A Wild Date With My Sister

One night I took a cab to my sister's job after her shift ended so we could get something to eat and catch up on things. This wasn't a common occurrence, actually I don't remember it ever happening, but I figured it would be nice because we hadn't seen each other in about a month. We settled on pizza and after we ate I was in the mood for a drink. It was a Friday in the city and I sometimes...Read On


Daughter Filled With Lust

Have you ever noticed when your chatting with someone online, there’s often an underlying sexual component regardless of who the person is and what you’re talking about? No? Well, this happened while I was chatting on facebook with my father. Growing up I did have a little crush on my dad, but it was your normal dad-crush that girls have and nothing out of the ordinary. He was, and still is,...Read On


Daughter On A Pussy Pedestal

When I was twenty-one I got into an interesting situation with my dad that I never expected to happen in a million years. A couple of times a year, me, my mom, and my dad would take a car trip from our home in upstate New York to the east end of Long Island to visit my aunt and uncle in The Hamptons. We usually stayed out there for a few days and took in the sights around town. The problem is,...Read On


Desire Me

Boys looking at my body took some time to get used to. I'm not saying it's perfect or amazing, but I learned that a part of life for your average girl was accepting that guys have a tough time controlling where their eyes go. When walking down the hall at school, or anywhere really, I'd occasionally get those sweeping, up and down glances, with the obligatory pauses at my smallish boobs and...Read On


Incestuous Girlfriend

My girlfriend's girl-on-girl story reaches unexpected levels of hotness.

"Have you ever been with another girl?" My twenty-two year-old girlfriend of six months was ready for that question, a question I've asked many girls in the past when the comfort level and trust was high enough. With some girls sometimes the subject would be brought up the first day or if the girl was more conservative it took months. With a little prodding the most unlikely girls...Read On


Keira And Mila

I was dozing off watching TV alone in my room one weekend afternoon, the house was peacefully empty until I heard my older sister Mila (pronounced mee-lah) come home. After a few minutes of rustling around in the kitchen and her bedroom, she called out to me. "Keira?" "Yeah, in here," I answered. She peered in my room then walked in carrying a brown shopping bag with thin rope handles....Read On


Mysterious Sister

My parents were driving me crazy. I wanted to take a semester or two off from college and they weren't having it. Understandable, but still stressful. At twenty years-old, I was tired of being a freeloader in our house, and wanted to work full time for a little while and make some money for myself. Basically, my parents and I were simply getting sick of each other.  My reliable...Read On


Secret Moonlit Sex

One too many boob flashes.

The final few guests that my sister and I had over the family beach house said their goodbyes and exited the front door. After that door closed behind them I knew exactly what we were going to talk about. Another brother and sister in their late twenties, around our age and friends of the family, were among the guests and they were a little bit too flirty with each other. The casual...Read On


Shy And Sensual Sister

Recently my 27 year old sister Samantha stayed the weekend at my parents house, where I still lived, because her boyfriend of two years had recently broken up with her and she needed a place to stay. She was depressed and frustrated about the breakup and a bit of a mess overall. I felt bad for her. Why anyone would break up with her is beyond me, she’s a lovely girl if I’m being honest;...Read On


Shy And Sensual Sister - Part 2: Tyler

The story picks up right where part one left off.

“Dude... I saw you kissing your sister.” My good friend Tyler said that to me on the phone, and it wasn’t a Happy Birthday kiss he was referring to, it was a slow and sensual kiss at a bar Friday night in Port Jefferson, Long Island, but that’s not the worst of it. The kiss was nothing compared to what he saw a little later; me and my sister Samantha, at least the silhouettes of us, having...Read On


Sister, Brother and Lust

I have a sister 2 years older than me, and there’s always been occasional sexual tension between us. It came and went over the years and didn’t amount to anything significant, and dissipated as we entered our late teens and I became interested in girls and she got a boyfriend or two. However, it never truly went away completely and was lurking dormant in the background, until one night that...Read On


The Princess And The Bad Boy

The sexual tension between my sister and me reaches the breaking point

"Wow, what a bitch." After that announcement I walked away from my sister's room and down the hallway. "Asshole," she calmly answered and closed her bedroom door with an authoritative thud. That may sound like a brother and sister hating each other, but really it's the opposite. Deep down I knew my eighteen year-old sister liked when I called her a bitch, and although I preferred "jerk",...Read On


The Stalking Dead

The adventures of a father and daughter in the Zombie Apocalypse.

"So what's the real reason you and Mom got divorced?" Not the question you're expecting when zombies are prowling a few feet away on the other side of a wall. Their occasional grunts and groans were all the reminder we needed about this absurd and surreal situation. Surreal, but very real. My twenty year-old daughter, Tabitha, and I were alone in the small stock room of a store called...Read On