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Why do I spend my whole day thinking about sex with men and women? Do I have issues and what treatment should I have?

01 Aug 2013 05:10

Wishing all my Lush friends happiness and lots of hot and horny sex

07 May 2013 04:26

Back from my business trip and writing a story to tell you all about it

24 Apr 2013 07:51

I'm away on business next week with the male friend from my story Archive Pleasure and we have an overnight stay in a hotel so I am hoping for some really hot gay sex. Will write a story all about it on my return :-)

12 Apr 2013 03:38

I've just bought a new butt plug that I feel I should be able to wear for extended periods and also when I am going about my daily life, work day etc.. It feels good so far :-)

14 Feb 2013 06:58

I've been sucked off by a male work friend, twice in the last week, what a horny experience that is :-)

05 Feb 2013 08:38