Sailing out of Oyster Bay

We chartered a sailboat out of Oyster Bay, leaving the channel markers behind us and headed north with the wind in our sails. The next course of action was refreshments and letting the wind gods grace our bodies. Anne went for the beers and I kept the boat on course while taking off my clothes. Anne returned with the cold ones and handed them to me so she can follow suit or should I say...Read On


Sailing out of Oyster Bay Part 2

our sailing adventure continues in magical SXM

We were relaxing in the cockpit. Anne heared a splash and turned around to see the other boat close by. It turns out that one of the guys dove into the water. She looked at me funny and asks how long have they be there. I smile and indicate a while. Anne turned red in the face and asked if they saw anything. I suggest that I wasn’t sure with a quirky smile on my face. (Anne loves nude sailing...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Sailing out of Osyter Bay part 3

A sailing advdenture of a lifetime

We took the dingy over to the other boat and stepped aboard, this time without any clothes on. We figured what’s the point? We’ve become very comfortable with our new friends Frank & Cyn and Dave & Carol. We were welcomed with cheers, glasses of margaritas and a big hug from both of the ladies, one of whom rubbed my ass and the other flicked my dick quickly. Not to be outdone, Frank & Dave...Read On