouthful of meat. A finger in your back door, How I love my treat. I hold your hips, You fuck my face. You twist my nips, I keep good pace. My...Read On

Not Wanting To Get out of Bed

Just stay here with me

I don't want to get out of bed today, Lets just lay here and say 'I Love You.' We can delight each other in many ways, Everyday our love feels brand new. I love to just hold you tight, Feel your arms wrapped around me. Your touches are meant to excite, Our love is truly the key. We're kissing in this position, Our bodies are now entwined. We'll make love in mission, Our bodies are...Read On

Waking Up Next to You

As we wake up

As we wake up I feel your touch, Your body up against mine. I love you so much, Your hands wander and feel divine. Right between my legs, You rub at my muff. I moan and I beg, For you to lick my cream puff. You open my legs and dive in, Your tongue explores. I moan as you begin, Always wanting more and more. Your tongue dances on my lips, As you push your tongue inside. I grind and...Read On

Passionate Sex Tonight

Let's have sex

I love you so much, That's what I say. I love your soft touch, I love you in many ways. Oral sex is what I like to do, That's what I really live for. Getting each other wet to screw, This is what I truly adore. Licks and flicks to my slit, Really makes me delighted. I hold and caress my tits, This always gets me excited. Deeper and faster you lick my hole, I grind up against your face....Read On

Two Virgins having naughty fun

It's just oral. We're not doing anything wrong

A couple of virgins are with each other, Wanting to wait to be passionate lovers. Only after marriage, sex will be discovered. For now it's lots of kisses and little pets, Getting each other turned on and wet. But not losing their virginity or getting upset. They're rather nervous and a little geeky, Experimenting but trying to be sneaky. The guy is being a little cheeky. The guy wants...Read On

A Day of Sex

Let's have some fun

A day spent saying 'I Love You," A day filled with lots of sex. I just love it when we screw, I love all the tingly effects. Kisses to get things going, Our hands all over each other. Some licking and some blowing, This is what we do as lovers. We lay in sixty-nine position, Ass and pussy in your face. To come is our mission, We lick and suck at a good pace. Licks and flicks on my...Read On

Blow Job Promise

Are you ready for some morning head?

We wake up and hold each other tight,  I told you I'd give you head. Last night we had an amazing night, We're both comfortable in our bed. As we lay here on our sheets, I'm wanting to suck your cock. I position myself in front of your meat, You're already hard like a rock. I wrap my lips around your dick, Bringing your cock right down. Slurping and sucking on your prick, You're smiling;...Read On

Let's Make Love Tonight

Do you want to have some fun?

Tonight we're together, How about some lovemaking? We're each other's lover, My pussy is really aching. I'm wearing my panties made of lace, Your fingers start to roam. You kiss me on my face, We're lovemaking in our home. You kiss me on my hard nips, My hand tugs at your dick. Your hands rub my pussy lips, I'm stroking your fat prick. You pull my panties down my legs, I spread my...Read On

Sybian Time Let the Games Begin

Time is ticking

When everybody leaves I run upstairs, Grab my Sybian machine. Now it's relaxing time with no cares, I unzip and take off my jeans. Off comes the panties and my shirt, It's time to get naked and ride. Time to ride and start the squirts, Grab the lube and put it inside. I get on top into position, Grab the remote control. There are no breaks or intermission, To come is the only goal. I'm...Read On

Love Is In The Air

What Shall We Do?

Love is in the air tonight,  What should we do? We can hold each other tight, And tell each other 'I Love You.' The way to please me, Is to open up my thighs. Please get on your knees, And I shall close my eyes. Little kisses and lots of licks, Makes me crazy with desire. My pussy is so damn slick, My cunt is on fucking fire. Your tongue licks my folds, I moan in delight. My juices are...Read On

Alone In Our House

Let's Make Love

All is quiet in our house, It's time to enjoy each other. You're my dear and loving spouse, Tonight we'll be passionate lovers. We start out with a sweet kiss, To get things moving along. This is our happy bliss, Our sexual connection is strong. Your hands hold my firm breasts, As you play with my erect nips. You love my beautiful chest, As we kiss each other on our lips. Your...Read On

Sybian Time

It's that time again.

Everybody is out of the house, Time to play with my Sybian toy. No need to be quiet like a mouse, Time to celebrate and enjoy. I plug it in and get it ready, I put it on my sheets. Maybe today I'll wear my teddy, My Sybian is my private treat. I get up on top of my pink machine, Today I'll ride the cock. I'm loaded up with lots of caffeine, The attachment is hard as a rock. I love to...Read On

The Naughty Bride

Let's have a gang bang

There was a naughty bride, She fucked the groomsmen. Wanting to have a few more rides, She had an orgy with all ten. She was in her big white dress, And jerked off all their cocks. She was taking care of her guests, Making them hard as rocks. She got on her knees, And sucked their dicks. She was playful not a tease, Bobbing along on their pricks. They took off her gown, And pulled off...Read On

Bedroom Whore

Let's Make Love

As we lay on our sheets, We hold each other. You can feel the heat, We're each other's lover. Our hands explore, We get excited. I'm your bedroom whore, Time to be delighted. I move down to your feet, And get into position. I want to suck your cock meat, Do I have your permission? Please may I suck your cock? I put it through my lips. Stiff and hard like a rock, I play with my erect...Read On

Sybian Joy

I love this thing

I love my Sybian toy, I ride it everyday. It gives me so much joy, I fuck it lots of ways. I just sit and squat, I rock and I move. God, it hits the spot, I'm in my total groove. It's very loud, And very strong. No need to be endowed, I listen to some songs. My pussy loves the vibrations, I get so freaking wet. I love all the sensations, I work myself into a sweat. I play with my...Read On

Pussy Drippings

I love oral sex

I'm so horny and need to ride your face, My pussy is dripping; I need you to take a lick. I rock my pussy at a good pace, Grinding your tongue like it was a dick. Oh God, your deep inside my hole, My juices are going to explode. Lick my cunt fast and then slow, I feel my juices starting to flow. Licks and slurps on my slit, You're never quick, Your tongue feathers at my clit, Please fuck...Read On

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Loving You Tonight

A steamy night together

I love to hold you tight, As we kiss and love each other. Having sex with you tonight, We're hot and passionate lovers. As we lay here on the sheets, Our hands do roam. Can you feel the heat? Lots of passion in our home. I get on my back, You're standing in front. I play with my rack, As you fuck into my cunt. Deep thrusts in my slit, I start to moan. I play with my clit, And then...Read On

Audio version available

Twelve Hours of Sex

Want to have some naughty fun?

Let's have twelve hours of sex, Want to give it a try? What shall we do next, Let's think and close our eyes. To start a little suck on your cock, For my guy's erect dick. It's hard like a rock, I bob along your prick. My pussy is throbbing, Want to take a lick? I'll stop my bobbing, But, please don't be quick. We kiss each other, Our lips taste salty and sweet. We're hot...Read On

A Blow Job Every Hour

How about a little hourly fun.

It's your day of rest, How about a blow job every hour? I'm up for this test, I've got lots of sucking power. Get on our comfortable bed, I'm going to make your head spin. Every hour I'll give you head, Your come will roll down my chin. First I want to stroke your cock, From the base to your tip. Hard as a fucking rock, I'll put your dick through my lips. Slow sucking to your prick,...Read On

The Edging God

A man loves his naughty fun

A guy who loves his cock, Sets aside time each day. Erect and harder than a rock, Getting off in anyway. Fingers dance along his rod, He cups and holds his balls. He's the edging God, Really giving it his all. A stroke and a jerk, What makes him hot? This can be a lot of work, Eventually he'll come a lot. To edge takes a lot of time, Lots of stroking for awhile. It really blows his...Read On

Oral Pleasure is My Drug

Let me give you pleasure

Waiting for you in our bed, I'm aroused and wanting your dick. I'm needing to give you head, I love to pleasure your prick. You're undressed and you stand, I kneel on our rug. You reach out for my hand, Oral pleasure is my drug. I stroke your cock at your base, While I wrap my lips around. You stroke at my face, I make all those sucking sounds. I suck your cock very slow, You start...Read On

Skin to Skin

Love the Passion

The passion and the heat, Kisses to our lips. Lovemaking on our sheets, Mouth on my nips. Bodies entwined as one, Skin to skin. Hands on our buns, The passion begins. Deep thrusts inside, Little sighs and moans. Loving this ride, Pants and some groans. The juices now flow, Hungry for each other. Fucking my pussy slow, We're each other's lover. We change positions, I'm now on top....Read On

Me and My Sybian

Such Joy

A toy that brings lots of joy, It's a Sybian machine. This is the ultimate toy, It's quite a sexy scene. With a lover or ridden alone, This machine is the bomb. I'm thrilled that I own, Riding it I feel very calm. The sensations feel quite amazing, The tingling drives me mad. The reviews are quite praising, This could never be a fad. The orgasms come at multiple times, My pussy...Read On

Pussy Treat

Little Licks and Flicks

A kiss to start my day, A squeeze to my breast. Fingers they do play, Rubbing and cupping my chest. A little rub to my warm treasure, Fingers that dance on my clit. A tongue that gives me pleasure, Tongue fucking in my slit. Nibbles on my pussy lips, While you tongue fuck my hole. My pussy starts to drip, You're in complete control. My legs become like butter, As you eat and drink...Read On

Riding My Pink Bull

I'm a Cowgirl Now

I sit on my pink Sybian bull, You can't imagine the speed. My pussy feels so full, Orgasms that are guaranteed. I sit here on top, On my attached cock. It hits my g-spot, This toy really rocks. The sensations are wild, As I hump this thing. It really makes me smile, It even makes me sing. Vibrations that rock, I ride it at a good pace. I glance at the clock, Riding it with a...Read On

Office Slut

Late again at the job

Oh crap, I'm late to work again today, The boss will surely be mad. I might lose a whole day's pay. I hope he won't treat me so bad. My name is Kay and I'm a secretary by trade, My boss gives me my work and some chores. Lots of ways for me to get paid, When I go into his office I always lock the door. I fetch Mr. Smith his hot tea with lemon, Trying to pretend I wasn't late. ...Read On

Awake Now

Good Morning My Love

I'm starting to awake, You're rubbing at my skin. I start to shiver and shake, I know pleasure is about to begin. You suck and bite at my nips, I softly let out a sigh. I wet and bite my lip, You open up my thighs. Soft kisses to my folds, I get giddy and start to beg. This never gets old, You rub at my long legs. Licks and flicks to my clit, I squirm here on our sheets. Tongue fucking...Read On

Sybian Delight

It's been delivered

UPS guy at my door; a box to deliver, A signature here please. My heart and body start to quiver, I felt a little weak in my knees. The box was twenty two pounds, I couldn't look at it for another day. I put it down on the ground, And I just walked away. The next day I opened it, It was packed very nicely. I was hoping it would be a hit, It was very pricey. I read all the...Read On

Sybian Queen

The clock is ticking

A few more days,  I'm looking at the clock. Pleasure in lots of ways, This toy is going to rock. Lots of different speeds, And pulsating rotations. I can write and read, With lots of motivation. All I have to do is sit down, This toy will do the rest. I'll be smiling; never any frowns, This will be absolutely the best. Lots of hot squirts, As I sit on top. This will feel good; it...Read On

Sybian Date

A dream becomes a reality

As I sit here in anticipation, For my Sybian to arrive. I dream of my new addiction, For this interesting new ride. I believe this will bring me joy, And the orgasms will be hot. This is the ultimate toy, That will rock my g-spot. I've been wet for days, Thinking of all this fun. My mind is in a haze, Of all the ways that I'll come. Twenty two pounds, With incredible speeds. I'll fuck...Read On

A Night of Passion

Loving one Another

It's quiet and we share a hug, Hands all over each other. Loving you is my drug, We're each other's lover. There's so much lust, As our bodies entwine. I love when you thrust, Our bodies are now aligned. Your cock is deep inside my slit, Fuck it feels fantastic. Both our hands are on my tits, I'm feeling very enthusiastic. I'm looking right into your eyes, Our bodies become one. I hold...Read On

Pleasure Awaits

I want to pleasure you today, I'll take care of you. I'll entice you all different ways, There is plenty of things to do. You're on our comfortable bed, Your body is on our sheets. I'm going to give you head, I move closer to your feet. I wrap my fingers around your prick, You're erect and hard like a rock. I stroke you up and down your dick, My eyes glance at the alarm clock. I want...Read On

Vibrator Fun

I'm feeling a bit horny

I'm needing a little time with my toy,  I'm aroused, horny, and hot. Playtime is what I need and enjoy, I love to fuck my g-spot. My legs are open and very wide, Rubbing all around my lips. It feels so good I cannot lie, My pussy juices always drip. I play on high, while I rub my clit, In and out and all around. I'm fucking my bald little slit, As I play here on the ground. My pussy...Read On

The Edging Tale

A story about jacking off.

A guy loves to masturbate,  Finding things to do. A bottle of lube is his date, Wishing that he could screw. He found a sex site on the internet, He loves to read stories for fun. Working himself into a cold sweat, Jacking off until he's done. His cock is very hard, Looking for something hot. No more using his library card, These stores really hit the spot. Lube goes on his prick,...Read On

A Little Morning Fun

A little fun before the day starts

Good morning how are you?  A kiss is given on your lips. It's morning, I want to screw, You lean down and suck my nips. My hands wrap and feel your dick, You're semi-hard as I play. Up and down I stroke your prick, This is a start to a good day. Fingers dance on my clit, I'm getting a little bit wet. Hands rub on my firm tits, I'm horny and start to sweat. Finger play in my hole, As I...Read On

A Breast Milk Fetish Tale

A man dreams of sucking milk from a breast

A pregnant woman excited this guy,  Her body expanding and growing. Her beauty really caught his eye, She seemed very easy going. Her breasts were enormous, Her milk flowing inside. Her beauty was flawless, Her body becoming wide. He just wanted to feel her breasts, Maybe even suckle on her tit. The excitement of feeling her chest, Was an erotic thought he did admit. He dreamed of...Read On

Hot and Sexy Fun With You

Let's have some fun together

Let's have some hot and sexy fun,  You know what I like to do. Let's get right to the home run, Lots of loving with me and you. I love to kiss your soft lips, And look into your eyes. Your hand around my hips, I'm starting to feel a bit high. Your hands caress my breasts, Over my pretty top. You're rather horny and possessed, It feels so good; please don't stop. Hands rub my pussy over...Read On

Pussy Licks For Me

Oh yes that feels so good

I love to get my pussy licked,  Each time I just go nuts. Gets me all wet for your dick, I even love when you finger my butt. Tongue pressed through my pussy lips, It makes me happy and alive. I get so excited; my honey starts to drip, I have a very strong sexual drive. Licks and kisses on my slit, I grind up against your face. Your hands are on my firm tits, You're licking at a...Read On

A Little Cowgirl Action For You

Let's have some hot fun

A little cowgirl action, while I hop on your dick, I get comfortable as I put you into my hole. You're very long and very thick, I'm now riding you and in total control. I rock and move my hips, My beautiful breasts do sway. I even bite down on my lip, It feels really good this way. I rub on my swollen clit, While you play with my jugs. Your cock feels so good up my slit, Making love to...Read On

Audio version available

Loving Her Pussy Perfume

A guy has some fun when his gal is out

His gal is out; he sniffs her stuff,  This is what he likes to do. He can never get enough, His girlfriend has no clue. He loves to smell her pussy perfume, While he jerks his cock. He sniffs them in all of the rooms, His girlfriend may be shocked. Her scent really excites him, Makes his cock so big. He used to do this on a whim, His girlfriend might flip her wig. He brings her panties...Read On

Audio version available

Twelve days of Christmas Fun

Twelve days leading up to Christmas

The twelve days of Christmas fun,  A different idea each and every night. Fun ways for us to come, Lots of sex to entice and delight. The first night is pussy licking, I totally love that. Little licks and lots of flicking, This is easy and becomes old hat. The second night is about blow jobs, Deep sucks to your erect cock. On my knees I start to bob, You're so stiff and hard like a rock. ...Read On

Audio version available

My Pussy is Your Drug

Let me love your pussy

My eyes are shut, but I'm not asleep,  You say come and give you a hug. I smile and don't say a peep, My bald pussy is your drug. I go over to you and we kiss, You rub and massage my breasts. Licking my pussy is your bliss, A pussy connoisseur whose obsessed. You enjoy my pink folds, My swollen and raised clit. Licking my pussy is like gold, You love my amazing tits. Licks and flicks to...Read On

Holiday Sex

Loving You on Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and we're in front of the fire,  Drinking wine and having finger food. In this moment you're all I desire, We're both in the holiday mood. We share some eggnog with brandy, And exchange our presents too. I go and put on my bra and panties, Tonight it's all about me and you. You tell me to walk and twirl, While you're looking at me. My hair is brown with curls, You ask...Read On

The Ballerina And The Mistress

An interesting working endeavor

A ballerina and a mistress they work together,  The ballerina is so lovely; the mistress is clever. Entertainment while giving sexual pleasure, Let's talk about their working endeavor. The ballerina is in tutu's and her toe shoes, The mistress is in leather with her riding crop. This partnership has been in the news, The two ladies met at a local beauty shop. The ballerina does all...Read On

A Warm Little Treasure

Pussy licking time for me once again

A warm little treasure between my thighs, It's like a gift each day; a hot little surprise. When you lick my pussy, I always close my eyes. Lots of time spent on my warm little hole, You tongue fuck me deep in complete control. Making your girl come is your only goal. Licks and flicks to my swollen clit, Finger fucking my pretty bald slit. You're grabbing my 38C tits. The feelings...Read On

Hard Pounding Sex With You

I want to have sex now

Let's get all sweaty and have hard pounding sex, Little kisses and bites to my neck. Hands all over me, wondering what you'll do next. Gropes and squeezes to my firm tits, Fingers fucking my tight, wet slit. Rubs and massages to my clit. Pulls and tugs to your dick, Fingers stroking at your prick. You're very long and oh so thick. Up on my hands and knees, You take your cock and start...Read On

A Little Spank For You

A spanking to start things along

Come on dear and get across my lap,  Pulling down her panties and giving her slaps. Her bald little treasure is now unwrapped. These slaps are making her pussy drip, He's slapping her ass while she wiggles her hips. His doll is so turned on as she bites down on her lip. He orders her to her back to open her thighs, Diving into her muff as she closes her eyes. Her pleasure is his...Read On

Cyber Loving On The Internet

Finding your cyber lover

Cyber loving really feels so real,  Not traditional or even ideal. It can be very interesting with lots of appeal. These feelings bring you absolute joy, When your loving your sex doll or your man toy. This is so much fun; something you both enjoy. A closeness and bond can be formed, Is it silly or even in the norm? It can make you feel all fuzzy and warm. The way you communicate is...Read On

My Sweet Little Pussy

Lots of hot fun

I'm going to hop up onto your face,  Lick my pussy all over the place. Get right into my tight, wet space. I'll smother you with my wet little muff, You love my pussy; you can't get enough. You love to taste my little cream puff. Licks and flicks on my swollen clit, I squeeze together my beautiful tits. You're tongue fucking my warm, wet slit. I'm rocking my pussy up and down, Your...Read On

Hey Big Boy

Let me please you.

Hey big boy it's your lucky day,  I'm going to get you off in many ways. Let's get started what do you say. Take off your pants and I'll get on my knees, Cock-sucking involves little Ole me. I know you'll like this and will certainly agree. I bob along your very long dick, In addition to long you're very thick. Slobbering all over your very loved prick. I suck and I slurp on your...Read On

Watch Me Play With My Toy

Come and watch me play

Come in and sit on our bed, I'm going to play with my toys. After I come I'll give you head, My vibrators give me joy. Rubbing my toy on my clit, It feels so fucking good. Fucking myself in my slit, I found my clit under my hood. Rubbing it all over my lips, My pussy is so damn wet. Juices are starting to drip, I'm working up a sweat. I push the vibrator up my box, Rubbing it on my...Read On

A Milf That Loves to Cheat

A Milf meets men at the golf course

A Milf who loves to have affairs,  Her husband leaves for the day. She's lonely and does not care, She hunts for men like they're prey. She plays golf at the club, Lessons with very hot studs. Then drinks at the local pub, Lots of wine and many buds. Cute outfits with pleated skirts, She loves to have wild sex. She bats her eyes and flirts, Her life is very complex. They leave and get...Read On

Loving Your Morning Wood

I want to taste you

I want to give you pleasure,  I like to tease and please. I love our sexual adventures, I'm kneeling on my knees. I'm kneeling before your cock, I want to take a taste. You're harder then a rock, I promise to keep good pace. Kisses and licks to your dick, I know it feels so good. You're very long and very thick, I love your morning wood. Up and down I take your dong, Spit is oozing from...Read On

Riding Your Face

Some more oral fun

I love to ride your face,  My pussy gets so wet. You keep good pace, I always start to sweat. Pushing through my slit, I almost feel high. Licking at my clit, You love my opened thighs. My pussy is always bare, You love her very much. You know I can't stand hair, You have the Midas touch. Fingers in my box, I'm really very juicy. You're stroking your cock, I'm feeling rather woozy. ...Read On

Here On Our Bed

I love oral sex

As I lie here on our comfortable bed,  You say "it's time to lick my pussy instead." I'm of course happy on what you've said. I open my legs and my thighs, Your mouth on my pussy makes me feel high. My pussy is always juicy and never dry. You lick and adore my hidden pink clit, While you push your tongue through my slit. Once you start, I hope you don't quit. Pushing your tongue into...Read On

Mutual Masturbation with the Neighbor's Son

Masturbation fun with the neighbor

It's summertime again and Sally is by her pool,  The neighbor's son is out of school. She loves to make this teenager drool. Masturbation fun gets her in the mood,  She loves to sunbathe in the nude. She's very bold and never a prude. She oils herself, spending time on her breasts, Feeling herself and cupping her chest. This turns her on she must confess. She takes some beer out of...Read On

Let's Go To An Orgy

You need a special password to get inside

There's an exclusive party where you need an invite,  It's held on the first Saturday of the month at night. The password to get into the party is kite. Once inside there are people everywhere, Some people are nude sitting on chairs. Others are in threesomes or in pairs. Men and women here to have all types of sex, People are treated with the highest respect. Some of the people are...Read On

A Couple Make Passionate Love Together

Let's Make Hot Love

Love, romance, and passion have begun,  Two bodies entwined; together becoming one. Hearts beating together in all this exciting fun. Your lovemaking is about to begin, Slow erotic love when his cock pushes in. His hands are all over your beautiful skin. Each thrust goes deeper into your slit, It feels so good you never want him to quit. His hands and your hands are rubbing your tits. ...Read On

Special Kisses On Your Slit

Pleasure time awaits

Special kisses placed on your slit,  My tongue brushes all over your clit. I cup and massage your perky tits. I lightly chew and suck on your pussy lips, Oh yes, your juices are starting to drip. You hold the headboard with a firm grip. I push my tongue deeper into your box, While I'm stroking my very hard cock. I'm so excited and stiff like a rock. My tongue dances on your vajayjay,...Read On

Naked on My Bed

Thinking Of You While I Play

I'm in my house naked on my bed, I'm thinking of you with my legs spread. Fingers deep inside, or maybe a vibrator instead. I rub my clit and grab my toy, I fuck myself and feel absolute joy. So much pleasure for me to enjoy. Deeper and faster I fuck my slit, I have a hand on my tits. Rubbing the vibrator all over my clit. "Oh fuck," my pussy is so damn wet, Dreaming of us; I begin...Read On

Sex in a Bar

A couple have sex in a bar

A couple go on a date,  The woman has lost lots of weight. The man can't take his eyes off her, Her body is so sexy; his mind in a blur. She has curves in all the right places, The man gives her a tight embrace. She is wearing a very tight dress, Her breasts are large; she's very blessed. Her ass is so firm and so tight, She is a beauty in this light. He helps her into the car,...Read On

Audio version available

Cock-Sucking and Sweet Little Licks

A couple enjoy each other

A little cock-sucking for you and a little lick for me,  Sounds about right, don't you agree? Getting each other off is the key. A hard cock is what I like best, Cock-sucking makes me obsessed. While you're enjoying; you play with my breasts. You enjoy when I open my thighs, I get so excited and close my eyes. You lick me into whimpering sighs. Together we lay sixty-nine, Sweet,...Read On

A Little Sex Outside

A couple have sex outside

I'm wearing my sexy nightgown,  My ass looks nice; its very round. Let's go outside and fuck on the ground. I beg you to fuck me with your cock, Your hard and stiff like a rock. In the window is our grandfather clock. Your hands have a very firm grip, While your holding my curvy hips. You push your cock through my pussy lips. I spread my pussy nice and wide, Feels so good once...Read On

Slow Licks and Little Kisses

Lie back and close your eyes

As I look into your big, brown eyes,  It's pleasure time sweetie, now open those thighs. My tongue will delight you; your pussy is my prize. My tongue explores your little, pink clit, Come on darling, play with your tits. I'm going to tongue fuck your tight, pink slit. "Oh God!" Your cunt tastes so good, Finding your clit right under your hood. Your pussy tastes so sweet, as it should. ...Read On

An Interesting Life of a Millionaire

Lots of naughty fun for a man

There once was a man that had affairs, He loved all types of women and just didn't care. He was a very successful millionaire. He was married for many years, but loved to cheat, Hooking up with lots of women in hotel suites. Always acted very professional and very discrete. He was very smooth and gave women compliments, He traveled for business visiting lots of continents. He was very...Read On

Audio version available

A Horny Woman Has Fun

A little fun when she is alone

A horny woman loves to masturbate,  Playtime starts always around eight. She gets herself in quite a state. She loves to rub and play with her clit, And finger fuck her tight, wet, slit. She rubs and plays with her tits. She loves to finger herself every day, Or take out her vibrator and use it to play. So many options to fill up her day. She loves to make her pussy drip, Moving her...Read On

Audio version available

Cock-Sucking Pleasure For You

Adoring and worshiping your cock

Sucking your cock makes me smile,  I want to do it for a while. You know you love my style. I love to kiss and lick your stick, Move my mouth up and down your prick. I love to suck your eight inch dick. I love to suck and slurp on it, I love to tongue your little slit. You can stand or even sit. Sucking, slurping, or even a gag, You take a drag on your fag. I'm very precise; I never lag. ...Read On

Beautiful and Sexy Feet Poem

A Man Admires Women's Feet

Looking at women in beautiful and sexy clothes, Her long legs are dressed in tan pantyhose. Glancing at her shoes and her pedicured toes. A man admires her legs and her beautiful feet, Her soles and toes will make a delectable treat. He's staring at women's feet all over the streets. The woman whose toes makes his cock grow, Will be the woman that he'll want to know. Once together,...Read On

A Pretty Whore

A Working Girl Making a Living

A pretty whore who's wild and carefree,  She's been checked and has no disease. She loves to pleasure men on her knees, She will beg to blow you and say pretty please. She's a slut who enjoys to have sex, Sometimes she's paid in cash or checks. Her life is chaotic and quite complex, Her pimp used to be her ex. She's a whore who left her pimp suddenly, Tired of having to pay him...Read On

Audio version available

My Magic Wand and Me

It's that wonderful time again.

Tick tock, tick tock goes the clock,  I'm thinking about your eight inch cock. I love how it's hard as a rock. I dream you put it into my slit, As I play with my perky tits. I rub and play with my hidden pink clit. Deeper and deeper my wand slides in, Oh God, it feels so good on my skin. Lustful thoughts and lot's of sin. Reading stories on a website called Lush, My pussy is on fire;...Read On

I knew you were cheating

Worst nightmares come true

A wife finds her husband in a cheating affair,  He's with his lover in the local town square. Kissing and holding hands, out in the open air. The wife is so angry and continues to watch, They go into a local tavern and order some scotch. The whore's hands are rubbing her husband's crotch. His whore is wearing a very short skirt, She's got some rack that is seen through her shirt. While...Read On

Audio version available

I'm Your Whore in The Bedroom

Let's have sex now

We're in our room and I become your whore,  Fuck me fast on the floor. It's your cock that I absolutely adore. Fuck me doggie style; slide into my slit, Oh fuck, it feels so good as I rub my tits. Nice deep thrusts as I rub my clit. You push harder and faster into my hole, Your cock feels like a gigantic, meat pole. I love to fuck; it's in my soul. Harder and faster you fuck my...Read On

I'm So Horny for Sex

I want to have sex now.

I'm so horny and need your dick,  I'm wanting you to fuck me with your prick. I love your cock; you're very thick. Ass and pussy up in the air, You're looking at me from the chair. When we fuck we're a unique pair. I beg you to fuck my bald and beautiful slit, Rub your fingers all over my clit. Play with my firm and very full tits. Your dick slides into my slippery hole, You're fucking...Read On

A Nice Slow Cock Suck For You

I want to suck your cock

I want to give you a blow job today,  I love to delight you, in so many ways. I love to suck your cock, each and every day. I love to kiss and lick your shaft, Driving you crazy and a bit daft. Nice and slow and never fast. You're semi-hard, as I suck your cock, It doesn't take long; your hard as a rock. Your saying lots of dirty talk. I like to lick your shaft up to your tip, I like...Read On

Audio version available

Come and Lick My Pussy Cream

I'm ready for you to rock my world

I want to feel your mouth spreading my pussy lips,  While I grind back and forth moving my hips. Holding onto the headboard with a firm grip. Your tongue brushes and plays with my clit, You're pushing your tongue further up my slit. Your hands are exploring my firm and perky tits. I rock and wiggle along your face, You're licking faster and quickening your pace. Your tongue is invading...Read On

Audio version available

Kisses and Licks on Your Dick

Let me give you pleasure

How I love to lick your prick, It's so hard and very thick. I take my time; I'm never quick. I love to suck you inch by inch, Your body trembles and starts to flinch. Sucking your cock is really a cinch. My mouth is warm and very wet, I suck and slurp and make you sweat. I'm your very obedient pet. I love to suck on your pole, And even tongue your tiny pee hole. Making you come is...Read On

A Slut undresses in the window

A woman feels a bit horny

A woman loves to undress in front of her window,  She loves for people to watch, when she puts on a show. Her lights are out and you can see her shadow. She has her hands in her long and beautiful hair, Her body is absolutely gorgeous and she's very bare. A few people have gathered and have started to stare. She slowly starts to play with her chest, Rubbing and squeezing her full and...Read On

Blissful Sex

Two people in love

A couple together lust for each other, Two people who are hot and sexy lovers. Together they make each other's heart flutter. He tells her she is so beautiful and pretty, He loves to massage and play with her titties. And put his long tongue into her wet kitty. She loves to pleasure him with cock-sucking, They love to have sex with hard pounding fucking. She moves her hips and does lots...Read On

A Sexy Dance For You

Let me entertain you

I'm wearing my thong as you said to do,  I've got on my five inch stilettos shoes. I'm wearing a butterfly tramp stamp tattoo. I'm dancing for you and gyrating my hips, Fingers in my thong; fucking my pussy lips. My pussy is wet and starting to drip. I'm putting on a show for my guy, You're getting very excited and unzip your fly. I'm dancing all around looking into your eyes. I'm...Read On

My Sugar Daddy Loves Me

A sugar daddy and his princess

A young woman dates an older man,  Hoping to marry him if she can. This of course is her game plan. He buys her sexy lingerie and other things, She loves when he buys her jewels and diamond rings. At one time, this was a very hot and sexy fling. He loves her and treats her very well, She's so gorgeous and makes his cock swell. He's captivated by her beauty; feels like he's under a spell. ...Read On

Phone Sex Operator Poem

You have dialed one eight hundred pleasure

You've dialed one eight hundred pleasure, Hey big boy, I'm here at your leisure. I'm wearing an outfit made of leather. Give me your credit card, it costs to play, I'll delight you in so many ways. I'm running a fifteen minute special, free today. Oh baby, take out your cock, I know precious you're hard as rock. I'm a slut who loves dirty talk. Sweetie, I'm fingering my wet, tight,...Read On

It's Pussy Buffet Time

Guess what time it is?

It's my favorite part of the day,  Time to get you off and have my way. Licking your pussy is like eating at the buffet. Lay down and spread your thighs, Close your beautiful brown eyes, Your orgasm will be my prize. My tongue licks and explores your clit, My hand is massaging and cupping your tits. I'm starting to lick and tongue fuck your slit. My tongue is deep inside your box, I feel...Read On

A Man's Bi-Curious Dreams

Looking for something a little different

A couple love together, but the man thinks he's bi-curious, Lustful and sexual thoughts for men, would make his wife furious. He can't think of anything else, it's really very serious. Thoughts of cock-sucking another man makes him hot, Feeling a dick in his mouth would just hit the right spot. He fantasizes of scenarios and different plots. He dreams of another man's hot, salty,...Read On

Sexy Beach Fun

A hot and sexy day at the beach

An afternoon spent at the beach is so much fun,  People wearing suntan lotion, baking in the sun. People running up and down the beach playing with water guns. I put suntan lotion all over myself and relax on my chair, Sometimes I twist my fingers in my curls and play with my hair. My eyes find a gorgeous man sitting over there. We exchange glances and both start to smile at each other,...Read On

A little sixty-nine for me and you

A little sixty-nine action

Let's get into sixty-nine position,  Working together to come is the mission, We both have lots of ambition. Ass and pussy in my face, I shall lick you all over the place, Licking and invading your tight, wet space. Oh, you're sucking, slurping, and gagging on my dick, You're slobbering up and down, over my nice thick prick, Kisses and licks all over my joystick. My tongue is...Read On

Playtime and Thinking Of You

Loving my Wand

It's my most favorite part of my day let me begin,  I go to my drawer, get out my wand, and put it on my skin, I'm so excited and aroused; I'm wearing my devilish grin. Oh the vibrations are strong as I rub my clit, Sliding the rabbit attachment on and fucking my slit, My other hand is rubbing my firm and full tits. I'm imagining your cock in my tight hole, In my mind your fucking me...Read On

A Hot Little Milf

A woman that loves sex

This mother that loves to fuck is looking for sex, Her life is troubled and quite complex. Her husband is too busy and is always away, She found a lover who will see her every day. He showers her with love and affection, He thinks she is pure perfection. She dresses very feminine for her dates, Her lover always tells her that she looks great. They drive separately in their cars, And...Read On

I'm Going To Rock Your World

Close your eyes and open your thighs

I'm licking your beautiful pussy and making you wet,  You'll come my dear want to make a bet, You're getting excited, but no orgasm yet. I'm licking your beautiful cunt dry, You're bucking your hips, perhaps feeling high, You're my lady and I'm your guy. My tongue explores your beautiful folds, Your feet around my neck are so damn cold, Licking your beautiful pussy never gets old. ...Read On

Anal Loving

Booty call with my beauty

A husband, loving his wife's rump, Is so very excited; he wants to hump. His wife is an amazing beauty. And tonight he's going to spread her booty. He gets out a bottle of liquid lube, Squeezes out a measure from the tube, Smothers it all on her buttocks and his dick, And slowly fucks her sweet ass with his enormous prick. She's so tight as he fucks her ass, The feel of...Read On

A Romance By Chance

Loving You

Loving you is all I want to do,  I love to tell you "I Love You." We connect in such a good way, I love to talk to you every day. The connection is so hot, We talk to each other a lot. Lustful thoughts and cyber games, Calling each other little pet names. Sexy games to turn each other on, Ready to play c'mon. Teasing and pleasing each other, We're each other's cyber lover. Words...Read On

Escort in the City

An escort meets her client

There is an escort her name is Yvonne,  She's getting ready to meet her client named Donn. She's wearing a very short mini denim skirt, With a sexy bra that shows through her revealing shirt. Gold high heels that adorn her sexy feet, She looks so beautiful, now her look is complete. She takes a cab over to the four star hotel, She sprays herself with her favorite perfume Chanel. The...Read On

Blow Job Fun

A little blow job for you

I only have eyes for you,  Pleasing you is all I want to do. While your laying in our bed, I want to give you amazing head. First I love to hold your dick, Then I like to kiss your prick. Licks and kisses up your cock, You're getting hard like a rock. I love to tease you with my tongue, You really are very well hung. I swirl my tongue on your tip, If I do it right, your pre-cum drips. ...Read On

Let's Have Sex Tonight

It's That Time Of The Day

Oh my goodness, it's that time of the day,  I want to fuck you and have my way. Let me straddle you while I fuck your cock, You're erect and harder than a rock. Sit up and make love to my breasts, Lick and suck my beautiful chest. I moan and I start to grunt, Your cock is so deep into my cunt. Your cock is brushing my special spot, My honey is flowing out of my pot. You say to get on...Read On

Exhibitionists in Love

We Like To Do It Out In The Open

Two exhibitionists love to have sex in front of others,  This is the way they get off, when they are together. They love to have sex out in the open air, They're quite an interesting and unique pair. They like to do things, whenever they feel the need, One of them may be more horny and take the lead. When they go to restaurants, there may be some table action, Hand jobs or pussy...Read On

It's Playtime Again

Time to Grab My Vibrator

It's playtime again and I grab my wand,  As you know, we have a strong bond. I get set up and spread my thighs, I love how it feels and I close my eyes. The vibrations are very strong, I will squirt, it won't be long. I rub it all over my pussy lips, I'm holding my wand, with a good grip. I slide the curved attachment over the wand, I fuck myself hard; my pussy starts to respond. ...Read On

The Streaker

There was a guy who was a streaker

There was a guy that loved to streak,  He loved to feel air on his ass cheeks. He loved to have his body bare, Loved when he got attention and lots of stares. Of course, he was breaking many laws, But, that was the game and the big draw. He'd go to events and take off his clothes, And run and streak and become the show. He always was aroused and very hard, He was very avant-garde. ...Read On

Orgy Party

Opening the door to the party wide,  A room with lots of people inside. It's a party and everybody is bare, Some are in groups or even in pairs. Ladies are with each other, Lots of guys are together. An orgy of people on their knees, Fucking each other with greased ease. Asses presented and in the air, Lots of pulling of the hair. Ladies bobbing up and down on pricks, Slurping,...Read On

Do you want Cock-Sucking or Sex

Which do you want to do

Cock-sucking or fucking, oh what should we do? I love to do either thing with you. I love to feel your dick in my lips, I love to swirl my tongue on your tip. I love to bob my head on your joystick, Slurping, Gagging, and sucking your fine dick. I taste your pre-cum, it's starting to drip, You're thrusting your cock and moving your hips. You grab my face, while you face...Read On

A Blow Job For You

A little cock-sucking for you

You're relaxing on our bed; I surprise you and give you some head. You're soft as I play with your cock; as I rub and massage, you grow into a rock. My fingers stroke and massage your dick; you're getting more excited as I rub your prick. Little kisses and licks up and down your shaft. I hear you giggle and become a bit daft. I like to lick your shaft up and down the sides. I love...Read On

A Marriage that is Wrecked by a Cheating Affair

A slut ruins a marriage of twenty eight years

A man is going through a mid life crisis and wants new things, His wife is distraught and thinks maybe he is having a fling. The wife hires a detective to see what is going on and in fact he is having an affair with his secretary Yvonne. With further investigation, he has bought her all this stuff while the wife is caring for her family; he is fucking this cream puff. He buys his...Read On

Feelings and Excitement of Meeting your Cyber Lover

What you might feel like when you meet your cyber lover

I wonder and dream about meeting my cyber lover  what exactly would it be like, if we met each other. Would he really like the real me I guess I would have to wait and see. Would he think I was just ordinary, Or maybe the situation would be extraordinary. Those first five minutes to actually see each other you've had cyber sex thousands of times together. You even shared pictures...Read On

Oh How I Love My Lover

Pleasing thoughts for my lover

I get so excited and happy when my lover is on-line  we chat and talk and I always lose track of time. We talk about a little of this and lots of that but I really do love all the hot sexy chat. The ideas and thoughts are really hot I love chatting with him a lot. Even though distance keeps us apart it doesn't matter because the love is in my heart. This connection might be strange...Read On

Dream Lover

Loving my lover with all my heart

My lover excites me when we play  I love him in so many ways. He is so sweet and very kind when we chat I just lose my mind. I love to chat with him when he can he's my prince and a lovely man. Our sexy chats are really hot he makes me crazy in my special spot. I love him so much in many ways I love talking to him each and every day. The cyber sex is hot and off the charts I love...Read On

Pussy Surprises

Loving your pussy

It's time to get your oral fix  lots of sucks and little licks. Spread your thighs, I've got a surprise happiness awaits; now close your eyes. Butterfly kisses between your long legs I'll delight you so much if you beg. Your pussy is gorgeous and needs attention all my licking brings you to new dimensions. My tongue licks and plays with your swollen clit I'm tongue fucking your tight...Read On

First Time Lovers

A couple's first time making love together

On their first night together, they've just wed two lovers sharing each other in bed. Their kisses so tender on their lips holding each other around their hips. The passion is heightened as this is new they've never had sex, these loving two. She's in lingerie made of beautiful lace they undress and he kisses her face. Her breasts are firm, her nipples erect she is so gorgeous and...Read On

Let's Go All The Way

A couple have sex together

A man begs his gal to go all the way  he tells her he'll make her day. She asks him what he would do he said they'll have sex and they'll screw. First they undress and he massages her breasts he sucks and plays with her firm and perky chest. He twists and pinches her erect nips then back to kissing her ruby red lips. He licks her stomach and kisses her toes his pecker is hard and...Read On

Audio version available

Cyber Games

Do You Play Cyber Games?

Do you play cyber games, or do you find it rather lame? To have fun with a cyber lover you create naughty stories together. Will you play the part of a whore when you get fucked fast on the floor? Maybe you're a virgin for the day your lover licks your pussy when you play. Are you master's little cum slut will he fuck you in your butt? Maybe just two lovers on a date lovemaking together...Read On

The Man with the Ten Inch Dick

A man with a monster cock

There was a guy with a ten inch cock, Most ladies were terrified when he was hard as a rock. The head of his dong would pulsate and throb, The ladies would give him the best hand jobs. He came across a lady who loved to cock suck, He felt blessed and was feeling he had good luck. She'd stroked his cock from the base to his head, He got comfortable on the bed. She swirled her tongue...Read On

Ladies of the Night

Ladies of the night looking for you

Ladies of the night are often bought for sex,  They only take cash; they never want checks. There is a whole array of services to pick, All that is required is a nice erect dick. Hand jobs and blow jobs are nice, Once you both figure out the price. Rough sex or anal play, Is something you like and will make your day. Maybe golden showers is what you like best, It's a little different,...Read On

Seduce My Mind

Arousal starts in the brain

I love to get aroused, it's what I prefer, Seduce my mind with your words. If you can stimulate my brain, My pussy gets so wet, it's hard to explain. They say great minds fuck each other, Two people that are hot and sexy lovers. I love to chat with my lover, All sorts of sexy words said together. The conversations are very hot, My pussy creams from my honey pot. I get very hot and...Read On

It's Time to Vibrate My Pussy

It's that time of the day again

I love to vibrate and play with my wand,  My pussy gets so wet and really responds. I lay my vibrator on my swollen pink clit, And slide the attachment on and fuck my slit. I watch in a mirror and see my pussy drip, It feels so good on my pussy lips. My wand makes my pussy squirt, Juices come pouring out in a big spurt. I can't stop yet and continue to play, Moving my wand all around...Read On

Tonight is the Night to Worship your Cock

Tonight is your night

Tonight I'm going to worship your dick,  I love to tease you and love your prick. I get a firm grip and stroke your cock, You're hard and stiff like a rock. I love to lick your shaft from your base to your head, Maybe you should lie down on the bed. I love to lick your cock, up and down your shaft, You moan and groan and become a bit daft. My hands are still stroking you and have a...Read On

Pussy Action and Reaction

It's time once again to lick your pussy

Close your eyes and open your thighs,  I'm going to lick you into whimpering sighs. My tongue is long and will delight your clit, Circling and exploring, while I plunge into your slit. I take out one of your favorite toys, And fuck you slow to give you more joy. Your pussy is loving all the vibrating action, I love teasing you and seeing your reaction. I'm laying the vibrator on...Read On

Control is the Game - Final Part

Pet calls Mistress mid week

You can't wait for next Friday and need some attention,  On the phone you have a bit of apprehension. Mistress tells you to swing by, but she is not pleased. She tells you when you get here, strip and get on your knees. Mistress has her pleasure whip in her hands, She tells her pet to get up and please stand. Mistress looks at you for full inspection, You're all ready hard with a...Read On

A Yummy Pussy For You

Loving Oral Pleasure

I get comfortable on the bed, You give me a fluffy pillow, for my head. I open my long legs and spread my thighs, You're going to lick me into whimpering sighs. My pussy is bald and looks so pretty, You're going to lick my beautiful kitty. Your tongue wanders and finds my clit, You're licking and loving my tight wet slit. Your tongue goes deeper into my pussy, I feel all tingly and...Read On

My Love For My Sweet Prince

I Love My Lover

I love to talk to my lover, he brightens my day,  We have hot cyber sex, when we play. He makes me smile and tells me nice things, He's so amazing and we're having a fling. I never thought I could love someone this way, But I love talking to him each and every day. He really is quite special and I'm so happy we met, When we play cyber games, it certainly makes met wet. He's always in...Read On

Let's Make Love

A night of total bliss

Let's make love, today is the day,  Lots of positions, many different ways. Lots of attention and cock-sucking, Plenty of screaming and lots of fucking. On all fours, please grab my hips, Push your cock through my pussy lips. Thrusting and pounding my bald wet slit, I'm rubbing and playing with my tits. Slapping my ass as you fuck me, Feels so good don't you agree? Your cock is deep...Read On

Let's Eat Some Pussy

It's Pussy Time Spead Your Legs

I lay back and open my thighs, I'm so excited and close my eyes. Your head is between my thighs in position, Licking my cunt and making me cum is the mission. You suck and nibble on my pussy lips, My pussy is so wet and juicy it's starting to drip. I grind my cunt into your face, Your tongue has now quickened the pace. Your tongue licks all around my clit, Your fingers are finger...Read On

Should I Suck Your Cock?

I want to suck your cock.

Do you want me to suck your cock?  Hoping you are harder than a rock. You get undressed and take out your dick, Eight inches long and nice and thick. You can tell me what to do, I really like to tease and please you. I love to pleasure you, while I lick your dick, Working my tongue up and down your prick. I'm sucking and slurping on your rod, You've given me approval and a nod. I...Read On

Control is the Game - Part Two

It's Friday and Slave has come back to play

It's Friday; you've come back to see your mistress,  You love how I am your seductress. You strip your clothes and get on the bed, Handcuffs and blindfolds are put on, nothing is said. You're excited and aroused as I begin, Using my feather tickler on your skin. I go into my draw to get out the nipple clips, Apply them to slaves erect and swollen nips. A little pain and now some...Read On

Control is the Game

A slave submits to his mistress

Hot passionate sex with total trust,  Desire, need, want, and total lust. Blindfolds and restraints are used. Feeling a little excited and a bit confused. Teasing and control is the game, Pet or slave is your name. Your tied to the posts and I will explore, The nipple clamps are in the drawer. Your excited for what I will do, This game involves just me and you. I straddle your face...Read On

Audio version available

When Married Women Come To Lush

Married women looking for a little fun

When married women come to Lush, they are looking for love affairs,  Men or women who delight them and show them they care. They're looking for people who excite them, A needle in the haystack, a possible gem. They love to be romanced and shown that you care, Arousing, stimulating conversations with a sexual flair. They're missing something in their lives, a possible void, They're...Read On

Audio version available

When Men Come to Lush

When men come to Lush, what are you looking for?  A beautiful lady to be your whore. Looking for hot sexy things for you to explore, Maybe a special lady for you to adore. Or do you want to have a blossoming romance? Talking to hot, sexy, horny women who give you a chance. Do cyber chats and words excite you? Saying nasty whorish things on perfect cue. Creating sex filled scenarios...Read On

Loving my lover

My lover excites me so much,  I can feel his loving touch. He plays with me in many ways, He excites me, when we play. I love to go to our pretend bed, I love to give him amazing head. His cock is eight inches thick, My oh my, how I love his dick. I'm his whore and his little slut, I like when he calls me that kind of smut. We have so many interesting chats, Lots of this and a little...Read On

The Naughty Husbands

So much time, what to do

The naughty husbands of Lush,  They're home, or at work, and not in a rush. Looking to chat with you and play, Coming back looking for you every day. They're charmers and very horny, Sometimes telling you things that are corny. Some are writers and will write you stuff, They love to chat with you and can't get enough. They love to role-play with you every day, They like to fuck you...Read On

The Naughty Housewives

So much time, what to do

Lots of housewives are on Lush, All the time in the world, no need to rush. Posting x-rated pictures on people's walls, Maybe they chat and do voice calls. Possibly they like to role-play, Being very naughty in their days. Reading all the hot sexy stuff on the website, Chatting with cyber lovers all through the night. They could be looking for love and are cheaters, They might like...Read On

Kinky Fun

Life of a kinky couple

A kinky couple love to play with toys,  They love to give each other joy. She will wear sexy lingerie for her man, She has many ideas and lots of plans. The man will wear a cock ring on his dick, He holds an erection much longer on his prick. The man holds a vibrator on her clit, Puts the attachment on and fucks her slit. Blindfolds and restraints are fun, Flavored lotions that taste...Read On

The Nudist's Adventure

Hot sexy masturbating fun in the sun

A nudist is in his yard playing with his dick,  His shaft is long, erect, and very thick. He loves to be outside, when he plays, Jerking his cock each and every day. The sun is out and the trees are in bloom, Jerking off outside is always better than your room. He loves to stroke his cock in the cool air, His body under the sun completely bare. Fondling his balls gives him absolute...Read On

Quickie Sex Poem

Hot sex with a hot guy

Sat at the bar sipping rum and coke, Next to me was a very handsome bloke, We shared shy glances for a while, He was quite good looking and had a nice smile. He was strangely attractive not like any other guy, A bashful smile and lustful green eyes, He took my hand and led me down the hall, Then pushed me up against the wall. We shared a passionate kiss as we locked lips, ...Read On

A Couple of Sex Addicts

A couple of sex addicts enjoy each other,  They love to have sex together. They love to have sex many different ways, Having sex a few times every day. They love to get into the sixty nine position, Making each other cum is the mission. She loves to dress up and role play, Lots of costumes all different ways. They play with lots of vibrating toys, Making his lady experience joy. ...Read On

Hot and Horny MILF

A Milf looking for sex

A sexy MILF is always looking for hot sex, Her own sex life is a complete wreck. She loves sex and wants it every day, Finding men to fuck her all different ways. She joins lots of affair dating sites, Wanting hot sex and sultry nights. This MILF loves to find fucking dates, She will travel to many other states. Her goal is to fuck, as many men as she can, Hoping to find that one...Read On

Cock-Sucking Adventure

May I Tease and Please?

When I'm on my knees, I look at your cock,  I'm amazed it's so stiff and harder than a rock. Your cock is clean shaven and looks like fine art, I take a moment and worship it before I start. Pouring oil on my hand and then applying to your dick, Rubbing it all over your very erect and thick prick. My hands work and caress your shaft, It feels so good you become a bit daft. I caress...Read On

Sighs from Good Pussy Licking

Sighs and Cries from Pussy Licking

There is nothing better then to be licked into sighs,  All that is required is to open your thighs. Having your lover licking your pussy lips, Spending quality time until you drip. Moving their tongue along your hidden pink clit, Tongue fucking your very tight and wet slit. You grind your pussy into your lover's face, They keep a nice tempo and quicken the pace. Their tongue is licking...Read On

Cyber Affair

I Love My Cyber Lover

Loving my cyber lover with all my heart, Never wanting to be apart. Sentiments said with lust and desire, My body aches and is on fire. Each day is better than the last, My love for him is growing so fast. I love to chat with him every day, Fucking him in our pretend way. My love for him grows each day, I promise I will never stray. You have the key to my heart, My love for you is...Read On

Lushies Cyber Life

Cyber Fantasies and Dreams Come True

A website for reading and other things, Brings people together for hot erotic flings. A social media site with an erotic flair, Cyber games and hot conversation if you dare. Lustful thoughts and secret desires, Your mind wandering, your body on fire. A place that you don't share with your spouse, Creating a secret life and perhaps playing house. Couples that are looking for a third...Read On

Pussy Loving

Feelings I feel When You Lick My Pussy

The best time of the day is when I spread my thighs, I love when you lick my pussy and make me cry. Feeling your tongue exploring my folds as you play, Licking up and down and so many other ways. You slurp and you taste my wet bald little pussy, I moan and groan and am never fussy. Your fingers are knuckle deep in my very wet slit, Your rubbing and massaging my hidden pink clit. My...Read On

Audio version available

Valentine Surprises

Will You Be My Valentine?

Will you be each other's valentine?  Sharing a glass of the finest wine. Valentine sentiments for your special one, Flavored lotions that taste like cinnamon bun. A box of chocolates is a sweet treat, A foot massage of her feet. A romantic dinner invitation for two, Telling each other, "I love you." A negligee made of the finest lace, Lots of kissing in a strong embrace. Flowers...Read On

Fantasy Lover

Love for my Fantasy Lover

Fantasies and dreams for you, The perfect words said on cue. Happy to have met my fantasy lover, He tells me things like no other. Even though this is a fantasy game, I feel like I've been claimed. This love is an affair of the heart, Love blossoming it is a start. Feelings of lust and desire, Dampened panties wet on fire. Sexual conversations that feel so right, Talking to my...Read On


A Milf looking for love and sex

Lots of lovers, too many to mention,  For a milf looking for love and attention. She feels she is not getting what she needs, Hoping to find possible leads. Looking for men in all kinds of places, Making sure to cover all of her bases. A man who is fit and pleasing to the eye, Business men who wear silk ties. Looking to take her suitors to bed, Sucking their cocks and giving them head. ...Read On

Lustful Thoughts

Cyber Fantasy Thoughts

Cyber conversations that feel so right,  Steamy conversations into the night. Excited feelings of loving one another, This is my sexy cyber lover. A fantasy life that is just a game, A married housewife with no shame. Cyber feelings of lust and desire, My panties wet and on fire. Words crafted to give pleasure, Exciting thoughts that I will treasure. Sharing pictures so we can dream,...Read On

Uh Oh! Master Caught Me

Master is Not Happy

Her vibrator was deep in her pussy,  Sliding in and out she was not fussy. Moaning and whimpering with feelings of joy, Going deeper and deeper with her toy. Her door opens and her Master is there, Giving her a look, then a very hard glare. She removes her vibrator and bows to him, He is disgusted that she did this on a whim. He tells her to assume the position on his lap, He is going...Read On

Wild Sexy Thing

On the Hunt for a Sugar Daddy

A young woman is dressed in revealing things,  Trying to pick up and older man and have a fling. She is dressed in a see through and revealing shirt, Wearing a form fitted and pleated mini skirt. She hangs around popular nightclubs, Or has lots of pints in rustic pubs. Her body is fit with a gold suntan, Wanting to hook an older gentleman. This sexual being is on the prowl and starts...Read On

The Bored Housewife

Housewife being naughty

There once was a bored housewife,  She has a happy marriage and a good life. Life was hectic with lots of demands, But, she still hand time on her hands. Naughty ideas and sexual thoughts, She can't help herself it's not her fault. She loves to play with her vibrating toys, Having orgasms all day brings her joy. She is very creative and loves to write, Writing her ideas down through...Read On

Cyber Loving

Thoughts and Feelings of Cyber Lovers

Cyber loving is exciting when it happens,  It's very arousing by people's actions Creating scenarios that are very pleasing, Sexual innuendo's and lots of teasing. You can almost feel the words on the screen, Lots of sexy talking that can be obscene. Lovers that really connect with each other, Thoughts of having sex together. Chatting with a lover every night, Your relationship growing...Read On

The Slutty Wife

A Slutty Wife who Cheats on her Husband

There was a woman that was having an affair,  Her lover was the answer to her prayers. They played many games with each other, She was his whore and his lover. He loved for her to be his slut, Loved to bend her over and fuck her butt. He was always interested in her underwear, Her pussy was freshly shaved and always bare. He would lick her panties and find her wet, She was his...Read On

Sexual Games Lovers Play

Let's Try Something Different

A couple love to experiment whilst having sex,  They love to play with food and other objects. They always play with all kinds of toys, Making their partners experience all kinds of joy. The vibrations feel so good on her clit, While the vibrator goes deeper into her slit. They slide a cock ring onto her lovers prick, The vibrations feels so nice on her pussy and his dick. She may...Read On

Sexual Dreams

Soon We Will Make Love

The wedding night is planned and they've set the date,  These mature virgins have decided to wait. Soon it will be the perfect setting, For lots of kissing and lots of petting. Thoughts of touching and feeling her breasts, Finally, he will cup and massage her chest. Dreams of her hand stroking his dick, His lovers fingers moving up and down his prick. His tongue would swirl over her...Read On

Threesome Fun Tale

Lovers share a woman for the night

Two guys and a beautiful gal sharing each other, Tonight they will have sex all together. Lots of kissing and lots of foreplay, All sorts of fucking all different ways. Donna is jerking one cock and sucking the other, The guys are dating and are lovers A firm grip and a nice hand job to Tim, Slow and steady cock sucking to Jim. Donna's fingers working up and down Tim's shaft, Slurping...Read On

A New and Exciting Relationship

A Couple Meets by Chance

A couple meet each other by chance,  They start to date and start a romance. Lots of dates getting to know each other, Hopes and dreams that they will be lovers. They take it slow not trying to rush, Them seem to both like each other possibly a crush. Several months pass and they are hot for each other, Tonight they will have sex and become lovers. They kiss each other on their...Read On

Sweet Sexy Honey

My Sexy Young Lover

Old man has a younger lover who loves sex,  The man is so happy and pays her with checks. She is a beauty with an amazing set of tits, Even better is her bald and juicy slit. She is his honey and is twenty one years young, He loves to eat her sweet pussy with his tongue. She sits on his lap and he whispers in her ears, Tells her he hasn't had sex in many years. He tells her they will...Read On

The Sexy Hooker

Come and See Sexy Leigh

There was a woman that was a beautiful hooker, Many men and women would call her a looker. A sexy woman who loved to flirt, She had a great ass and wore mini skirts. She also wore revealing shirts, She seemed to attract many perverts. You could see right through her shirts, She never wore panties under her skirts. She wiggled her ass when she walked, Striking up conversations as...Read On

The Exotic Dancer Tale

A tale about an Exotic Dancer

There was a woman that liked to strip,  She loved to dance and gyrate her hips. She would give lap dances on the side, Sit on your lap and give you a ride. For a little more you get together, She didn't care whatever gender. She was tan and had amazing skin, Her body was fit and built for sin. The customers would call her honey, She made an obscene amount of money. One customer loved...Read On

A fun poem about a MILF

Life as a MILF

Finding younger men was pure luck,  For this mother that liked to fuck. She was a sex addict looking for hot sex, She would even write out monetary checks. Her husband was always on the job away, She would be on the hunt looking for her prey. She liked men fit and with big dicks, She loved for them to be very thick. She loved to grind her pussy on their face, Smothering them with her...Read On

Sexy Spicy Game

Let's play a little game

A man suggests to his wife that they play a game,  Calling her all sorts of different names. He tells her to undress and lie on the bed, She is a little nervous and her face turns red. He restrains her hands and her feet, She is laying on her back on the sheets. He puts a blindfold on her eyes, She starts to whimper little sighs. He take some ice running it along her nips, He gives her...Read On

A tale of Stroking Your Cock

Bob is jerking his cock again

Bob is on his bed stroking his cock,  His prick is as hard as a rock. His hands have a firm grip, A little of his pre-cum drips. Stroking from the base to his head, He adjusts himself on the bed. Thinking of things to make him excited, Rubbing his cock makes him delighted. Rubbing and jerking his dick, He is seven inches and very thick. Bob fondles his warm and fleshy balls, Looking...Read On

My Sexy Slut Tale

My girlfriend loves sex all the time

I met this woman she was younger than me,  She loved to have sex on her hands and knees. I would hold her hips and slide into her pussy, She was so slutty and a complete hussy. I rubbed and massaged her pierced little clit, Thrusting and pounding her tight wet slit. I smacked her ass and called her my slut, Talked all nasty with other filthy smut. She said to lay down and she would...Read On

The Nudist

My friend the Nudist

My friend Ed likes to play with his cock, Edging all day and staying hard as a rock. He likes to chat and play on Lush, Jerking his cock all day and never in a rush. Watching videos to keep himself hard, Smoking cigarettes naked in his backyard. He loves to put on shows on messenger, Hoping to raise peoples temperatures. Ed might ask you to talk on the phone, Jerking his cock with...Read On

Caught at Work Masturbating Fantasy

Caught masturbating on the job

There was a woman that read on a website, She was at work and would masturbate and it felt right. She would finger herself in one of the stalls, And when her phone rang, she would run down the hall. She finger fucked herself after she read hot stories, She hoped nobody heard her and she got worried. After the stories she would rub her clit, Finger fuck her tight little slit. She would...Read On

A Couple of Swingers

Come to Our Wild Sex Party

There was a couple whole liked to swing,  Switching partners was their thing. They would have wild sex parties, The hosts of the party were Martie and Artie. At the party there is top shelf booze, Everybody gets drunk and then they all screw. The party starts out with everybody fucking their spouse, Everybody sits and watches who are in the house. When each couple is done, Then it's...Read On

It all started with masturbation

Let's masturbate together

A couple who like to masturbate for each other,  Put on little shows while they are together. She would spread her legs and rub her clit, Watching her fuck her bald pretty slit. He had a firm grip on his dick, His fingers moved up and down his prick. Her fingers were deep in her honey pot, This was getting them both very hot. His hands moved faster up his shaft, Little sighs, moans,...Read On

The Lingerie Store

There was man who owned a lingerie store,  A beautiful women walked though the door. The man asked her if he could help her, She was a little tipsy and started to slur. She told the man she was at a bar, She smelled of smoke and cheap cigars. She asked him if he had some thongs, He shook his head and felt tingles in his dong. He took her to a table where the panties were, Her...Read On

Orgasmic Pleasure

When your body reaches orgasmic pleasure

The most emotional of sensations, Is the feeling of orgasmic celebrations. When your sexual muscles have contractions, Yeah I got me some satisfaction. Two sexes in real relation, From all the sexual gratification. All of this orgasmic pleasure, Explosive feelings you will treasure. To experience passionate love making, When your body cums, rocks and shaking. ...Read On

The night we met

I saw you across the room

I went out dancing for the night,  You were with your friends and in my sight. I looked at you in your direction, You were sitting across from me in my section. The waitress told you I would buy you a drink, You accepted kindly and gave me a wink. We talked and laughed and went to the dance floor, Your hands were roaming and I wanted more. We shared a kiss on both our lips, Your...Read On

Why do you go on-line

On-line adventures a journey into the abyss

It's interesting to have an on-line life,  Secret lives not including your husband or your wife. All these interesting connections can be exciting, In your real life maybe there is fighting. Maybe you do it to spice up your sex life, Learning sexual things to share with your wife. Not getting any attention when you're home, You love to have phone sex when you're alone. It could be...Read On

Naughty Cyber Lovers Part Two

Two women find love on-line

There were two women who met on-line,  They talked to each other and were on cloud nine. Their names were Faye and Kay, The ladies chatted together every day. Faye and Kay met in a chat room by chance, A budding connection blossomed into a romance. Sharing pictures and links with each other, Now they were each other's cyber lover. Giving each other things to do, With subtle hints...Read On

Audio version available

Naughty Cyber Lovers

Finding a needle in a haystack

It's kind of naughty and wicked to have a cyber lover,  You talk about fucking, licking, and sucking each other. The fantasy of it all is very arousing, You pick and choose your lovers in a form of browsing. I especially like very detailed chats, With lots of juicy details and lots of facts. Finding a cyber lover is like a needle in a haystack, All this heated conversation, you...Read On

My Vibrator

Time to play with my vibrator

When you can't have sex, a vibrator will do,  I start to lose my mind and become unglued. I put the vibrator on my clit, Rubbing and massaging my slit. The vibrations are strong and it feels so good, I fuck myself with my vibrator like I should. It doesn't take long and I start to squirt, Pussy juices run down my leg in a big spurt. I continue to fuck my pussy, Never ever being fussy. ...Read On

A Kinky Couple Tale

A couple who love to be kinky

There is a couple that are very kinky,  The man loves to finger her ass with his pinkie. He loves to lick and rim her ass, She has a butt plug made of glass. They play lots of kinky games, They both have not an ounce of shame. He loves to give her golden showers, So many kinky things, to fill up the hours. Sometimes he will tie her up, Sometimes he will cum in a cup. He gets...Read On

There was a slut

Life of a street walker

There was a slut who walked the streets,  Looking for John's to fuck in their backseats. Cars would hail her down, while she was walking, They would call her over and she would start talking. They would talk to her about her price, She would smile and start to entice. They told her to get in the car, Either the car or a motel not so far. For fifty dollars, she will suck your cock,...Read On

Training Slave Pet

You must obey

There was a submissive that loved her master,  He was training her and it was a disaster. He wanted obedience and her to listen, She was to bow to him in the position. She was to look at master in his eyes, She was to learn to be his slutty prize. He insisted she wear make up every day, She was to look hot for him, before they would play. She was to do all her chores, when he was at...Read On

Dreams on the Shelf

Dreaming of cock

Two beautiful women love each other,  However, one of the ladies wants the other's brother. She loves the woman, but enjoys a cock, She loves when they're stiff and hard as a rock. She loves to feel the friction in her slit, She loves the rough hands rubbing her clit. However, her lady lover devours her pussy, Bringing her to orgasm and is not fussy. Her lover licks her pussy and...Read On

Dreams of Feet

Oh how I love feet

There was a man who was obsessed with feet,  Thoughts of feet, soles, and toes made him feel complete. He loves women's feet in stockings and heels, He stares at feet and would love to cop a feel. He gets quite turned on and wants to suck them, He loves legs in stockings and skirts with short hems. He loves to suck each pretty toe, He really enjoys them, when they are in silk hose. He...Read On

Two lovers on vacation

We are on vacation

Gene and Irene go on vacation together, For a week of lust and pleasure. They are on a cruise ship, They have signed up for lots of trips. The first trip is hiking through mountains, They see a beautiful fountain. They hike further to a beautiful waterfall, It's pressed against a wall. They take off their clothes, And stand under the water that flows. Gene and Irene start to kiss...Read On

Mature man with younger woman tale

An afternoon of sex

There was a man who was mature, his lady was young,  The man was endowed and very well hung. His young lady was a bit of a prude, But the man was going to get her in the mood. He started with a hug and a kiss, His hands were wrapped around her hips. She was very shy and sometimes she would cry, But the man wanted to get between her thighs. They got undressed, she had a heaving chest,...Read On

Threesome tale - two males and a female

A hot and sexy threesome

A woman does a little strip show,  She is dancing and taking her clothes off slow. Her two male friends are wanting her, First they wanted her to pick who she preferred. She said she wants to have them both, They will pleasure her tonight giving their oaths. She starts to suck Brian's cock, He is so thick and hard as a rock. Tony is rubbing her clit, Finger fucking her very wet slit. ...Read On

Cuckold dreams

A hot wife's tale

There is a man and his wife,  The wife is not happy with her sex life. She wants a man with a bigger dick, Her husband's dick is not very thick. In fact, it's very small and she is upset, Sex with her husband she would rather forget. She tells her husband she will be with another man, He will have a bigger cock and that is the plan. She tells him he will help prepare her for her...Read On

A crossdressing fetish tale

a crossdressing poem

There is a guy and his wife,  He has a fetish in his life. He enjoys wearing women's clothes, He likes all different fabrics with lots of bows. When he dresses he gets very excited, Thoughts of sex makes him delighted. He loves to wear his wife's thongs, They feel so sexy on his dong. He walks around with panties on, Sometimes he wears dresses made of chiffon. He loves to wear all...Read On

How could you do that?

You did what, okay well now I will too

A couple are together but one is mad,  The man has done something very bad. The man admits to his wife he did cheat, He is ridden with guilt and filled with deceit. The wife is shocked and cannot believe what he said, She starts yelling and says you took that bitch to bed. He tells her it was a woman where he works, The wife starts crying and calls him a jerk. She asks him if he is...Read On

Tonight is Our Night

Welcome home let's play

When your day is over and you finally come home,  I can't wait to get everyone asleep so we will be alone. We undress each other and start to kiss, Our hands on each others hips. You massage and play with my breasts, I move my hands up on your chest. We lie down and you spread my thighs, Your tongue is exploring my pussy and I start to sigh. You're fingering and playing with my...Read On

A couple find an open place

A couple have sex in an open place

A couple find a place together in an open place,  The man wants a blow job and starts fucking her face. She is fondling his balls as she is sucking his cock, His cock is long and thick and is hard as a rock. She teases the head and gives it a taste, He is pushing his cock into her face. He puts his hands on either side of her face, Thrusting and pounding at a very quick pace. He...Read On

How was your day honey

Did you have a nice day sweetie

My husband and I are together tonight,  The kids are sleeping and out of sight. You ask me questions about my day, We laugh and kiss and start to play. Your hands are cupping and massaging my breasts, I moan and groan as you rub my chest. Your fingers are rubbing my pink little clit, You're moving your fingers into my slit. I'm so wet and start to moan, You're fingering me faster...Read On

O Pussy O Pussy

How I love thee

O Pussy O Pussy how I love thee,  Let me get on my hands and knees. Spread those legs and let me get to work, I love to tease and please you so you go berserk. Sweet succulent pussy that I admire, Your happiness and pleasure is all I desire. You're moving your body and your hips, I love to lick and kiss your pussy lips. Running my tongue over your clit, Your pussy is so wet as I...Read On

Pussy Licking Good

I love when you lick my pussy

I love when you lick my pussy,  You lick and play and I'm never fussy. You tongue and play with my little clit, You part my lips and tongue fuck my slit. You lick and suck on my lips, I move my body and my hips. I grind my pussy on your face, Your licking and slurping at a nice pace. I close my eyes and lose my mind, I move my pussy and start to grind. You're tongue fucking my wet...Read On

My sugar daddy

He will never leave his wife

Sometimes, you are in love but the other person is not, Your love of your life shows up and you have sex that is super hot. He tells you things that you want to hear, But he tells his friends other things, while he is out drinking beer. He uses your body just for sex, He treats you with little or no respect. But you're so lonely and you don't even care, You love your time together...Read On

Three best friends enjoy an evening together

We have been planning a threesome together

Three best friends decide to get together, On this night of lust and pleasure. Tonight they will share each other, A man and his two female lovers. The ladies kiss each other on their lips, Pressing their bodies together and moving their hips. The man sits back and strokes his cock, Rubbing his foreskin back and getting hard as a rock. The ladies are massaging and rubbing each...Read On

Giving my man pleasure

Honey let me suck your cock

I love to give my man pleasure and suck on his cock, He starts out soft, but I slowly suck it till he's hard as a rock. His cock is so straight and has a nice head, I love to just kiss it and lick it, there isn't much to be said. I lick and kiss his balls starting at the top, He is moaning and groaning and telling me not to stop. I like to suck each ball, making him feel good, He...Read On

Cyber Confessions

Let's have a cyber chat

Hugs and licks, on your hard and thick dick,  Wet little kisses, on my pretty pink clit. These are the things, that I tell my cyber lovers; When we are finished, playing with each other. I love to make them crazy, with lust and desire, I weave these tales, and their bodies are on fire. There is nothing more fun, then a nice detailed chat, We talk about their fantasies, and lots of...Read On

Our Lovemaking Session

Let's make love

Oh, how I love to fuck, most of the day;  I love to make you excited, and have my way. I love to play, with your big hard cock, I am always amazed, how you're hard as a rock. I love to stroke your cock, from your base to your head; Making you feel so excited, and your face turns a shade of red. I love to feel your fingers, in my bald wet slit, Rubbing and massaging, my little pink clit. ...Read On

The Joy of my Toys

Oh the joy of my toys

I sit here all day, waiting for you, to come back to our house,  I take care of our family, as I am your spouse. I am always aroused, and I play with my toys, Rubbing my pussy, with so much joy. I love to spread my legs, and feel my vibrator on my clit; Rubbing and playing, and fucking my slit. I get so aroused, when I play with my wand; I get so wet, as my body starts to respond. I...Read On

Our evening walk at the beach

Walking at the beach together

It's such a beautiful night, we drive to the beach;  We walk along the ocean's edge, the waves in our reach. The moon is out, and shines so bright; We walk together holding hands, on this night. We walk together, for what seems like miles, Kissing and talking, and we keep on smiling. We find the perfect spot, and put the blanket down; We remove our clothes, and lie down on the ground....Read On

It's that time of the night

Let's make passionate love

It's that time of the night, when the children are asleep. We start kissing each other, passionately and deep. We help each other, unbutton our shirts. You unzip, and help me remove my skirt. We lay down on a blanket on the floor, You get up, and make sure you locked the door. You massage and caress my firm and perky breasts, I start to lick and kiss your hairy muscular chest. ...Read On

The Neighbor

Having a little fun by the pool

My neighbor, is laying out by her pool,  How lucky for me, I just got home from school. I put lube around my shaft, that is hard as a rock; I watch her through the window, and stroke my big cock. She is nude and she lays, on her chair; I know she sees me, and knows that I stare. Her legs are spread, in such a way, She fondles herself, and begins to play. She massages, and caresses...Read On

The Whore House

Ladies are here at your service

There is a whore house, where women work;  You make an appointment, with the clerk. The girls line up, and you decide on which one, The madam tells you the price, and then you are done. The girl you choose, takes you to her room; You take off your clothes, and you can smell her perfume. You lay down on the bed, and she starts to strip; Your rubbing your shaft, and your pre-cum starts...Read On

Our Passionate Love

Our passion unfolding

Three little words, I Love You, So much meaning, because it's true. So much passion and so much heat, When our bodies are together on the sheets. I get so wet as your cock slides in, Our bodies in rhythm, your hands on my skin. Moans and groans, as we make love, Your cock in my pussy, fits like a glove. A few more pushes and thrusts, All this passion and sexual lust. I start...Read On

A Day at the Lake

Memories of an Afternoon at the Lake...

Finally the day is here for our date; You promised this time, you wouldn't be late. We talked about going to the lake; I miss you so much, my heart just aches. I packed a picnic lunch, for us to share; I made all your favorites because I care. I brought a blanket for us to sit on; Two lovers named Yvonne and John. Two friends introduced us and there it began; Love at first...Read On

Affair of the Heart

Online Lover Feelings.....

I know it hasn't been very long;  But my feelings for you are very strong. Whenever we chat, your sentiments are always so sweet; You tell me you wish, that we could meet. Writing and chatting is why I came here; But what I have found is very clear. The things you say are very romantic; My mind goes blank, and I start to feel frantic. Let's take it slow; And see where it goes. ...Read On

Cyber Lover Feelings

Let's Have a Cyber Conversation.....

It is so exciting to have a cyber lover;  To share your thoughts and lustful desires. I chat and I talk and have many conversations; But always hoping for that special connection. I think of topics and my mind starts to think; Of interesting things that generate heat. I type and I write all these interesting thoughts; Once I get started, I get kind of lost. The topics can...Read On

That Magical Evening

It happened one night...

I am standing in a crowded room;  You pass by me and smell my perfume. Our eyes find each other in a glance; We stare at each other like in a trance. You walk over and ask me my name; You tell me you saw me on the train. I tell you that my name is Grace; You tell me I have an amazing face. I tell you that I have seen you there; You tell me that you noticed my hair. My hair is...Read On

Afternoon Delight

A glimpse of adventures with my Mistress......

Every Friday Billy visits me;  He strips and gets on his knees. Our sessions always start promptly at noon; Billy bows to his Mistress until she enters the room. Mistress is dressed in leather and lace; Which always brings pleasure to Billy's face. Mistress asks Billy to stand, so she can inspect; She circles around her pet, and deserves his respect. Mistress stands in front of...Read On

Sweet Nothings

Feelings I feel for my Online Friend and Lover...

I like to read stories and poems on Lush;  I take my time and try not to rush. There was a story that stuck out; I left some praise on how I felt. Awhile later, you wrote me back; We started chatting and we lost track. You read my profile and you were impressed; Moments later, you sent the friends request. When I start chatting, I hope for a connection; Your words and thoughts...Read On


The Amusement Park

Let's have some public sex

My boyfriend and I are exhibitionists. We love to have sex out in the open. We’ve been going out for about a year now. We have had it in the oddest places. Sometimes people will watch us and sometimes people will even approach us and want to join in. We love to experiment and love when people catch us having sex when we’re outside. My name is Valerie and my boyfriend’s name is Scott. We...Read On

Fantasy & Sci-Fi(1)

I met a warlock and he changed my life

The oddest thing happened to me

This is the story of how I met a very interesting man. This man was able to change my whole life literally. With all these changes came one sacred rule. We'll find out in this story, if I was able to abide by this one rule. I was very unhappy and feeling very down on myself. I’m not the best looking person, but lately I was just feeling really unattractive. All the other girls in my class...Read On


A Naughty Easter Tale

Mistress Rebecca and Master Dan were having their Easter Extravaganza tomorrow.  They have had two of these parties in the past.  It was always a fun holiday for them and their slaves to enjoy. Now you must be thinking why would a Mistress and a Master be a couple?  They’re both dominant people.  Nobody in the relationship wants to be a switch.  They both have their slaves to play with....Read On

My Visit with Mistress Jackie

A wonderful afternoon with my Mistress

“You’re a very bad boy aren’t you? Answer your Mistress!” “I’m a very bad boy. Mistress; can you spank me?” “I shall spank you. Look at your cock; it’s so little.” Spank, Spank, Spank “Do you like your pain? You’re such a sissy. Mistress may have you get all dressed up like a sissy and walk you all around. Do you want to dress like a girl? You’re so pathetic. Put your bra and panties...Read On

An Afternoon With Bill

A BDSM session with my slave

It's three o’clock and I hear the door open and my client Bill goes into my basement to prepare for his meeting with me. My name is Ally and I’m a Mistress. I've been dominating men for the past year now. I just love to be in complete control and have a few regular clients that see me. I wait for him to get ready. I like my clients to get undressed and get into a bowing position. I'll give...Read On

The Fetish Club

Come Play With Mistress Mysteria

I just moved into town, and want to check out a new fetish club. I have read about them in magazines. I get there, and there is a bouncer at the door. I show him my identification, and proceed to walk down the stairs. The club is dark inside, and very smoky. It is very crowded. There are men and women milling about. Some people have leather outfits on. Others are wearing leather and studs....Read On


Looking For Milk

I’m going to tell you a strange story.  I’m a pretty normal guy with a very strange fetish.  I’ve tried to keep this fetish under wraps, but lately I’m just crazed and need to do something about it.  I’m turned on by pregnant women.  I like that their bodies change and really get turned on when their breast milk comes in.  I love the taste of mother’s milk.  I find it a turn-on to suckle...Read On

Working At The Shoe Store

I thought it would be great working at a shoe store.  However, I have a foot fetish and am constantly aroused with all the incredibly sexy feet to look at.  A long time ago, I found out that feet turned me on. I had a girlfriend that liked to dominate me in the bedroom.  She got incredibly turned on when I sucked her toes.  At first, I didn’t really like it, but the more I did it I became...Read On

Jill My Sexy Lactating Secretary

A boss enjoys his pregnant secretary.

The perks of being the boss are everybody listens to you. The fun part about being a boss is all the secretaries who suck at their jobs offer their bodies for trade. Not a bad place to be in. Over the years, I have had sex with several of my secretarial staff. The funny thing is, they all know that so and so is banging the boss. All the little nymphs are in competition to woo the boss to...Read On

My Husband Loves My Lactating Breasts

A couple finally make love together after a high risk pregnancy.

My husband and I were trying to have a family. We’d been married for a year. Surprisingly, only after the first attempt, I became pregnant. When I took the pregnancy test and it confirmed a positive result, I was so excited. My husband was working out on our elliptical machine, and I carried out the pee stick showing I was pregnant. He was so happy and picked me up and gave me many kisses. ...Read On

Gymnastic Role-Play Fantasy

A couple do a gymnastic fantasy role-play

Albert Thomas is a very horny and kinky man. He really enjoys to have his girlfriend dress up in gym uniforms. He loves for her to wear white lace panties, with a little navy pleated skirt, a very tight fitted, button up, white shirt, and a white bra. He likes her to wear sneakers and slouch socks. His girlfriend’s name is Kimberly. She's twenty years old and Albert is forty years old....Read On

A Little Sexy Fun For Robert

A man has some naughty fun

Robert had figured out that he really had a fetish for women’s panties. He absolutely loved to see his girlfriend in them. In fact, when she was out, he would go into the hamper and actually smell her used and fragrant panties. Her scent was very intoxicating to him. He often would masturbate, while smelling her used panties and sometimes would even taste them. Robert would smell the...Read On

Treasure Chest

Let's Go Shopping at the Treasure Chest.....

A new store has opened in my town. It is called the Treasure Chest. It is a lingerie store. I must go check it out. I am shopping for lingerie and panties. The store has all the usual stuff, bras, panties, lingerie, adult toys, nightgowns, etc. I start looking around and a man approaches me. He introduces himself as the owner. He tells me his name is Joseph. Joseph asks me what I am...Read On

First Time(10)

Please Be My First

Henry Lane just finished a long day and went to his favorite watering hole.  He sat at the bar and ordered some dinner and a pitcher of his favorite beer.  There were mostly young people there.  Henry was a more mature man.  He wondered if the people there though he was cringy.  Young people think everyone is cringy. Henry’s dinner was put down on the bar.  He enjoyed his burger and fries. ...Read On

The Story About George - Chapter One - Hot Pants

A teenage boy explores his sexuality.

George Smart was just your average seventeen year old. He was kind of quirky and a virgin. He was looking to lose his virginity, but hadn't really had any offers. George had a lot to learn and needed somebody patient to show him the ropes. George's parents had asked their good friend Pamela to stay with them for a week. Pamela was their divorced friend. She needed a little time away from...Read On

Fun at the Ice Cream Parlor

Jerry has an entertaining night

Jerry Martin worked at the Foster Freeze ice cream store. He had worked at the shop for a year. The ice cream shop was popular with local teenagers. His boss had put in a few video games that the kids liked to play. Jerry was a bit awkward and a little nerdy around girls. He enjoyed them, but more from a distance. Sometimes, his friends would hang out in the shop and he'd give them free...Read On

I Met a Seventy Year Old Virgin

Took a drive in the country.

I did the craziest thing this past weekend. I took a drive and wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going. I ended up on a country road, when I saw this older woman outside having a yard sale. I’ve always had a fondness for older women. When I say “older” I mean a woman who can be like my “Grandmother.” I just find women that are older, might feel like their time is almost up. Most...Read On

Gina Loses Her Virginity While Babysitting

An overnight babysitting job

I've been babysitting for the longest time. Every weekend, I have a job and have made enough money to buy a car. I've been babysitting for the Jackson’s for about two years now. They hired me overnight and will be paying me three hundred dollars. I’m so excited to go over there tonight. The best part of babysitting over there, is their gorgeous son named Jack. I wasn't sure if he'd be home, but...Read On

I have a crush on my best friend

My best friend sleeps over

I’m so excited my girlfriend from school is coming over tonight for a sleepover. I really never had a best friend before, but she’s new to our school. We just have hit it off and I really like her. My name is June and my girlfriend’s name is Tina. She’s just the nicest girl I’ve ever met. She’s so friendly and really pretty too. She used to live in Montana, but moved here to Florida. I’m...Read On

Allyson's First Time Story

Memories of my first time of having sex

It was my last year of high school and I was still a virgin. My name is Allyson and I’m active on the swim team. I’m 5’8” and weigh one hundred and thirty pounds. I have blue eyes and light brown hair. I have large breasts around a 36 C cup size and my body is very fit and athletic. I love to swim. It makes me feel good all over. My best friend Rachel, who I've known my whole life, had a...Read On

Kelly's First Time With a Woman

Two College Roomates Enjoy Each Other

Things have been a little crazy lately. I recently started college and am getting used to living away from home. Thankfully, I have a great roommate. Her name is Kelly and she and I have really hit it off. We do everything together. She’s very pretty and I sometimes feel very attracted to her. I don’t think I’m a lesbian, but lately, I’m not too sure. I get very excited when Kelly and I...Read On

Penny and Todd's First Time Together

A couple of virgins have sex together

My boyfriend Todd and I were dating for the past six months. We were in love with each other. We were two seventeen year old teens wanting to take the next step. We'd been discussing losing our virginity for the past few weeks. The whole time we dated, we just got to know each other. We were both very curious and were waiting for the ideal time, when my parents would be out of town. I'd...Read On

Jayne's First Time

Jayne decides Today is the Day she loses her Virginity

I just started my first year at college. I am out with my friends. They are all talking about their first experiences of having sex. I don't let on that I am only a virgin, but I ache to know what it is like to experience that kind of thing. My boyfriend and I have been going together since high school. He is 20 and has never pushed me into doing anything. My parents have always talked about...Read On

Flash Erotica(16)

Dinner And Some Head?

It’s late and I’ve been waiting for you to come home. I’m in a playful mood and want to devour you when you get here. My mind is filled with naughty and interesting thoughts. I’m dressed in the sexy lingerie that you enjoy me in. The door opens and you walk in. You look tired, but that will change when you see me. I walk towards you with a big smile on. “Did you have a good day?” “It...Read On

A Wife Makes Her Husband's Fantasy Come True

Most men have fantasies where they wish to be with two women. Let’s make that fantasy a reality for you. Let’s imagine that you come home from work. I greet you at the door. I’m wearing your favorite lingerie and present you with a drink. I take your hand and you follow me to the bedroom. I undress you slowly. "Sit down! I have a surprise for you." "I can hardly wait. What is it?" ...Read On

Wicked Fun At The Ice Cream Parlor

Samantha closes up at the ice cream parlor

Samantha Parker was eighteen and got a job at an ice cream parlor for the summer. All her friends would pop in to see her and she'd give them free ice cream. Well, until her boss found out from the security tapes that she was giving it away. The next day, he sat her down and told her she couldn’t give the ice cream away. Samantha flirted her way out of her boss yelling at her. She batted...Read On

Kelly Waits For Brandon To Come Home

Kelly waits for her husband in her panties and her stilettos.

Brandon had a shitty day and came home all aggravated. His gorgeous wife was waiting for him in her white panties and black stiletto heels. She opened the door and just smiled at him. “Fuck! Don’t you look fucking gorgeous.” Kelly opened the door and took his hand and brought him into the living room. She walked up to him and shared a deep and passionate kiss. His hands explored her...Read On

Train Sex Fantasy

A couple have sex on a train with people watching.

My boyfriend is an exhibitionist. He loves to show his affection for me in public and we're always kissing and holding hands. But, lately, he has wanted us to have sex in open areas. The first few times we did it, I was shocked that he wanted me to do these things. But, as we were doing them, my adrenaline would surge. I was just as much an exhibitionist as Adam! When we go out to dinner,...Read On

What a Crazy Night

A woman is stranded and needing help.

I just had the most amazing thing happen to me. I was driving home from my girlfriend’s house, and I was annoyed because she wouldn’t put out. I mean, we've been going together for six months. It’s always the same story, she’s tired, it’s that time of the month, or the real kicker is she's saving it for when she's married. I love my girlfriend and would like to think that she’s the one for...Read On

A Situation At The Park

A little accident at the park

I had a really crappy day at the office today. Before leaving, I changed into my workout clothes and decided to head over to the park for a nice long walk. I had a lot on my mind and needed to relieve some pressure. The park is right across the street from my office building. There’s a pond in the middle with ducks and you basically walk around the pavement. I think it’s about a mile long....Read On

A Summer Foursome

A housewife has a foursome.

School was getting out in two days. My children were not going to camp this year. I had a busy summer planned out for them. Now, I’m a bit of a slut, when my husband is at work. I was getting very nervous, because I’d only be having sex with him, which was not nearly enough. I was now in panic mode. I basically had my days all figured out, when the children were in school. I had sex with...Read On

Lingerie Store Fun

A woman buys lingerie

I had the craziest thing happen to me last month. I’m still even a little embarrassed, that I let it happen. It was one of those things, that I really couldn’t believe was happening, until it was all over with. I wanted to surprise my boyfriend and get some beautiful lingerie. He really loves when I get dressed up in it, and makes for a very hot and steamy time, when we have sex. I wanted to...Read On

Naughty Fun at the Shoe Store

A woman has some fun at the shoe store.

I recently had a little fun when I went shoe shopping. I was really horny and just felt like fucking around with somebody. I wore a short, pleated, black skirt, a low cut blouse, which showed my amazing cleavage, no panties, nude hold up stockings, and heels. I went to the mall and went into my favorite shoe store. The kind of a shoe store where people actually help you. I started to...Read On

A Little Dinner For George

A wife brings her husband dinner.

My husband has been very busy at work lately. He’s working on presentations and needing to work late at the office. I thought I’d surprise him and dress in sexy lingerie and bring him his dinner. I bought a beautiful outfit and was so excited to show it to him. My husband loves black, so I bought a sexy push up bra to accentuate my large breasts, panties, garter, thigh high stockings, and...Read On

Kati and Bob have Group Sex

Katie decides to have a foursome for her 50th birthday

Lately, I’ve been pretty bummed out that I’m turning fifty. I mean my life was really going by so fast. I used to laugh when I heard that people were going through mid-life crisis, but I seem to be experiencing that myself. I’m still a very attractive woman and I have a wonderful husband and family. I just feel like my children are getting older and needing less of my nurturing. I’ve been...Read On

Birthday Threesome for Robert

A wife surpr