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I'm originally from California but have been in Houston for about 25 years now. My husband and I came here for work and have stayed. We both work in large, but different oil based companies. Before, my husband and I were both U.S. Air Force officers (I left as a first lieutenant and my husband left as a captain). We were both stationed at RAF Lakenheath in England 60 miles north of London from 1985 to 1989. We actually lived in Ely about 25 miles or so form the base and lived a real English life style.

We got into swinging shortly after we arrived in England. It took a lot of bedroom talking before I agreed to try it out. I didn’t enjoy the first time (I wrote about it here on Lush) because I was worried my husband would change his mind if he saw another man being intimate with me. It turned out my fears were baseless and we continued doing it for many years.

We took a break when our two daughters were born but eventually got back into it. We only met with other couples when our daughters were either visiting relatives or out with friends on overnight visits. When they hit the teenage years we started seeing several couples more frequently (never at our home). Once both my daughters were out of the house and in college, my husband and I got fully back into the “swing” of things.

Believe it or not, I'm a fairly introverted person. I'm not shy on a one on one basis but I don't enjoy crowds or parties. That's why I'm actually relieved to have left the swinger's world of parties after my husband’s health issues became a problem several years ago. Because of my shy nature, I’ve never really enjoyed the gatherings so I had to force myself to pretend to enjoy talking to all those people. That's why during my days as a swinger I usually insisted on privacy during actual sex so I could relax and enjoy myself. If I had to perform for an audience I'd be terrified. When I'm one on one with a person I feel so much more relaxed. It's strange to enjoy the sex involved in the swinging lifestyle but not enjoy the party atmosphere.

Anyway, we began to slow down but I found that my sexual appetite was actually growing while my husbands were decreasing (due to his health issue which will remain private). After long discussions on what to do, my husband came up with the idea that I meet guys on my own and either bring them back to our home or go to a hotel with them. The one catch was that if the guys were brought back to our home then my husband would go upstairs and stay there (without the guy knowing). He confessed that he really found it more exciting to listen to my sex noises than actually see me in the midst of intercourse. I also felt better having him in the house to act as my protector should the man (who was basically a stranger) go crazy on me. So, it has worked out for the both of us. I will meet quality men in various places and arrange to meet them at our home. The hotel option was rarely used unless I was on a business trip and then I’d have my cell phone opened so my husband could hear from his end.

A question I’m asked often is where do I meet these men? Well, a huge source is my workplace. I’m the accounts manager for a large oil based worldwide company and all new employees, as well as engineers from around the world coming to Houston for training, have to see me for vouchers and other pay matters. Many like to flirt and with most of them I’m very business like. However, there are a few that really attract my attention and I usually will accept their invitation to lunch or dinner.

I’m always upfront about being married and most don’t mind (they are a naughty bunch). More times than not it’s only lunch and a hearty handshake when we are done. However, if he is a charmer and has that certain magic to him, then chances are I will invite him to my home for dinner, telling him truthfully that my husband won’t be there to join us. If he accepts then I cook him a nice dinner and we have a good talk during dinner and after afterwards, we will sit on the couch or by the pool and talk over a glass of wine (just one glass).

If he continues his charming manner and I can see that he is sincere then chances are that in an hour or so he will in my bed on top of me moving between my legs as I softly moan so my husbands can hear from upstairs.

I still meet several old friends for sex every now and then that my husband and I have known for years. I also have a thing for younger men and I’ve been fairly lucky in still being able to attract them. That is a different story on how I find young men in their 20s and 30s willing to join their bodies with my 50 something year old body, but it does happen.
Anyway, my non-sexual life consists of work, family, friends, and my pursuit of a Master’s Degree in history. It’s very writing intensive which is why I haven’t been able to write stories for Lush like I once did. Perhaps one day I will. In the meantime, I will continue to go onto the chat site here at Lush and dispense with my wisdom.


By the way:

1. No Skyping
2. I don't want to talk to anyone on the telephone
3. No nasty talking. I'm a lady and wish to be treated like one.
4. Any mention of incest or children you get blocked.
5. No toilet stuff
6. Nothing to do with pain or being tied up
7 Though I have two grow daughters, don't ask about them or you get blocked.
8. Don't post porn pictures onto my profile. Porn does nothing for me except to anger me.
9. And for God's sake use proper English with me if you are writing or chatting with me!

I may seem of a bit of a bitch here but I don't put up with nonsense from anyone. I know what I like and what I don't like. Follow my rules and I'm all yours sweetie pie! Disregard them and I will block you and then curse your name for all eternity!!!

Relationship Status:
Houston, Texas, United States
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26 Apr 2018 13:11
Reading, gardening, travel, cooking. Though I have a Master Degree in Accounting, I'm working on my Master's Degree in history so I can eventually teach history at a Community College.
Favorite Books:
Love alternate history novels and realistic science fiction.
Favorite Authors:
Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Harry Turtledove, David Weber...the list goes on.
Favorite Movies:
The Bird Cage, Amadeus, Flash Gordon, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.
Favourite TV Shows:
Car 54 Where Are You? Phil Silvers Show. Beverly Hillbillies. Anything from the 1950s to the 1970s. I almost forgot the Partridge Family! I wanted so much to be Mrs. Keith Partridge! Heck, I still wouldn't mind a tumble in the hay with him today.
Favorite Music:
Classical. Early Rock. New Age.


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Topic: laid or layed
Posted: 29 Aug 2014 08:52

Which is correct?

John laid me on the bed and kissed me.

John layed me on the bed and kissed me.

John lay me on the bed and kissed me.

Topic: someone watching you
Posted: 14 Aug 2014 15:31

I wouldn't mind being watched.

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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